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Motherless Children and Their Weapons

There’s something about being born a motherless and hated child

 that can leave one with a sort of emotional creeps.

And a forever set of blues.

Where every once in a while you try making everyone love you,

take care of you..and love taking care of you.

But they won’t.

And then you want every single person on this Earth to drop dead.

But they don’t.

Spitballs on the neck.

Fake love letters written by bored and sniggering children.

Mothers who grow their nails nice and strong

in order to make you squirm a little better and hop a little higher.

Until you drop silent altogether.

Dark.  Into Deepest Black.

Until the Dawn breaks a bit farther down the road.

And there You are.

Carrying a heart swollen with a joy that feels as if it’s an ancient relic

first discovered, only uncovered by You.

When the decision is made, signed with blood and burnt off at the edges…

that you’re going to keep it.

No matter what. No matter how. No matter who may try to snatch it away from You.

From a baby’s tender and tiny face in your trembling arms.

Now yours. Forever.

To the platinum bound patience of an understanding lover.

Now yours. If only for a little while.

Like a life long cancer you can’t truly be free from

but you sure as hell can soothe and quietly starve or feed it

according to the color of the days..

The Hate remains..listless, sleepy and easy enough to ignore.

Until you need to spend it where it matters the most.

Where it will bring about the best results.

And bring about the longest lasting good.

As a weapon.

A weapon forged at birth. Tempered by fear, rage and loneliness.

A weapon wielded once too often in the direction of yourself, but maiming others in the way.

When it’s finally mastered and held steady and can be pointed

straight at the throats

of those who took away your mother, made sure you never had a home

and left you to freeze to death .

Swaddled only in the rags of a hate

which they were too cowardly to wear for


A weapon

which you can push with all your might, to gain satisfaction

Or you can lovingly hand over so that they may end it all on their own.

There’s something Divine about having survived

the anguish of being a motherless and hated child.

Because there are things only You can end up knowing

along with the things which only You can see.

Like blood tarry rivers which

finally melt into

rain puddly streams …

… which remain swirling around the feet of another lost child

long since drowned within the reflections of

an enemy’s dreams.

-Ramsy Oct 21, 2020

photo By Brent Hall

A Reminder for the Duck Billed Celebrity Bimbo

You know her.

She’s all about that soft spoken and wide eyed clarity.

As she hoists her heft up in whatever chair she’s in for whatever camera is on her-because she’s so very special, so very famous and so, so very “enlightened”.

She gets blushingly “humble” if a compliment is dumped her way and raw fire indignant when someone DARES tell “her majesty” how very wrong she is.

Our duck-billed female celebrity. We have gaggles of them. You should know her.

The ones who are backstabbing my brothers in the back, slandering them as men and kicking my children as boys off the cliff, without a blink, smile or notice…

All to bask in the glory that her handlers have wrapped her “beautiful and impressive” head with, about some ridiculous clap trap about this age being some sort of “golden age for female rights”.

When it’s a mudslide straight into Hell.

With her having the raw ball audacity to pretend she has EVER grown up with ANY obstacles in her severely spoiled and American bred life. And that we haven’t been openly slandering and abusing our males for over fifty years.

If any one sees this ogle eyed, greedy and blind bitch…hand her something from the rest of us “lowly” Women.

The ones trying to stand up for and by our men and protect our boys. To the bitter ends, if need be.

Let her know that all this five and dime BS she’s tapping her worthless Louboutin over and hitching her wrinkled claw on her hip over…this “female superiority”?

WAS nothing and WILL BE nothing…but to keep her from breeding babies.Like an errant cow or sow on the farm that Massa just didn’t have the patience to stomach anymore.No more. No less.

From 1990’s Cairo United Nations conference

photo By Jérôme SALORT

Tilapia and Keurig. Stop. Now.

Within a single week, I came across two separate articles on two different items, during an ongoing and painful episode.

I won’t get into the queasy creepy details. I’ll simply post a warning against these two things and be done with it.

In a world where a World Health Organization actually DID give two rat’s humps over our health and lives

(as they are ripping apart our rights and ham fisting masks over our faces re: an imaginary virus)

…these sort of warnings would be front page and center to our attentions.

One wouldn’t have to hope to stumble across some old lady’s findings in order to save oneself from misery and dire consequences.

In this world, as it is, with these deceitful and foul criminals at the helm, it’s exactly what we have to do; maneuvering ourselves through this mine field that they’ve lovingly tended to for a hundred years.

The fact that black women’s hair products are insuring mass cases of cancer and early deaths…that’s one example which will easily prove (in some future time of returned sanity and responsible human leadership) their bold and open delinquency….

But there are many other “smaller” cases which are adding to the mix of this “genocide” that these cowards have remained hard over, waiting to finally see come true.

(Excerpt from a 1969 Bilderberg meeting presented in Bill Cooper’s 1991 “Behold a Pale Horse”)

Mind you. Be careful. Study what you need to. We have no “protective” units watching out for us anymore (if they ever did).

