Alan Knew the Type

In the future, human beings will find it a severe cruelty -what an entire world of “intellectuals” and “spiritual” leaders allowed to happen to billions of
Many will be horrified, and for those directly descended from those of us who will die or live complete lives of disability and misery, a deeper sorrow will persist.

They’ll be astonished that an entire institution was allowed to destroy and experiment with our lives as if we and the babies we cherished were nothing at all. As if we all had no dreams, no worth, no purpose. As if it was not our right to feel pain, shield our children from danger or live free as Spirit intended.

Kings, ministers, politicians and celebrities alike, who are safe and arrogantly ignoring it all, not giving much of a damn…they won’t be remembered with respect nor glory, only deep disgust and deeper pity.
Because whatever “reasons” Science has given to manage our numbers, murder us off and tear our lives apart in the open as they never has and never will amount to anything for the “greater good” except ongoing, increasing horror and the destruction of a world of Nature they claim needs “saving”.

There’s a certain type that accomplished this.
The type that is now standing by and watching us suffer, lose our minds, our children and our future-With pride. Relish. Or whatever narrow minded affliction keeps them warm at night.
Alan broke this type down for us beautifully fifty years ago.

Not able to find a proper end point, I’ve included the link to the complete lecture here.

Heaven willing, in a decade not too far away, their dominance and control over billions of human lives and laws will be soundly destroyed. Where they will be kept isolated to the non living studies and kept as far away from our lives, minds and bodies as possible. Along with the owl eyed occultists (inheritors of ancient and brutal hate) who inspired them so completely.

In a saner world, where the definition of abuse and murder will finally be set-no longer an unchallenged privilege for those “better” than us.

In a blessed time where both politicians and the celebrities whose lips are permanently grafted onto their asses, will be vaguely remembered as laughable or lamentable  bygone monsters, no longer feared, worshipped nor obeyed.

For this sort of mechanical and hate filled blackness  truly had no right to be anywhere near Earth’s children nor should they have been trusted to such extremes that things were made more horrible than any future generations will be able to imagine.
At all.

photo By Sondem

I Think You Know Where You Can Stick Your Promise of Immortality

It’s hard to miss these ridiculous expressions of enthusiasm over “immortality”.

As if.

As if any of them would want to, or could, tolerate any portion of us living with them, in what they’ve clearly indicated is “their” world and their world alone to run. To control. To push buttons and dissect apart. To click and whir, mix and measure, tick and tock into states of perfection…where absolute misery is the only reward awaiting the dutiful heartbeats who dedicate their lifetimes laboring away, on their way…to nothing.

For nothing.

Even though noises of “preserving nature” or “convening with extraterrestrial and higher intelligences” have been coming out of their faces forever.

Even though they’ve been trundling towards the notion of longer lives, replaceable limbs, improved health, faster communication and so on. If anything, especially in the current world where they’re “secretly” ending our lives with radiation and allowing hormonal, intellectual and social damage to rage across the face of Earth, they’ve made it all too clear that these benefits are only benefits meant for the bloated and mentally ill billionaires who fist their leashes tight.

To me, a life of immortality -if one were to suspend certain proofs and pretend that they were sincere in these enthusiasms for the “common man”-carries but one single metaphoric comparison.

In a life of misery, enslavement and torture, where we represent an innocent young woman and they are a severely abusive, bitter and old man.

In a life which was started with us (the commoners) meeting him (the grand and charming stranger) falling into immediate love and handing over much too much of our eager trusts.

Although, to be fair to the wounded and weary older spouse that we’ve become, he did appear on the scene with so many promises and proclaimed vows of loyalty that it would take an awfully cold-hearted observer to not understand why we did.

As things stand now, he has this once young woman in nothing but the typical state of an abused wife.

He demands that she hand over her money for his inspection and unchallenged interference. She may not spend a dime without him knowing about it and if she buys what he finds unhealthy, unwise and/or distasteful he intervenes to either take away her money and/or freezes her accounts.

He offers no affection nor nurturing, but neither is she allowed to try seeking love in the arms of another, not allowed to reach out towards another and god forbid she spreads her legs for another..he will publicly humiliate her and spend days on end lecturing her on what a “fool” she is and what an animal she is for wanting to grab a little tenderness to warm her cold days and/or derive the merest comfort from any babies she may birth from these all too brief encounters..

