Now.. Legally Punished for Porn

I said it once, I’ll say it again..the moment we find our very sex lives legislated and criminalized…Honeys, we’re fixing to be screwed worse than any species has ever or will ever know. Because now, there are no more limits. The intimate spaces of our imagination, along with our sexual choices have just been declared to be the property of other human beings.
Click here- porn outlawed

What’s next? The emotions and expressions emitted during the course of what used to be our OWN PRIVATE PERSONAL BUSINESS?

Are the good citizens allowed to see what’s on this joker’s computer? You know, to make sure the all mighty Gary Herbert is demi-god enough to judge us. We have to make sure he isn’t shaking the apple tree to pictures of big breasted cartoons or some suchness. It wouldn’t do to have yet another hypocrite revealed to be running our  lives. Would it?
Let’s hope this cat Todd Weiler’s computer is Ajax clean as well,  considering he’s the one who introduced this disgusting and intrusive hunk of a law. To read more on it, click on the following link.

The only good thing from this is that now the younger generation can  see a certain truth. That the separation of church and state was just a load of garbage brainwashed upon us. Sure, they let us feel good about having our “rights and freedoms”. A lot of us felt downright proud to have it distinguish us from other countries. I’m going to take a wild guess that a few of our soldiers died believing it, as well.  The authorities just conveniently failed to tell us it would be rights they wanted us to have. That our freedom only extended to being free enough to make jackasses out of ourselves online. Not to what we do with our own bodies and what we dare look at as we do it.

The brass coated nerve of these horrid and cowardly brass coated sinners…sticking their noses into that which is truly none of their damned business.

Never, would I have believed that in my country of The United States of America would I see laws punishing people for self pleasuring to a “dirty” magazine.

Sadly, sickeningly enough , as with other “global village” infections…’s just getting started.

Dearest ‘Diz’


What I would say to Mr. Walt Disney by some trick of magic and generosity of imagination.

“Not since you boarded the final train on Dec.15th, 1966, has there been a man quite like you…

To have reached quite as many imaginations as you have…

To have impressed such  a vast range of folk at the same time..”

From the most important international leader to the loneliest child…That’s one heck of a job you did, my beautiful brother. May those same energies, which brought us The Love here, be at your disposal in the next journey as well.

Thank you so much.

Gorgeous project from combined efforts of artists Salvador Dali and Walt Disney .

The Great Beauty

The beginning party scene was one of the most exhilarating film openers in a while. Especially when Tom Servillo melted onto the screen the way that he did.

But the take-down scene you can view in the following video, that was one for the eternal books. I hadn’t heard a movie delivery that struck me like this since “Network”.

It was the type of a speech that too few of us are brave enough to give. Never mind with the cool and quick ease in which it flowed forth.

That’s all right, it feels inspirational simply to see it.

Bless the creators who made it so.

Imagine the face of any smug “know-it-all” who ever gave you grief. Disrespected your life. Or simply eyeballed you with naked self righteous contempt.

Then, enjoy the scene.

The soundtrack is quite a sweet collection on its own.

Carrying On

A toast to younger generations of parents who will carry on the more elegant traditions of the Christmas season for their children.
Victorian man and  2 children carrying holly  from 1880 journal
Hats off to those who will choose to bypass the modern media that highlight holiday family fights to snicker over. Instead, they will happily share films void of crude jokes and foul behaviors. Their children will appreciate that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is not the only holiday film from the earliest screen days that warrants affectionate attention. A couple of my childhood favorites can be sampled in the following videos.

A warm embrace to those who will fill their home with the elegant and pure magic of angel voiced choirs.
Starting with my most favorite Christmas carol to sing and listen to..

May these parents remain unconcerned by modern covers of traditional Christmas songs. Where pseudo sentimental singers howl out notes for as high and long as they can, sustaining a waver or warble in their voice to emphasize their “soulfulness”..or their skill at endurance yodeling, either one.

Last, but definitely not least, a loving acknowledgement for those who (regardless of sect or village) continue to share the story of Jesus’s arrival on earth..for it is, after all, THE reason for the season that we celebrate.


There’s nothing that needs to be said, really. Just simply sitting back and enjoying the movies in your mind to the music seems good enough to me.

A Most Unique Gift

When I hear people proclaim that they’ve never experienced a fine foreign film , I feel a sense of loss for them. As if they announced they’d never made love or bathed in the glow of a setting sun.
What a perfect gift it could be-taking a friend by the hand and showing them an escape route from the juvenile , dry hump detritus that is our popular domestic film industry.
Try suggesting the following films (highly regarded personal favorites) if you’ve come up short of unique holiday gift ideas.
You may receive the warmest “thank you” ever-for rejuvenating spiritual passions long thought to be lost..if experienced at all in the first place.
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