Halloween concept, close up of evil female eyes




bloodless arm

fingers curved gently inward


dead eyes, dark and moist

black jelly


a stretched and hysterical face

because the Body

somehow found out the Truth.


photo by rangizzz

words by Ramsy

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Our Brothers Need Us. Now.

Worried woman working on laptop looking confused at computer screen
We are in more serious trouble than we can appreciate within this gender discrimination plague.

It started in the mid 70s, this affirmative action to push females to the head of all areas of life.
Not because women were being chained to stoves and beaten with sticks no thicker than a man’s thumb.
Not because (especially) Western women have been held back and no laws have existed to protect us.
(It took one hell of a nerve to even suggest this lie; especially to any industrialized Western society of women who have grown up with the benefit of extreme protections and opportunities thanks to movements like the women’s suffrage movement from the early 1900s. )

This action, under the guise of “women’s rights”, was initiated for the sole purpose of preventing the numbers of babies from being born that did not suit the self-proclaimed masters of the universe’s wishes from the United Nations.

It’s a long-ago plan of action which needs now to be fought against, with every scrap of its poisonous propaganda swept out of every school room and out of every media message.

Below is a mix of excerpts taken from the 1975 population strategy which was adopted for population control and the Cairo United Nations conference from mid 90s.

There are many more excerpts to be taken from three decades of women’s rights conferences along with decades of other UN population control meetings. However, those links have been disabled on the UN site itself with any sections I left out to be used for future posts.

(These few examples are to show how these affirmative actions for women were started and why; not because of the dreaded “male toxicity” or our women being kept “abused and kept down”..but more along the line of almighty (and seriously God complexioned) farmers regulating the amount of livestock  produced upon their “animal farms”. )


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If this plan had indeed done anything to protect females over the passed fifty years, obviously I’d have nothing to say about it- except for the harassment of our males for their natural masculinity, their very existence.

And it would have had to have been done without the progressive hatred and mistrust being massaged into the vulnerable mind sets of young women. Girls and young women who have barely any idea of how very much protective strong fathers and loving life partners have helped women throughout the tens of thousands of years that we have built and survived together on this earth.

For anyone who insists on screeching about “male toxicity”, I guarantee you there exists an equal grievance over the equally devastating troubles that have destroyed plenty of lives done at the hands of countless women with, what I as a woman have lived life long knowing as “poisonous femininity”.

My point? Any entity that proclaims best intentions for one group, would exercise best intentions for ALL Human rights-not cherry pick just one and let the others be publicly destroyed, ruined and hurt.

The United Nations has proven they have no “best intentions” (aside from financial) what-so-ever over a seventy-year long record that would shame actual and honorable humans “in charge” over billions of lives.
Not with women in India only JUST receiving a law punishing those who have thrown acid into their faces…

Know About the Punishment For Acid Attack In India

Not with those seeking help being sent packing back home to lands where countless young females will still be genitally mutilated, because our highest authorities have basically shown no shame in telling these girls “tough luck, there’s nothing to do.” Highest authorities who are obligated to actions and orders handed down from this dishonorable “universal government”.

And, last but not least in any stretch of any imagination, not with the disgusting and sordid record of rapes and female exploitation committed by United Nation’s very own troops.

We would have to be completely out of our collective mind to continue looking up to these self-proclaimed, wicked and snide “rulers of man” on ANY thing they had to say about ANY society’s condition or choices concerning “women’s rights”.

It’s a lie. And it has been a lie.

A filthy and devastating lie which has now seen young boys be put onto sex offender lists for the rest of their lives for their natural sex drives and an all out and blatant verbal abusing and social bullying of our men for their natural born masculinity.
It is a long-nurtured bit of conniving deception that has been washed into our minds over the course of too many decades.
Done from the seat of a “government” that has no right to tell anyone what to do, but our politicians and newly educated “experts” (for whatever cowardly, brain damaged or financial reasons) have chosen to ignore and buckle under. Even though our society is crumbling all around us in a slow-motion nightmare that has taken decades to accomplish by a horde association that should only be seen, in its best and played out light, as nothing but an Enemy of any independent nation.
An enemy that is so glib and so rotten with confidence that it can’t bother to do anything substantial about the millions of murders and rapes that have happened under their “watch” over the course of too many decades in broadcast horrors of genocides allowed to play out.

Our brothers, our sons and our fathers need us to speak out as females unaffected by this cruel and insane charade..while we still can.

Better said, for those young and old women who are under the impression these are days of “being on top” and childishly cheered “girl power”, they need to yank their focuses away from the sirens which are singing these deceitful calls of “female empowerment” and force themselves to understand that they too will find themselves in overt assaultive binds…with NO ONE left to protect them except the wardens grinning outside of the cages that herded them in there in the first place.

photo  By pathdoc

Playing Dumb

See, it’s this type of “Golly gee, McGee we don’t know what the heck happened, but it happened” intelligence insulting article that I find revolting.