Because she is His and His alone to do with, as far as he’s concerned. Her goals are to be his goals and if she lacks the talent and/or interests related to his obsessions, he executes his right to punish and exterminate her as he sees fit.

He offers no compliments, only complaints. He offers no smiles, only grim sets of his lips as he spends all of his focus upon anything-but-her needs. Her wants. Her health and happiness. For those things are nothing but trite and worthless concerns, compared to the ever-constant poring over of volumes of text and churning of his hollow hearted intensities.

Because he’s dead set on getting to..

Determined to his last breath to improve on..

And nothing will get in the way of his singular and mirthless concentration upon…

Absolutely Nothing at all..when you get down to it.

For there awaits no “higher intelligences” that would risk allowing such a heartless and destructive type anywhere near their advanced colonies.

For there is no use for “better or faster communications” when one is muzzled or slapped hard across the face for saying what she wants and expressing the truth as she understands it from her experiences and inner passions.

Day in and day out. Every month of every year of her “life”.

What’s the use for better eyesight, longer lasting limbs and medicine to keep one going, when all color has been stripped from the scene and the roads have been all closed off permanently?

In a world where it’s simply not possible nor sane to expect each open slot to be filled with every single individual who “does the right thing” and “studies only what is necessary”- when heaven knows that millions upon millions of us have indeed tried..and heaven knows we ended up on the trash pile regardless.

With no homes to own, no cars, no savings, no vices to titillate nor opportunity to seek and secure divine enrichment and/or absolution..

With no sexual satisfaction, no warm embraces, no chances to seek out that which inspires our delights, with constant punishments for us if we dare try ignoring that which repulse or dissatisfy…

As he continues to grin and ramble on about the brightness of a future that he hasn’t bothered to produce any evidence of in all of the wearisome decades she’s been under his control..

As he continues to charm the masses with his mechanical and intellectual “machismo”, masses who know nothing of the distressed and beaten wife that he keeps chained and hidden away at home..

It’s nothing but a cruel and ugly they continue to announce and declare this so-called “immortality” on its supposed way.

For the life they’ve created and forced us to be enslaved within isn’t worth a damn-made all the worse by their current open shows of hostile indifference and, as mentioned before, blatant wiping away of our lives.

As it often goes, and as abused children and spouses understand…

It would be a far more merciful favor to announce the promise of an instant atomic annihilation of us all..than to continue repeating this threat of so-called “impending immortality”.

Then again, if their intention for “mercy” or “favor” had ever existed at all in the first places… this world and all of her societies’ children wouldn’t be in the ‘apocalyptic’ fix that we’re currently stuck in.

Without help nor voice, while those who “promised to care for and protect us” stand over us, murder us and poison us, laughing as they are.

And always have been.

photo By kieferpix

A Change of Diet

I was thinking of our foul, deceitful and purposefully harmful American Media…listening to a favorite album…and then I wrote a little.

That’s all.

Just Another Gargoyle: Clive

Oh, he’s loved, for sure.

Admired, worshipped and held up high on Mt Olympus.

This music mogul who made a bunch of young folks dreams come true by making them stars.

By bringing them wealth beyond their young dreams.

By grooming them to unknowingly spread the plague of filth and abusive brainwashing amongst billions of young people.

For over sixty years.

Sure, he’s loved.

But not by me.

He’s nothing but a gargoyle, to me.

One around the ledge of an ancient cathedral of trickery and hate that’s been infecting us and tearing us apart for a long, long time.

As a little girl, he was made out to be some sort of “wizard” in the music industry. Hit after hit, triumph after triumph, parading one fresh face after the other; many who would remain faithful and groomed well for the rest of their adult lives.

Spreading the plague of filth and abusive brainwashing amongst billions of young people.

For over sixty years.

In heartbreaking lyrics about “needing room” and “relationships only bringing pain”

Or in the “free sex for all”, making sex a hobby (one of the main population program strategies) kind of “come on baby give it to me, give it good” lyrics , mostly crooned by my brown sisters.

(You know…in the spirit of that “jezebel” humiliating stereotypical fashion, which our Massas still keep cranking out there…and still grin those crap eating grins over ,as our society falls further apart and they continue coloring “my” image, my sisters and daughters as undereducated but hot pantsed whores.)

As a young adult, there’s no artist of his that I didn’t groove to, dance to or make lifelong memories to.

As was intended and all experts knew and counted upon..anyway.

