Without You

When you are finally
at ease with the lack of true love from man,
bring your dreams to the hills to light them,
one by precious one,
to create a new daylight.
There , where Angels dance all around you
Embracing you
Kissing you
Gently reminding you
that there is no more room  to accommodate the sallow and selfish  who live merely to
swallow whole, all joy.
Leave them be.
Let them await the creation of a new night..without you.


Playing on Player

A Then and Now of Mr. Pete Beckett , of hot 70s band “Player” fame. …complete with a big, wet 💋for Mother Nature’s precious blessing.😊

In addition, this is a perfect opportunity to include various other beautiful balladeers a certain young lady of the time simply adored on a non-stop basis.


Throwing together a Cake



I’m not a professional baker.

However, I love “throwing things together”.
If you can pardon the informal instructions, I’ll start by giving you a list of a few things you need to collect to throw your own thing together.

If all goes well, the thrown together project will be an Orange and Dark Chocolate w/ chocolate chips double layer cake..or something like that.
2 boxes of orange flavored instant cake mix
1 bottle of pure orange extract
2 cans of dark chocolate frosting
1 can of orange-colored vanilla frosting. If you find an orange-colored frosting with the orange flavoring, all the better. Drop me a note about it as well, if you don’t mind.

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1–Prepare orange cake mixes according to whatever brand you choose. Take a couple handfuls of chocolate chips and press into one of the cake rounds before baking. The chocolate chip layer will be the bottom layer.

2–After your cake rounds have cooled, take the bottom half (the one with chips baked into it) and frost it with dark chocolate frosting. I suggest using an entire can-evenly distributing between sides and surface with flat side of a knife or frosting spatula.

3–Place a healthy dollop of orange frosting (3/4 of the can) on top of your frosted chocolate layer. Spread that as evenly as possible, spreading close to the edge without going over.

4–Place second cake layer on top.

5–Use your second can of dark chocolate frosting to decorate the top and remaining sides.
First, try to seal off the orange frosting seam with chocolate frosting on a butter knife or spatula. It’ll make for less (if any) smearing of the orange with the chocolate.

6–Take the remaining orange frosting and place it into a plastic baggy. Pour a few drops of pure orange extract into the baggie. Squeeze the baggie, with the top sealed close, to mix frosting with extract.Heat the bag in microwave for app. 10 seconds. If it becomes too runny, add teaspoons of powdered sugar until it’s a thicker consistency .

7–Poke a tiny hole in the end edge of the baggy and get to drizzling.

8–I’m not a chocolate lover as a rule, but with the marriage of orange, this hunk o’ yummy is downright irresistible.




Advice to Sing by

If the rest of your life is too much of a commitment, then let’s try these bits of advice for the weekend, hm?

Hold Your Head up……..


Enjoy the Ride….


Keep on Movin’..


Let’s make some Noisa

Don’t be shocked if your ears reach over to give you a big fat kiss for the introduction.
Dutch electronica group Noisa .



In a Desert of Fools

Two things.

In the earlier days of reality tv, there was an experimental project by the name of “Manor House”.

Info on “Manor House”

A family and twelve volunteers set about recreating and living life as citizens in the sunset of Edwardian society.


The family= aristocratic ruling body.

The volunteers=servants subjected to 16 hour work days.

Bored of the GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) shows that infect our screens, I was drawn back to “Manor House”.

Being an eager history student, I was pleased to revisit a less crude production than its modern ‘successors’. At its core, it served an educational purpose. Better yet, it doesn’t reinforce disgusting stereotypes for our young to emulate-GIGO.

At the end, a simple quote caught my ear.
[regarding Edwardian society]
Mister Edgar – the Butler:
”….Without truth, society is sick, and it can’t really survive. ”


My hat’s off to “Mr. Edgar”.
It’s a simple quote, yet a profound truth.

Now, for the discovery I was led to-bringing us #2 of my aforementioned “two things”.

It’s about being an outcast within a world where the majority of citizens are the truer outcasts in matters of reason and ‘sane’ behavior.
Through this article, I found a much needed pep talk. It was a tight embrace of reassurance.
I will assume I’m not the only one who needed such a squeeze of the hand..saying all is quite alright. No matter how much insult we suffer from the idiotic authorities who lord over us..or the ridicule from the glassy eyed sheep that follow.
Come rest in the shade of Sofo Archon’s oasis. If you, like myself, have found yourself parched and tormented in a vast desert of fools..
Sofo Archon’s words are here to read


Misfortune vs. Blessings

When I think I can not possibly endure another misfortune, on the heels of multiple others, I recall this true story from another former Earthbound soul. Her name was Violet Jessup.

She had the incredible misfortune of experiencing three historical ship disasters.

I prefer to dwell on the fact that she  had the incredible blessings to have survived each one of them.


Click here to read her story.



Attention seeking

You can’t call attention to attention seekers without calling to attention your own tendency to seek attention by turning attentions towards the attention seekers you wish to expose.

As we say, not as we do

The following is a perfect example of our indignation towards others, but not choosing  more respectful tones of complaint because we wish to pretend we never did such things.

My point being? How our shared tendencies should encourage us to be a lot more forgiving than we are. Not moan about the errors of others..as we lay curled up and “wounded” on the ground”.

A female celebrity who suffered harassing and insulting comments.

Press here for story


That same female celebrity having stepped on the toes of countless others, years earlier. Some deemed as a crude insult, while the rest of us took it as a joke.

Press here for Leslie’s incident

We’re all natural born idiots. It would just be a kinder atmosphere if we took pity on one another for that fact.


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