This is about an institute reporting on abortion declines and dismissing the recent outlawing of abortion as a trivial motivator.

I don’t cart around a big brain, like the alleged people at this alleged institute, but I was pretty sure a very big portion of the declines had to do with that recent and sudden reversal in law.
Instead, it references to what it believes is the “real” reason-the availability of contraceptives due to laws requiring the coverage of birth control via workplace insurance.
Well, fine..

We each have our own opinions as to why the abortion rates are drastically down.
It’s this constant “Who me? What?” eyelash batting innocence being played in print AGAIN that riles the spirit.
It’s salt packed in deep on top of the gashes of “underlying” insults.

Like insults regarding the human female population and the notion of us acting upon our own choices as being considered absurd or unthinkable. That we’re so incapable of budgeting to bother buying our own condoms with our own cash or that we wouldn’t have bothered using them unless encouraged by outside “help and instructions”.

I guess it’s a miracle any of us scratch up enough cash to purchase our own tampons or Q-tips.

The  worst insults are the vague “speculations” on “possible” this-s and “unlikely” that-s.
As this so called “institute” is affiliated with several United Nations spawned entities, it’s hardly what one may call “in the dark” on this issue.
Especially when manipulating population numbers across the world is a project that the United Nations has been planning on, implementing and mandating laws over, nurturing and monitoring for well over 60 years.

This “playing stupid”…..It’s unseemly.

With the article closing with some psycho-suggestive statistic of one in four women destined for an abortion in her lifetime.

Yet we still have to listen to them persist on pretending situations are as much of a surprise to them as they are to us…no matter how many decades of panels, speeches, discussions and intensive strategies we can see they have tucked under their belt.


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Especially when discussions involved off the wall suggestions at controlling our numbers from so-called experts. One example being “The Population Bomb”.
They are the types of suggestions that not many people would easily forget.
(Although the Earned Income Tax credit suggestion was one of the suggestions that some may be interested to know came to fruition.)



(If the pics aren’t visible, I included a few excerpts from one of many United Nation’s conferences on global population stats and strategies, along with excerpts from co-author Paul Erlich’s book “The Population Bomb” from 1969. )

In his book, Paul expressed everything from annoyance and impatience to disgust re inaction on “appropriate birth and death rate” controls.
He lays out specific strategies and suggestions, with a steady flow of alarmist interjections. It’s an interesting read on two levels:

1-The fact that he expressed some rather nasty ideas a long time ago which have not come back to haunt him. Not like the rest of us little people, who are getting “horsewhipped” (lost jobs, forced apologies, humiliated, et cet.) for much more trivial things said/done twenty or thirty years ago.

2-The fact that his doom and gloom predictions never came true.

From slipping sterilants into our foods to convincing the public that research into curing cancer and other illnesses for the old would be a waste of time and be a hindrance to the welcoming of young life.




However, he didn’t have to worry too long…
For as one can see, soon after “Population Bomb”s publication ..


(from a personal copy of a 1970 World Book)
..the population machine was finally greased and rolling, with a happily grinning UN hunched over the controls.
Where they finally got the chance to cease stomping their poor indignant feet on the cold ground..onto the softer and much more comfy surface of our  faces.

Anyone with at least one eye and a half decent intelligence can see how much work has been invested over seventy years by these “people” on all things to do with producing babies. That is if one can put in the legwork and actually read any one of the many transcripts from population conferences and “women’s rights” conferences.

(Well, if the links aren’t missing, broken or out on some really long lunch breaks at the “404” like

The World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women in Copenhagen


or The World Conference of the International Women’s Year


One might get lucky and find them somewhere..one never knows)


The point has been proven and forced well past their eager population desires. There’s no need to play games.

It would just be nice if these “findings” and time wasting “speculations” could stop.

It’s like looking at a silly toddler, chocolate slathered all over his grinning mug while constantly insisting he has no idea why the cookie jar is empty.
It’s pathetic.
Especially when the child damned well knows that he faces no punishments and has no authorities watching over him.

photo By pressmaster

WHO is Asking For WHAT?

Crow sitting on a gravestone silhouette abstract background.
They’ve been asking us if we’re ready for a major flu pandemic.
It doesn’t even seem as if it matters (the question) or not.

They’ve been studying and strategizing for it so long (as with all else, without minding us of course) …I’m surprised they even wasted the digital ink to address it.

From research…

To everyone on earth being obligated to do as they say when the time finally arrives. Whether we trust them or not and whether we despise being forced under their rule while we’re suffering or not….

photo By Dark Illusion


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