Poor Iron Core

At times, I play with fantasy scenarios concerning humans and their relation to Earth. In one exercise, I associate the low quality of the iron core of Earth  being connected to the poor quality of things we do or say. The real fun beginning when I imagine the types of citizens from planets with better grade cores.
I’ll use this story of this poor couple who battled the bullies of the EPA as an example.
The Sackett’s futile victory
More on the issue

On a slightly better planet, let’s say one with a copper core, this couple would have been supported by legions of citizens nationwide. We would have had enthusiastic media cooperation and celebrity headed protests to confront the ne’er-do-wells and “set things right”.
On a silver cored planet, no one would have dared let such a failure of common sense happen. In a world where only politicians writing our laws were subject to random drug and alcohol tests, there would never be illegitimate laws without our approval or knowledge.
On a gold cored planet, the people would be self governing successfully. If anyone were to pen a book of fiction on such an injustice, they’d be smiled at with loving pity and lectured on the importance of keeping a wild imagination tamed and somewhat reasonable.
Because truly, the Sackett’s struggle is about as unbelievable as it gets.

“Pallas Athena”-(TAO Jones Index)

Pallas Athena.

I was ecstatic finding this specific mix of song. While I’d had an “Earthling” album , this was on an extended version I’d somehow missed over the  years.
The very first time I heard it was a while ago. It was a time I was cutting apron strings with Prodigy and making my way to AOL. I would practically live online, in those days. So, a lot of music was being played to accompany me on my web adventures. When I heard the sampler with “Pallas Athena” on it, I lost my ever loving mind. I could not get enough of it.
The sampler came from a GQ magazine. The electrifying selection of songs were from Bowie’s upcoming album “Earthling”. All of the songs had me beaming over how that man was managing to still keep so very hot and so very relevant.

Twenty years later.. I’m still beaming over the amount of killer treasure he left for us.

Other favs from “Earthling”


iTunes link for album here

Love to my Bird and that Bee

From this single

To the day I leave for the great stardust road in the cosmos😋…I have and will always love them.

“Bird and the Bee” covering Daryl Hall and John Oates was just pure gold covering magic




Not THAT Bad

The fact that we (majority approval) tried farm animals for the crimes of hurting human beings in actual courts of law.
Now, the idiot in me is wondering if “kangaroo court” originated in Australia because..
Animal trials
The fact that we strung single legged 80 year old women up by the neck until dead …because we (majority approval) were convinced she rode on a broomstick in the god damned air.
Click here for info
..and here
The fact that there exists no proof nor opportunity to compare our day to day intellectual functioning with , let’s say, the ancient folks who were fond of cheering while human beings were torn apart for entertainment….

Those are a few reasons that I will continue to believe that our so-called disorders aren’t anything new. You can not tell me that those folks were ANYWHERE near functioning “normally”, compared to us at the current time. I think I can be safe in saying we deserve a bit more credit than that..no matter how stupid we may act. We’re not the villagers wetting themselves with laughter as the old lady everybody hated gets dragged screaming to her bonfire execution. All because of some delusional sounding fairy tale of an accusation. Are we? I know a lot of us are saying some crazy crap, but we’re not holding court trials where men are screaming  obscenities at the mules who are supposedly plotting to kill their wives.
No? Okay. Then we’re not that bad. Certainly not THAT bad  to warrant the following types of  attention.
Read article here
Plenty of us can work our way around our money, thank you very much. Nobody asked you for your help. By all means help those who HAVE asked for your help, there isn’t enough kindness on this earth as it is. The last thing we need is creeping legislation forcing perfectly fine adults to abide by the same rules as those not so fortunate. Again.
Bless us all.. if that day ever comes.

..and Another Thing

I hate when I am affected by the actions of a group I “belong” to. When I’m treated in disrespectful ways or eyed up suspiciously by a stranger who thinks he knows me because “most of them do.”
I shake my head even more when I realize that we are too pig headed, as groups, to lay our pride aside to address  our deficiencies. ESPECIALLY when screaming protests and unlawful legislation could be avoided with simply a self determined “get-off-my-wimpy-ass and fix it” attitude in efforts to eliminate issues.
My thoughts kept returning to my last blog entry. I pondered the timid nature that many females have and their willingness to accept lies and deception in order to not rock boats. To stay comfortable and avoid confrontation.