What I wasn’t aware of

(due to my dumb “animal” naivete or because normal folk have better things to concern themselves with, other than to comb thousands of pages of words to look out for sabotage)

is that nearly 90 percent of the entire collection of words to those songs are saturated and infected with nothing but lyrics that express the hopelessness of committed couples..

the cheating heart of males..

the “strangulation” of relationships..

the rude and cold nature of males..

the sadness and depression of women bemoaning their “loss of freedom”..

and every type of rude and “sneaky” put down of males that can be slipped into music.

One can make a drinking game out of this disgustingly obvious and long recorded pattern…and get good and stinking drunk…it is so damned true.

It is (a good study of the words to these songs) absolutely undeniable as partial  evidence of “their” crimes against us; conditioning and bombarding of the rotting and erosion of all things which kept men and women together…to complement their sick and unfortunately successful (thus far) diminishing of our births..and willingness to be with one another.

Yup. He’s a god. To the richest and most hideous plastic faces around.

But it’s high time our young get to know a truer truth of this foul corruptor and the others in complete control. The other out of place (severely out of place) massas who stick around so long…not for support or to prove they can “boogie”…but to make sure their machine stays in place.

Our young need to learn these truths so that they can better know whom to avoid and release whatever trust they hold, that places them in long lasting danger of severe misdirection.

By people who neither deserve the talent of their youth nor should continue to be trusted…when they have hated us all along the way.

Playing us as fools and tricking us as pie-eyed and idiot children, willing to degrade ourselves and do whatever Massa wanted us to do…as long as he “loved” us or clapped his withered paws in applause for us.

No matter whether thousands of hearts are broken knowing this, or not, it doesn’t compare in any way to the billions who now suffer under the open executions of their “finishing” moves against an entire world they have been whittling down to their goal of 500 million by 2025.

Or a billion, according to official documents telling “positive” fairy tales about “sustainability” and a “better world”.

Either way, it’s time that (even those celebrities) eyes opened, even if it hurts.. because the music industry is hardly the only place, these gargoyles sank their filthy talons into. Nor is it the only place that this much evidence exists.

The following are just a few samples from 60 years of jive “trickery” and conditioning.

I’ve already invested years in collecting lyrics and finding what I did-same as anyone with even below average reading skills can easily find for him or her self. What I included (in no particular order) is but a couple of drops from their ocean of “sly” entrapments and poisonings.

Nothing has to be “exposed” and nothing is “hidden”. It’s all out there, as proud and bright as can be; in every top ten list recorded and on the jackets of nearly all the albums ever produced..the producers, writers and corporations, bragging of their successes, while hiding “right in front of our faces”. In an amount of documents that are IMPOSSIBLE to “scrub” or wash away…

BIG mistake..but a perfect blessing for us.

And our future.

Overseas Protests

Before they’re taken down………

(While I’ve been seeing “protest invites” here in America…

Between the fact that they have the keywords like “stop trafficking” in their posters-next to the “illuminated Lady Liberty” (the trafficking issue being the exact priority issue that the UN used to incorporate placing our boys on sex offender lists and abuse our men for their sex drives) and that they have manufactured each and every fake “grassroots” protest America has ever had …it doesn’t “feel” too good.

(ya, Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring that means your fake humps)

I saw a major protest scheduled in the middle of a sacrificial Satanic “holy week”…but.. with the fact that our major online media is allowing advertising of it? Ya..naw; I couldn’t be sorrier that I can’t trust my country that much.

We do need to band together in large masses, soon. As if our lives depended on it…because they do)

But in other countries, where the media is attacking them relentlessly?

THAT…is a different story.

How Do You Tell the UN to Keep Its Filthy Trap Shut in Less Than 200 Words?

The only thing I want to know, need to know, is how to tell the United Nations to keep its filthy and abusive trap shut in two hundred and some words or less.

As they sit back and watch us die off through radiation and all else that comes with their eighty years of illegal and inhumane sterilizations and hormone overdosings..

JUST because they “NEED” to stop us from breeding; aka killing us off by the billions…

(Which I have been forced to accept is my duty and tough luck obligation because someone forgot to inform me that my “human” existence was actually just as a human SHAPED piece of crap who had no choice in any of these matters..Despite their hard boiled “equality for all and a new world of inclusivity” bullshit that they keep slinging.

Like wide eyed, blind and/or hate filled drones and go-fers.)

The very least…in the light of this recent vomiting of childish hatred and abuse towards our men and boys..they could do is keep that filthy fly hole shut.

