Too Confused to Feed Ourselves

Chocolate chip banana bread and bacon is what went down for breakfast today.
And why not?
We already know , or should know, about The almighty Food Pyramid having been a sham anyway. Washed into our heads as the end all and be all of healthy eating, all it did was pave the way for authoritarian noses to stick themselves into our lives, lecturing us…damning us, now, for being so fat.
So. In the meantime, take all the moments you can to light up the children’s eyes with surprise, calorie saturated breakfasts once in a while.
Who knows how long before we’re all forced/herded onto federally funded food assistance and then really told how and what we’re allowed to eat.

Banana bread recipe
Add a cup or so of chocolate chips for aforementioned chocolate chip ūüćĆ bread.

Following, is an article on the now worthless Food Pyramid replaced by a color coded My Plate-since we grown folk supposedly got too confused learning how to feed ourselves.

Your Leaves

Autumn deserves her praise. With her  breathtaking reds and stunning oranges. Exquisite honey goldens and even the ashy browns. Heaven only knows how many poets have been inspired by Autumn doing her thing with the leaves.

But..Autumn will never have the honor of making somebody smile over the thought of finding her leaves to munch on from the top of his or her cake, that’s for sure.

You, on the other hand, can have the honor-color combos galore.

All you’ll need are
candy melting wafers and a silicone leaf mold.

Click here for info on candy wafer molding

Damn You, Mambo de Chocobo!

Damn You (Thank you), Mambo de Chocobo!
Damn you and your entire nest of irresistible hip dipping beats.

Damn you for making me pause way too many times today and consider replaying FF2 or FF7 in their entirety; when it’s¬†pretty well known that it took me way too many years to¬†triumph over¬†both..each.
Damn you for bringing a smile to my face as my heart floods with  video gaming memories through the years with my boys and children I had the honor of meeting.
And finally, you sassy bit o’ music, if there¬†was a most “damnable” aspect,

it would be¬†in art-such as yourself-¬†helping to make my stay on Earth, as a ‘pretty nerd’, a more joyful one..a much brighter one.

The following videos are highly impressive symphonic treatments of video game music.

Ace of Base


Now that I am¬†long safe¬†from the hazards of the dance floor (and it from I), it’s still a joy to enjoy this album-The Sign by Ace of Base 1993

click here to visit Ace of Base YouTube ch.

What a treat to see all four still working, still beautiful.




Punkin Chunkin

I didn’t THINK I was interested in watching the hurling of pumpkins, otherwise known as “Punkin Chunkin”.
I could barely stand the melon molesting clown Gallagher

and his cornball ‘humor’, in my youth. Never mind watching teams of folk launching pumpkins into the goof-a-sphere. I am. ūüėŹ
Sitting through my (number not to be revealed) th Punkin Chunk competition marathon on my fav channel,” Sci”-the Science Channel.
Here’s a few Punkin Chunkin events-just in case there’s another surprised soul awaiting his/her conversion., I AM a big fan of studying the history of ancient siege weapons. Amongst the best..the trebuchet.
Launching much less savory projectiles than pumpkins, (fireballs, large stones and disease riddled corpses ) they are an impressive reminder of ingenious engineering not being solely modern man’s domain.

Step aside, Cookie.

I’m sure the¬†¬†pumpkin shaped sugar cookie can sit out this Halloween.

Surely, letting another pumpkin shaped something or another share in the¬†holiday spotlight¬†couldn’t hurt. If I am forgiven for the severely casual way I present this particular candidate of an idea….


mini bundt cakes dressed as pumpkins


The more general things needed=

A box of any brand white cake mix

A standard set of food dyes

Green candy chips for melting

A can of white frosting

The not so general things=

A silicone leaf mold meant for melted candies

A mini bundt cake pan.

One looks like this513qiuemmhl

The other, like son86237med



Before you bake your cakes, it would be best to prepare your candy leaves. Melt the candy according to package instructions and pour into the leaf cavities of your choice. You should have a handful of leaves by the time the cakes have been cooled and glazed.

After mixing your white cake batter, put in enough drops of red and yellow to achieve the color of orange that you want. Pour your batter into the mini bundt pan. Bake according to package instructions. I add five minutes to the cupcake version. Remember, you can always administer the Toothpick Test when in doubt.

After baking and cooling, level the cakes by slicing the tops (eventual bottoms when inverted to be decorated as pumpkins). Save them for creative baking projects like cake pops which require plenty of crumbled cake portions. A super cake pop decorating site can be found by pressing Here.