We only have one another and what remains of our common sense and logic. Use it.

Tilapia: I used to eat pounds of the stuff, which I now understand led to the chronic swelling shut of my lower intestines. Am healing now.,all%20of%20which%20are%20linked%20to%20chronic%20inflammation.

Kuerig. I’m so angry over not knowing this. It isn’t worth the space to write.

Ten years. 10-20 cups a day everyday.  Nuff said.

Just get rid of it. Period.

Mysterious mood swings, weight gain, etc? Ditch it and take things from there.

Oh Ya..the Simplified Lie

Ramsy's Joint

Per request…because I have a habit of going on and on in my “blind rage” and incessant ramblings (smile)….

I am posting the grouping of words that Kissinger commanded be told to “cover tracks” regarding an active depopulation program that was happening in LDCs in the 70s

It’s the exact same LIE which has been cleaned up and boldly presented as “something real special and noble” for these times. Plus, it’s stuffed into every batch of modern documents from the UN, WHO and the CDC re: women’s rights, disabled individual rights, bla and bla rights and so forth.

Bless their peaked and evil little heads, eh? With such big words and such heartfelt seriousness over our care and rights. Kind of brings a sniffle or two, don’t it?

That didn’t take pages upon pages, did it?

Thanks for your patience.

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Even the Abusers Say That It’s Abuse

This Snitchy Sh-t That They Do..

I know there are seemingly more pressing issues, I do…

However, this snitchy sh-t which “Massa” has interwoven into our lives is simply yet another abusive spouse move that’s been slowly, and now fully, festering around the edges.

If you are a grown adult over the age of 21 and you’ve been herded and chest bumped into acting like and living as a child per UN usurpation…

It is sad, it is pathetic and by the time you wake up from realizing that your life has become a daily insult everywhere you turn..the next generation will be laughing at you with their own goofy, wide eyed smiles and demanding you keep quiet, because for them “all is just fine.”

Until it’s too late for them. Rinse and repeat for yet another potential millennia of control from the spawn of these lunatics.

I’m talking about the forced updates and taking all digital decisions clean out of your hands.

That constant erosional onslaught of asking if you meant to do every nit picking little thing.

The forced interjections into people’s individual sex lives and relationship decisions.

The utility bills that tell you how “good” or “bad” you are in “spending” your energy, as compared to your neighbors.

(If you still believe in that “carbon footprint” horse jive, then you need to hit the books and ferret out an article about a little thing called “Climategate” and what eleven thousand highly intelligent and credentialed scientists tried telling the world..before the UN thug-a-boons wrested full control of our wires. It’s a damned lie, what else can I say?)

Not a day exists where these garbage munching maniacs are not either clear up into or deeply set into the very core of our psyches and daily routines.

When one throws on top of it all, a bogus “symptoms” list of you being “too shy” or “afraid of confrontation”..well..there’s your brainwashing kit for the next generation to grow into this dehumanizing condition without question.

You NEED to fight back.

Even if you can’t do anything about ComED statements or able to stop your purchases from being frozen in the middle of checkout.

You can start in your personal life easily enough.

Instead of blinking politely and listening like a “good boy” or “good girl” (those are pets I’m referring to) when a neighbor or co-worker starts in on you about what you SHOULD be doing in your diet, what you SHOULD be doing about raising your children and what you SHOULD be THINKING as far as the new and degrading notion of “others different from you”…my god…it’s only going to take a few words for you to start regaining Alpha status of YOUR own life and make them think twice before approaching you as if they were assigned to be your warden or greasy haired social worker.

“If I wanted your opinion or commentary on a god damned thing..I’d ask for it. In the meantime, keep your trap shut”

That’s it.

I used it on an automaton Walgreen’s tech several years ago (after being cheerily asked, one blasted time too many, if I knew how expensive a medicine was that I had been buying for years )

Worked like a charm. As it ALWAYS will.

Yes, the UN steamroller is going to keep rolling over our carcasses across the world (or at least they’re going to keep trying) But they are only going to be successful if everyone continues simpering and keeping their heads bowed in “polite” submission to the other MERE MORTALS (friends, family and co-workers) who are adding their unthinking assistance to the very Massa who is fastening the shackles to their own wrists.

If you can not stop it, you can at least maintain a greater measure of happiness for yourself in your life-which is ALL that matters.

As mind blowing as it unforgivably obvious as it is…it’s a big part of the “warning signs” that Massa’s minion institutions blindly crank out when they shove the list of “abuser’s traits’ under our noses.

You and I BOTH know these game playing tricksters fully and consistently check off over half of those “warning signs”.You’re not stupid. And you are not a child. Period.

According to even their own “expert advice and observances” you do not NEED to put up with them telling you what to do and making you feel as you’re worthless and incapable. Or that they are your “high commanding leaders to all in your life”.

Not within the sacred confines of your home and life in the least-wise.

According to them (look up there if you need reminding) is flat out


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