In the VERY least, further still, they can show some decency by PRETENDING to stand by THEIR own high brow horse shit concerning their huff-n-stuffed hypocritical “policy against hate”.

When those words in that vile and ridiculous tweet are NOTHING BUT pure male hating, male abusing and male vilification…based not on facts but pure opinion from disgusting lapdog lying politicians and academics, meant to rile and continue the terrorizing their UN set them to do fifty years ago…targeted towards men based ONLY on their sexual orientation and the fact that they can produce babies.

Our politicians, have already stabbed us in the back and walked away like the grinning animals they have proven themselves to be…

We are already sterilized….mentally disabled….and biologically fucked through their god damned efforts.

They will be done with the majority of us by 2025 as it is ANYWAY

With no news outlets to help. Traitors.

No international court of anything to intervene. Like anyone trusted that hunk of junk UN farce anyway.

With the whole world looking on..fighting their own ongoing fights and vicious abuses.

On top of the “cruel and unusual punishment” and “being tried twice” ..

(years spent on sex offender list as a juvenile get converted to adult sex offender status when they turn 18)

..Constitutional clauses being shat upon daily…sentencing our youngest boys to lives spent serving rapist prison terms JUST for doing as young healthy male are entitled to do…it has BEEN obvious that our entire justice and political system is as criminally sick as can be.

But this? This horse shit?

It’s gotta stop.

I’ve been listening to these disgusting pigs call my brothers “pigs” in public, in films, abused and torn apart in TV shows since I’ve been four damned years old.

KNOWING damned well that if an OUNCE of this medieval horror was done towards women or any minority…at ANY time..with public support and immunity…..from “leaders”….that the streets would have exploded for months on end without stop.

Tearing apart their self-esteem, causing them anxiety, suicides and leaving them NO ROOM to be respected and protected as they ARE entitled to AS HUMAN BEINGS…



If no body has the marbles to do something simple as ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION ( or even by the words of their own lunatic charters) that THESE CRIMINALS ARE STILL PRETENDING IS IN EFFECT….

Then, by all means….these horrendous human shaped vermin can at least be forced to keep their filthy yaps zippered along this horrific way.


I just don’t know how to do it within the confinement of “so many” words.

For if no “higher authorities” can keep and return to humane civil law…then it’s completely safe to say and determine that there IS NO law that we are obligated to “obey”…


Most certainly NOT by the hands of those who are turning cruel and blind eyes to the daily abuses of our Men and Boys-based SOLELY on their gender.

NOT by a horde of murderers, intimidators and poisoners which ALL OF YOU “LEADERS” DAMNED WELL KNOW ARE AND HAVE BEEN KILLING AND POISONING US FOR OVER 80 YEARS.

Update for : What These Cowards Do

(This ended up being a “wonky edit”.

My original update became lost within drafts today, so I had to screen shot what I had to post.

An older version of the incorrect draft repeats itself at the end of this post.

I don’t know how it happened, so I wish to thank you for your patience and understanding. )

clip art by Joseph Gil

Ramsy's Joint

These are the things that cowards do.
Cowards which have been killing me and my kind
And the cowards who do and are the same for you.

First of all..
They continually and repeatedly tell lies.

They also hide behind , or hide within groups of, bodies of those who need the most help and suffer the most pain.
So that they may cocoon themselves with pity and gracious assistance
meant for the “displaced”, the “disabled” and the poor..while they continue to carry out their dirty deeds unnoticed.

The following concerns an example of game playing that they always do.

Their practiced habit of talking to one group and painting the worst pictures of that group to yet another group that they play for fools.

Setting fires between us, based on lies that does not represent the true feelings and thoughts of either side.

How they’ve been doing with blacks…

View original post 277 more words

Order From an Evil “Massa” or Simply a Stupid One.

It’s a punk shot thrown by a feeble and treasonous old “Massa”.

(Not that he’s the only one currently flexing pecks, across the entire world, mind you)

A miserable ole Massa who forgot that some of us “kin still read “ …

And understand EXACTLY what F E M A actually means…and always has meant.

Or maybe he’s just a cold hearted ole Massa who isn’t aware that our Overseer (the CDC-er) is doing a fine job already..choking us into our masks, ripping away our businesses through the mask……radiating us to death under cover of the mask, sterilizing us and all sorts of “humdingery” over the past eighty years.

Although, to be fair, he may not be aware of ANY of, respectfully, that would only make him simply a stupid old man.

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