Heat up a portion of your frosting in a microwaveable bowl or cup gradually. Heat it 10 seconds at a time if need be. Heat it until it’s of a consistency¬†suitable for pouring as a glaze. Do not bring to a boil. Pour in enough drops of green dye to match the green candy leaves. Let it cool down a bit, but don’t allow it¬†to solidify.

Pour the glaze over the tops of your cakes, to drip¬†along the grooves of cakes -the “vines”¬†of the candy¬† leaf you end up placing on top.¬†The leaf¬†should be set¬†in¬†a¬†pool of¬† glaze¬†settled¬†within the center of each cake.



My 80’s Playlist-80 to 85

This¬†included playlist¬†would be a very small portion of any favorite 80’s playlist I could ever construct¬†or have constructed.

There has to be umpillions of 80’s playlists.¬†I thought I’d give it a fun spin and list the ones I¬†loved from my own¬†childhood.


A few videos found in the playlist



This Boot was made for Hawking

“This boot was made for hawking


The Boot

for an extra buck or two,

But if it don’t’s just as well,

Hope you liked it anyhoo.”

All righty. I’m sorry.

I will attempt to recover from dropping the cornball by presenting the original song from the original Hot Mama, her being=the daughter of  Frank Sinatra

Ms. Nancy Sinatra’s hit “These Boots were made for Walking”


Don’t mind me. I’m thinking of a slanderous video that I found on YouTube. They have their high and mighty policies over what they deem as irreprehensible behavior from us mere slugs who frequent their network.

Yet, a video accusing a father as sexually objectifying his daughter is allowed to play all day long.

Although, it shouldn’t come as such a shock. This is becoming the land where one can be¬†socially lynched for calling a fat girl fat or looking at a woman in a wrong enough way to be JAILED over it. We’re being trained to mind each word that pops out of our¬†faces because of the great social evil of”incendiary” speech.
But yet, we can¬†have brick after brick of incendiary race articles crashing through our collective windows by the Collective Media, that’s AOK.
Between the internet channels and the nightly news, we’re being presented with one story right on the heels, it seems, of another on how we aren’t “getting along.” The violent threats, the blatant double standards, so forth and so on. Sensitivity this and Understanding that….
One story feeding the bonfire, after another.
One brother screaming at another. Threatening one another.

Sometimes, I wonder if this was how it was right before the Civil War officially started. Obviously, I’m not referencing the conversation between slave and master. I’m thinking from within the families.
The brave sons and fathers being forced apart due to the heated, incendiary propaganda tearing through the land at the time. When the majority of the nation was just like us now, on average. Simple  and hard working suckers  trying to feed our families and be left the hell alone. The average sucker having no more stakes in the big money game at that time than he does now.

I’m referring to the¬†¬†time when brave white abolitionists were¬†sacrificing their very lives to save the lives of slaves-only to have the great grandchildren of those slaves seethe with blind hatred for their great grandchildren because of the color of THEIR skin.

Where they at each other’s throats on a daily basis, as well? Arguing worthless philosophies while we have yet another Emergency Preparedness Executive Order¬† hustled into existence?

EO found here-Oct 2016-Space Weather

Was fear raging through the citizens because people were getting angrier and more inflamed towards one another? Screaming, with veins popping out upon their confused and furious foreheads….. to accomplish….absolutely…..nothing?

Heat Treated Sweet

There is a feeling of victory when you do it.

When you pick up your first ugly, crispy hydrated chip and pop it into your mouth.
After hydrating your own fresh fruit snacks- no more questions over how many “whatevers” went into, or how many “whomevers” handled, a dinky two ounce bag of healthy snacks you just dropped a healthy amount of money on.
I bought a new hydrator recently. My other one is a round tray kind of deal, so a smaller rectangular¬† machine piqued my interest. I found it at Kohl’s, if interested, you can click on the following link.

Food Hydrators-Kohl’s
They may not look the prettiest, but to me, there’s nothing quite like the airy sweetness of heat treated sweets. It didn’t hurt that I cut out a heckuva lot of calories over the months-being not so good with that “no eating before bedtime” thing and all.

It’s so simple as well. All you do is slice up uniform bits of apple or banana, place them on trays and let sit for 7 to 10 hours.

If the thought of spending extra¬†money doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of good articles on sun drying goodies. Click for natural sun drying of fruits

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