“Peeker” a New Card Game


I have come up with a card game variation and I call it “Peeker”
It’s called this, in minor part, due to it presenting a poker element at the end of playing through the deck.
The rest of the game involves a sort of “peeking into the unknown’ -with each player drawing from a center pile and guessing what his/her card is before looking at it.

Here are the rules
1- A standard size deck is shuffled, cut and placed face down in a pile between both players.
2- With it being a guessing/prediction type game, each player should decide where to place wrong answers and the ones which were predicted correctly.
3- In other words, have enough space in front of you to separate your cards into two “hit” and “miss” piles.
4- Neither player needs to keep the cards visible after drawing, nor need they be organized for the other player’s benefit , for the duration of the game.
5- You can turn them upside down, after they’re revealed, if you choose to do so. Or you can arrange them into a visible spread. It’s up to the players to decide whether they’ll oblige one another’s requests to be reminded of what the cards were, but it is not a requirement.
6- It doesn’t matter who goes first.
7- The first player guesses out loud as to what card he/she thinks he/she will draw from the top of the deck, draws the card and then turns it over to be revealed.
8- After both players have seen the card, the active player keeps it and places it down into the designated “hit” or “miss” pile in front of him/her. Then the next player takes a similar turn.
9- This continues until all cards have been exhausted from the center deck.
10- Each player will be left with two stacks of spent cards in front of them.

A typically smaller number of cards in the “hit” pile, with a typically larger number of cards in the “miss” pile.


(There’s no problem if the “hit” pile happens to have a greater number of cards than the “miss” pile; it only means you’re probably going to have more fun than you bargained for.)
11- The “miss” piles can be ignored from now on.
12- Gather up the remaining pile of “hit” cards and choose which five cards you want to finish the game with. You’ll be trying to create a winning poker hand.

If a player has twelve cards, then seven have to be discarded so that only five cards remain in hand.
13- If a player happens to not have a minimum of five cards left to play with, then he/she automatically loses.

And yes, ding- dang it, that means that the other player automatically wins, no matter what’s in their hand.

The following is a list of suggested categories of guesses that can be made
-Whether the card will be black or red.
-Whether it will be a specific number (without need for the suit to be specified).
-Whether it will be one of the four suits; clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds (without need to specify the number).

-Whether it will be a high card or low (royal cards being high, numbers as low. The value of an ace depending on players’ mutual agreement).
Guesses with both the number and the suit, declared before drawing, are only counted if both appear on the same card together.
Example-If I say “Five of diamonds” and the five shows up but it’s a spade instead, that is considered a miss. The same applies if a diamond turns up but the number is a four.
As the wise and old saying goes..
“Close, but no potato, Slick ”.
If I call three of hearts and only the three of hearts shows up, then it’s a hit.. a sweet and sassy one at that.


The player with the highest value poker hand (if run of the cards and luck provide), wins the game.

If one player has a traditional poker hand and the other doesn’t, the one with the poker hand wins.
If both were left with worthless hands, then it’s a draw.

From “Riverchasers” a handy chart of poker hands.



Although I carry a deep fondness for most of my creations, this one surprised me.
When I originally found it rattling around in my imagination, at most, I figured we would be dealing with a mostly lucky break and chance driven amusement; with the satisfying “at very least” of it being a decent sending and receiving exercise.
With the freedom to switch the category of your guesses whenever and how many times you want, mixed in with playful card counting on top of the open privilege of viewing the cards making their way into your opponents hand in hopes of a poker sendoff..it wasn’t too shabby; replay and all else involved.

If you do end up giving it a spin and enjoying it, then all will be that much more “swell” for me.. in a world where the once ordinary pleasures are fast becoming more appreciated.

Any pack of playing cards will do.


The pack I used tonight is one where my photo taking skills could not do them any proper justice-they’re so stunning up close- Bicycle’s deck of playing cards titled “Stargazer; Sunspot”.

Please note that I am in the process of creating a specially designed pack of cards and (fingers crossed) if the exact same idea hasn’t been claimed, referring to it  as
“Peeker”: a sending and receiving card game variation by Ramsy
should be in line with existing and upcoming copyright/patent homework, if one were so kind as to share it with friends on down the road or mention it in passing anywhere.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, be well and keep playing games…the good kind.

One Heck of a Script

Either way and whatever’s at play..
It’s turning out to be one heck of a script.
Don’t you think?

There’s either one angel nudging the other and nodding something out like
“See? I told you it would work.”
Or there’s one begrudgingly, with the slightest hint of a pout, handing
over a stack of whatever currency angels would deal in; a lost wager over a recently won bet.

There is either the beaming victor whose theories and suggestions were
frowned upon and ferociously argued against for the longest time,
amongst the eldest and most illumined guides in the field.