If you missed reading the entry, it was about women so angry about a man stating what he did not wish to mate with, or waste precious  time on, that they got him banned from a dating site (PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA) for life. While a woman is applauded for her frequent proclamations of “knowing her worth” a man was insulted and kicked out for doing the same. It was an ugly example of a horrible double standard.
I imagined a few of these women being face to face with a man who was clearly not comfortable with her. The lack of conversation, the man looking elsewhere because he feels like laughing or simply disgusted about being forced to spend time with what he considers an ugly woman-would those women be cool with that? To know the man only came on the date because he didn’t want to get dogpiled by other people, over refusing to meet her? I thought of the brass ball audacity a woman would need to put herself in that  position, insisting on making a  point about her “worth”. Never mind the kind of aggressive passivity that has women keeping men hanging on for answers they will never get because Missy finds his looks less than ideal. Or the women who ditch dates without a simple courtesy call because she saw him drive up in a junked up (yet loved) old beater. Never mind those, for the ire will boil a bit hotter with a rant on some sisters and their vile “thee not me” hypocrisy.

I recalled memories of having had lost the attentions of lovers because I had gained weight or the true hot body of their dreams came into the picture. Before eventual break-offs, sometimes, females have a tendency to ignore hints of a lover’s disinterest. Sometimes we hope it goes away. We make excuses for his missing time, the no sex for months or once gentle words turned harsh. From avoiding pain to keeping a roof over the head, the reasons are many-to keep willfully quiet.
It’s a common thing amongst women. It’s in our nature, having evolved  protecting offspring and maintaining  structure in which to nurture them. It’s not a crime. Thousands of years of evolution have been impressed upon and within us for legitimate reason.
However, it’s not an excuse for us to remain passive and non confrontational in all other matters.

There’s an example at the core of the debate over Equal Pay for Women . Sadly, young sisters are still being brainwashed into thinking  there is some collective agenda amongst 21 century male adults to keep them in a kitchen. No one is discussing the FEMALE generated problem at play-our reluctance to open our mouths for what we need.

read article here

In a time of  blatant bulldozing of our will, more interference from mandatory legislation to “straighten things out” is nothing but a shame, when we are capable of doing it ourselves.
Being too shy to ask for a raise in ten years=not as much money as Joe got after only three months. So simple, it’s stupid.

Another Grown Man Bullied for his Taste

For Chrissakes.
It seems yet another man was humiliated, put up as an example and punished. The crime he committed?
That is all.

For his  story click here
To EACH and EVERY woman who threw her baby rattle clutching fist in the air after he was banned from the site..a shame and a curse upon her conscience one day very soon.
Disgusting-how these women behaved and the resulting kick.
The anger builds as I see yet another innocent individual being made an example out of, to further help intimidate the rest of us into “behaving”.
He was not rude. He even took the time to fully explain the reasons without swearing or belittling. He had no harmful things to say, yet the dating site felt it was their duty to strike from on high.
If I was asked for my inconsequential opinion, I would guess he may be a man with an ASD. We are notorious for being honest without being able to interpret nor consider other’s emotions. While the tactlessness can be hard to bear, I can guarantee you that a large number of these men are MOST polite in the traditional ways. Faithful. Fair. It was in the way he worded his sentences and the unusual unveiled specification in which it was done, that struck a chord with me. It is from my personal afflictions and the loved ones in my family where the thought of that possibility comes from.
Oh, but we’re not here for that story.

( I would bet any amount of money that at least half of those women, upon hearing that he did indeed have a condition he couldn’t help, would be frantically backpedaling their apologetic, hypocritical legs as fast as they could. Those types of demeaning, nitpicking sisters are prone to consider themselves the most  righteous warriors for the “Disadvantaged”. )
We’re here to address how sick with entitlement we are. Demanding more intimate access to controlling how people act and think. How we’ve become less able to mature into adults, intelligent enough to respect the very human and very natural “Freedom of Choice.”
I’m an overweight, late 40s gal myself. I’m placing this out there for anyone who would feel some sort of lip jutting disappointment that I don’t suffer from the deep insecurities needed to empathize “properly”. My loyalty is to my brothers and sisters-the ones that no one is sticking up for because we’re all too afraid to face the disapproval of the loud mouthed bullies. In other words, I owe nothing to any fat or old chicks who take offense over my siding with a man who did nothing wrong.

I thought we didn’t want men to lie to us anymore.

I thought we “just wanted you to trust us to tell the truth, we won’t be angry….we promise.”