Or, crossed armed in the corner with furrowed brow (if arms and eyebrows were expressed at all)
there is a brilliant and completely competent angel
who is being forced to confront a depressive fact: That it
spent the span of all of our lifetimes betting on the lamest horse.

Either one of them has proven that
the setting off of the worst
and most evil of mortal ambitions actually
managed to start flushing out the long hidden and long sought after
ancient ones of an original light.

Like setting up a trap involving the
bashing in of young pups’ skulls to the eventual tune of an enraged and
terrifying mother charging in to save them.
(Without giving wise nor sober
consideration as to how more terrifying she could (will) become if (when) once all intents and actions were (are) revealed.

When they could have simply asked nicely in the first place)

Or the other one has just spent centuries, after millenniums,
arguing, betting and theorizing on how it would be impossible,
simply unthinkable, that man wouldn’t eventually end up foregoing the imbalanced
darkness of limited earthbound potential.. to love and mature into genuine magic
and supernatural enhancements.

With the angel believing, at the very least, that our
long journeys and histories of consistent miseries would have
simply and finally worn us down into it.

After looking down, with no less than a stinging embarrassment,
to witness that the uppermost examples of financial and intellectual authority
were still no more savvy, wiser nor kinder than a containment of
chest grub nibbling baboons…
Or that we could manage to lose, ruin and destroy an entire planet and abuse Its
Children…over the sake of some shiny rocks and personal attentions..
..what a heartbreak that must certainly be.

Either way and whatever’s at play..
It’s turning out to be one heck of a script.


(March 2020 ..praying we make it through what the well heeled and evil baboons will fling at us for April)

Yours, Ramsy.

A Teensy Hitch or One Simple Fact

Sure, many conspiracy theories can get out of hand.
To put it more exact, many lies in any category can cause great deals of harm.

As a matter of fact, the lies and conspiracy theories pumped out over the course of two thousand years, under hideous Judeo-Christian dominance, have been the main bringers of death and misery to mankind.

All over this world.

Billions of Africans, Indians, Australians, Asians, Irish, Native Americans and any other tribes have been raped, raped of their lands, slaughtered, manhandled, forced from the language of their lands and made to bow and die off under their lies.

Countless groups of people have been irreparably torn apart and purposefully turned against one another under their lies-the beleaguered poor white man against the black slave, man against woman (now woman against man), child against parent, immigrant verses native and so on.

What a wonderful and dandy world we would live in if all of those lies had never been told.
And heaven knows I can understand those who would believe that supporting censorship and a full crackdown on current alleged “conspiracy” theories would “be the best” for “polite society” at large.

However, there’s just a teensy little hitch to that particular fable…

The fact that the same institutions that have trudged over , marched upon and murdered billions of us..are the same and only institutions who are now seeking to not only continue running roughshod over us but are in the process of clamping that sweaty, iron and stinking hand over the mouths of billions of us…..the progeny of those billions who were massacred and had the “privelege” of working themselves to their deaths under..in the name of the “sons, the fathers and ghosts” of the United Nations, the Church, Scientific academia, Media and every wretched secret society hiding underneath those rocks that they cuddle up to one another under.

Especially under this moronic , however , tragically blatant death threat of a rock.

We were given promises that we could live free under our countries’ constitutions.

As human beings whose bodies, at the very least, were under no obligation to and safe from harm from other raw and human and mortal men.
And now it’s been brought into the clear and cold dawn that yet another promise has been pissed away. The exact one that none of us could have afforded to lose.

I simply want to tap an unimpressive little note into this bottle of mine, before I toss it out there amongst the countless digital others…for the future students who will peruse “ancient” internet citizens’ early words.

Most will be intrigued by how simple we must have been to be led so easily into our enslavement and murders, with all evidences pointing to something having gone horrifically awry with the average mental functions and chemistry of the human brain.

No matter how hard they dare bring these unlawful and Stone Age actions against us and no matter how far they dare whittle us down to this bottleneck, on the steam of their wretched and evil perversions…no amount of scrubbing, erasing or forced metallic injections will nor can eradicate the high volume of and deeply set , bloodstained evidence and records of their hypocrisies: of hundreds playing Master and Executioner over billions of human souls..
As THE main perpetrators of THE most devastating and life destroying lies, fables and their own conspiracy theories …without bothering to put themselves into check or without placing the concern for human life above that of the concerns of their blind and head bobbing egos and wallets; kept fat by “allies”

So, as they continue gathering our DNA, ( like grubby faced trolls scooping up childrens feet to fill their distended bellies with) for purposes ‘unknown’..until we start dying off in “weirdly” specific and regional sections..

Remember these facts

1- events foretold successfully are not conspiracy theories..they are bare facts come to pass. Especially when authors have been detailing them for over a hundred years.

2- even a lie..which brings no pain, death, illness or does no damage what-so-ever to anyone..is not the “property” of any human being to “lord” over.

Freedom of individual thought and speech without punishment was the main and fundamental law of all constitutions..that we’ve been forced into fighting for again.