I thought women were shrugging shoulders en masse  “not sweating any man because I know I’m a good catch, and there’s plenty of men out there who will appreciate me.”

My god, folks, even the name of the dating site hints at “Plenty of Fish in the Sea”.

Come on now.

Maybe they aren’t aware that we have an umpty-illion dollar weight loss industry specifically fueled by OTHER WOMEN …loaded and targeted at women. This gentleman isn’t the creep who slighted the entire population of fat girls and old ladies. They should direct their spit at the mopey, late night weight loss testimonials of women who didn’t love themselves because they were too fat to run with their grandchildren. It wasn’t the gentleman who informed everyone fat and old women aren’t sexy. Go ask the goofy and giggling wives who claim they got their husbands in bed again since they dropped the weight. Those are advertising messages played incessantly that are far more cruel and much more creepy than I feel that man may ever be.
I’m sick of it. This public diarrhea  of scolding, followed by punishment. Now, we’re blatantly telling folk that they do not have the right to what their own bodies, hearts and souls desire. If it wasn’t a symptom of a larger infection threatening our very liberties as human beings, it would be never ending laughable and filthy joke.

Bravo, Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt

There have been speculations made and opinions expressed re: Mr and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt’s roles in “By the Sea” . Being a movie that they worked on together,  with real marital woes  unfolding in the background, many have had something to say about that. It’s one of those hyper extensive liberties taken when ogling the private lives of celebrities.
Not many of us could endure the constant and public exposure of what should be private moments. Our youthful indiscretions. Our tragic shames. Having our naked metamorphoses for the world to salivate over or smirk over..it takes strength that most of us have no idea about.
I remember watching the film “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” starring the “Brangelina” of yesteryear-Liz and Dick- Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. An equally celebrated couple, these friends were as beautiful together as the news of their marital troubles was tumultuous. I remember wondering how much of their personal struggles had made it onto the screen. I remember thinking how difficult it must have been. But there they were-professional, passionate and in sync.

A truly astonishing accomplishment, considering that most of us are unable to barely speak to one another during hard times, never mind maintain focus and respect.
Here it is again, this example, in “By the Sea”.

Brad and Angelina together, sculpting a thing so fine and meaningful, it could take one’s breath away if appreciated on the deepest level.
I imagine many of us watched the movie with a certain imagining of voyeurism. Our eyes searching for hints of acrimony in their acting. Our ears listening for “clues” in the dialogue . Many of us will decide to layer the fictional characters’ woes over the top of the real people . It’s one of our more  pathological habits, when seeking to feel better about our own lives- on the constant lookout for the “beast or immature child” in those whom we, ourselves, placed so high in the first place.
I saw no, nor was I looking for, such things. I found a degree of Divine presentation/sharing.
It’s a  broken mirror with enough shards for each of us to see something familiar within. While Mrs. Jolie-Pitt was writer, director and producer of this piece, her husband was a soulfully active participant as well. There were no subtle digs, nor imbalanced insult to one character or the other.
By the end, I was filled with a melancholy awe. To me, it wasn’t simply an illustration of the common devastations we struggle with as we share lives with one another. Neither was there any kind of right or wrong answer to it all. It was a moving testimonial on surviving  troubles that have no resolution, solution or reason. The soul deep pain which allows us no relief, except for the blessed opportunity to hold on tighter to one another.
The fact that two individuals, despite whatever parallel pains lay upon their hearts, were able to bring this to us, together. That’s the Divine part, to me.

It’s a solid tribute to Courage conquering Fear..with the creators serving as the finest examples by sparing no expense and forsaking needless ego in doing so.

Makin’ Happy

You are in this world for yourself. To be where you need to be in order to learn what you need to learn. For Yourself.
Teach yourself to stop sweating the clowns lording over us. When they continue on their reincarnated way (if you believe that reincarnation is in play), some will be living lives of emotionally crippled crossing guards or eating out of dumpsters..so..
Understand they need to do what they need to do and let us do likewise. Stay clear of them, if you can, mind the rules. If they do rear up their ugly and intimidating faces, keep your courage. It isn’t the most Pollyanna thing I’ve said, but I swear some of them thrive off of the very panic we get thrown into.
Don’t feed that.

Me? Today? I made this video.

I enjoyed every head bobbing minute. I used more stock footage than I thought I would, but just browsing the amazing amount of talent out there was a pleasure within itself.

These visual playgrounds were courtesy of Adobe Stock and IStockphoto: Getty Images.
You can find the song on DJ Mark Farina’s 1998 compilation album “Mushroom Jazz 2”
Fantastic stock footage was made possible by the following owners and creators
From Adobe Stock
© Demian
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© utlanov
© oles_photo
© rusvideo
From IStock: Getty Images
© stryjekk
© ZoneCreative S.r.l.

One Day

In 1987, I remember hearing about a desperate fight for an old woman who was going to lose her home. Her landlord’s (Donald Trump) ruthlessness was being reported on the airwaves at the time.
Find story here
Watching Hilary and her buddy Trump in their presidential debate performance the other night, I recalled that incident.

That’s before the sound of “Pff!” left my lips, while he was laying it on thick about caring about the plight in African American  communities.
One can appreciate the extra efforts to assure us that we’re ‘still’ an important factor.

It’s just time that they laid down the ‘scripts’. It’s gotten beyond insulting-with “illegal scandals” going unanswered for and the soap opera theatrics included.

The moment we got this Affordable Care Act

 under our Christmas tree- with barely any one  decent enough to pretend about being bothered to read it..
And when this National Defense Authorization Act ( Indefinite Detention)
click to read
came flying through the air to backhand us in the face..
That’s when it was confirmed to me- We don’t matter in the decision process of lawgiving. Not a bit.
While we’re busy tearing each other apart over the worn out race, sex and class fires they are stoking, the sneaks march on- securing padlocks on our health choices, education, housing and damned near all else.
It’s okay.
One day, without violent intention or pathetically hopeless force, we’ll cease supplying the light by which these weeds grow- our collective blind faith and gullibility.
We’ll finally teach our children that they are more sophisticated than what the media machine is “reporting” they “are”.
Despite my disdain for The Established Church, I hold faith that timeless wisdom will be embraced with solid understanding. We will be honoring words -having more to do with “God” living within each one of us and nothing to do with being at the mercy of crude and unimpressive bullies…
Psalm 40:4
How blessed is the man who has made the LORD his trust, And has not turned to the proud, nor to those who lapse into falsehood.
“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
When we narrow our eyes in mature suspicion..not leave them wide open in simple wonder over how “important” our rulers must be.
When we cease acting like the animals they are ready to “deal with” at a moment’s notice.
When we politely, firmly push back the free heaping helpings of worthless muck they offer in the name of “pleasure and protection.”
When our shoulders are squared up in confidence, not hunched over with constant self doubt and fear.
That’s the One Day I am confident will come. When our classless and greedy carnival performers are rendered impotent.

The Most Shameful Laws


Now.. laws concerning what we do within our sex lives.
The most insulting laws to survive into a modern society.  The most egregious law being entrapment- where a man finds himself punished because  he would have or could have knocked the kneecaps off of our pristine civilization by committing the action he was thinking about.
Other “woulda-coulda” piles include drug laws and traffic laws. I suspect that I will address these subsets at a later date. I will start with the sexual laws, which I find most loathsome. Running a close second is the rage I feel when I see human beings’ names printed for the gawking, nosy neighbors. Neighbors who would die on their feet if their own loved one were involved.

Click for One example of this heartless practice
Let’s consider the worn out and flimsy  arguments for this intrusive, destructive overreach.
-The existence of forced sex slavery.
-Prevention of STDs being transmitted to unsuspecting spouses from a stray partner who frequents the hooker dept. on Main.
-The large number of sex workers being abused as young children.
-A substantial number of sex workers being drug addicts or self abusers.
-Potential beatings and abuse from sex work agents (pimps) and/or Johns (my father, your husband, our brothers)

I  trust that I laid out the most common justifications for our systematic tearing apart of other human beings lives. Here go my two cents.
Forced sex slavery–  It’s an age old practice. Like slapping wives if they get “too lippy”, often by drunk husbands. We already have laws in place to deal with the violence concerning forced sex slavery. There are kidnapping laws. There are assault laws. Attempted murder, endangerment of minors, etc. It’s all there. Find the victim and shovel all the punishment you and god can afford to give the perpetrator. Heck, if caught in the act, I would fully support beating the ever living line of descendants out of him.
On the flip side (of my deep sarcasm, mind you) to make all things safe and equal, why stop with sex law legislation? Let’s carry the oversight further. Let it prevent other potentially dangerous circumstances. We can start by penalizing young ladies for dating the wrong type of man. I mean, there’s a good chance that she may unknowingly find an alcoholic fist in her face one day if she marries him. Wouldn’t it be so much better to prevent this at the earliest stages? So may ills in the world, so little prickish laws.
STDs brought home“So, you’d rather he screwed a co-worker or a family member for free? Is that it?”
Needless to say, my saying this  has never been too popular with the ladies. I will continue to say it as long as I have to suffer Mrs. Huff-n- Stuff start in on the evils of prostitution and why good men should continue to get legally torn wide open for doing what they wish to do as grown and free human beings.
To pretend it’s prostitutes where the greatest risks run is a bit ignorant.

Look at it like so:
In terms of dining, the unspoken rule is that you’re bound to experience a higher level of service at a restaurant. More smiles and individualized attention than, let’s say, Mama cooking your dinner in the kitchen. You know, professional butt kissing kind of cordiality in hopes of a better tip. Even the kitchens are required to be more sanitary. They have an interest in maintaining a good reputation. One too many complaints of unsanitary conditions and a few folks’ incomes are on the line. Chances are more likely that one would pick up a pesky cold bug from the unregulated home kitchen.
Most of us can not even afford to eat out, dears. I would suggest keeping an eye on the kitchens your wily spouse can waltz into, free of charge; co-workers, neighbors, your sisters, etc. Let’s stop pretending that wild eyed jealousy is not the seed of our fury, rather than the chance of securing STDs.
It is “Do you love her?!” and “What did she do that I didn’t?!!”  that can be heard screamed in homes across this world when secrets come out. Not ” When was the last time this tramp had her annual gynecological check-up?!!” or “Sweet god, PLEASE tell me she was clean!!”
Concerning those who earn their hard earned livings with THEIR bodies and the abuse they suffer as children-lumping in the substance abuse along with it.
You know what other establishments are rife with childhood and chemical abuse?
The Church. Any War.
Two institutions that aren’t being dissolved in any foreseeable future.
How splendid, if we would have dealt with the molestation of countless thousands of children (courtesy of the Church) with the same iron fisted determination as with prostitution. The lives we could have saved-the lifelong nightmares prevented.

Click for Long history of sexual child abuse by “holy” men
Imagine, sending in short statured undercover agents to act as children seeking priestly guidance. As soon as the priest takes the “child” by the hand to head somewhere to pray, the doors to the church getting kicked in. With several hundred years history of child rapes, if we were a society  diligent enough to automatically suspect the nature of priests. .leaving nothing to chance. That would be something wouldn’t it?
Because of the frequency of wars being waged and centuries engaged in these business ventures of horror, I doubt the sex industry can claim a greater number of drug and alcohol addicted souls. Young men sentenced to live, lifelong, with images of their comrades faces getting blown off. How ignorant of us- to ignore the addictions of generations of men escaping the psychic pain of war, while we hyper focus on a common byproduct of, frankly, more pleasurable pursuits. Children murdered and raped in foreign lands in the hellish atmosphere of war, that seems to figure in the equation as well, if one wishes to remark further on the sad topic of child abuse.
If only we focused our self righteous and preventative energies to preventing those atrocities. Imagine the miraculous improvements with those developments, hm?
It is and will remain nothing but an inexcusable  embarrassment as we continue rounding up men up for doing what men wish to do. Good men who work their fingers to the bone, feed their families and hurt no one. Men who weren’t blessed with superstar looks and have better things to accomplish than to primp and preen for the often pathetic dating pool. We should hang our beastly heads very low over ignoring men who have committed suicide because of the  humiliation suffered from their name being displayed in  local newspapers.

Sad example of one desperate man

Another soul..age 75

How do we have the nerve to punish a man for seeking out his private pleasure with money he has earned and choosing to do with HIS body parts as he wishes? It’s disgusting. Truly. It is. Are we THAT hung up with a bloodthirsty need to mangle those who get caught for things we secretly get away with?
It’s a practice that is about as ridiculous as legislation on whether a person wipes side to side or front to back, while going to the bathroom. Can you imagine the firestorm of protest if that were to happen; If some authoritarian committee felt it had it “up to here” with diseases that stem from improper hygiene? I would expect the heavens to burst wide open with the force of our shouts of outrage.
Then again, here we are. .putting up with some insane notion of our private body parts being regulated by other humans, without barely a peep.

As if living our lives as bought and paid for property was a sick obligation of some sort.


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