3-(most importantly, in the most positive of light) we have been “handed” the ultimate gift. We are all now heading into the critical stage of a painful and long labor..for a very long awaited birth.

This guaranteed gift is of eventual and final freedom from centralized rule, rule by “divine authority” and rule by primitive minded criminals over groups of people.

After our upcoming internments in camps, after our attacks, after our deaths and after the worst calamity to hit this planet’s children at the same time has passed.

After the very worst of their tantrums have dwindled and there’s sweet relief from the noise of their abuses and insults..

They have left such a trail and have left such deep bruising,  upon the psyche of each nation, (of destruction wrought by trusting them and allowing them their way)…that it would be like a raped and beaten victim hobbling up to the assailant, to return to him the keys to her house..if and when we survive it all..if we willingly allow these animals to climb on top of us again.


How Can They Act Like That?

Ya, ya, I know..it is unbelieveable.
How they’re behaving on camera. Grinning. Spinning. Joking and cackling.

It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even see them in their big dollar suits.
I can’t. The image that automatically pops up is a bunch of punks hanging around the local bike shop.
Not a bunch of fine looking kind of young “Brando” types, but a pack of ripped jeans, dusty sandals with their long and grime caked toe nails sticking out on top. Chawing gum with their mouths wide open and snort laughing each time they see a pair of shorts or poor “dork” they’re about to hone in on and harass.

I made a point to a friend the other day, to try illustrating what’s going on.

She kept exclaiming surprise over how our officials are acting in front of us. I said it’s simply a matter
of what’s common in the world of bullies.

I told her that their targets are usually those with learning impairments or younger and slighter in build.
More often than not, they (the punk bullies) know that they can beat these targets pretty much at will, without being stopped.
They’re usually popular children.

They are most definitely mostly upper middle class to rich children who turn into brats-to be fair for the decent rich kids.

These kids get away with murder when they are younger and the privilege never ceases being at their disposal.

Most of them, never did an honest day’s work and nor did they have to.
If they had a responsible (though hard nosed) and highly successful father while growing up, he would have tried to get them to work in order to learn some values and develop at the very least, a half ass appreciation for what most of the world has to endure for survival.

If one happens to see one of “us” by their side, it’s usually someone who had a pretty rough go of it in life and/or has criminal elements in their background.

It ensures that moral judgement won’t ever be an issue, when he’s finally “one of the big boys”. And if their initiate does mature to improve his character to respectable levels, record of a tainted past can always be used as some sort of regulating tool for whatever reasons.

Two examples, Gates and Jobs.

Two genius type ‘autistic’ kids who got into criminal hot water as teens and ended up becoming societal “Masters of the Universe”.

As an outcast as a child, I would have done anything for the “cool kids” to look my way with more than repulsion and smirks. I’d be the biggest liar in history if I were to say I was that mature or strong enough to reject whatever admiration or exchanged favors they offered. At that time in my life.
It’s understandable, is what I’m saying.
When one looks behind the curtain to see tens of thousands of us slaving away, working through immense workloads and doing the bidding of the mere hundreds of ne’er-do-wells of the world. Fiddle this, fudge that, write this, kill that..etc.

Without us questioning. Or without truly understanding the clues and suspicious wrongdoings we may notice.

Mistakes and hints easily explained away with promotions, “warm” smiles and extremely well-acted “concern” and “comradery”. Things which even I experienced in great volume while working on criminal traveling sales crews in the 80s.

Back to the “inexplicable” crudeness and rudeness they now display without care in front of billions of eyes.

It the equivalent of the bully’s finger stabbing you in the chest, his  fetid breath wafting out inches from your trembling face and saying..
Ya? So? What are you gonna do about it? Huh? Gonna go cry to your Momma?”
(stab) “The Momma I sold for six bucks at your family picnic last night?
(harder stab) “Go ahead, dumbass, go cry..so I can whip your ass some more
(shove to the ground).

That’s what that is, I told my friend.

They/we have already established that our society worships them.

If not per party loyalties then for something we can relate to within our own lives.

Although I was young throughout that stupid “rock-the-vote” embarrassment of Clinton getting elected, I was highly ashamed and annoyed by how many older adults I saw slapping knees and grinning appreciation over how “cool” he supposedly was.
The fact that so much was made over him simply playing a saxophone was nothing but a grade A embarrassment; realizing how such little and insignificant things could impress people twenty or thirty years older than me. It was simply jawdropping to even hear excuses made over the rape allegations and assaults dogging his campaign steps; by poor undereducated admirers desperate to finally find “someone like them” to finally “care”.

It was worrisome; watching this go down amongst my “elders”.

(But that was years before I came to understand what mercury could actually do to a human being’s brain. Never mind media’s non-stop flooding of sub-standard behaviors molding and conditioning each generation successfully.

In combination, the most heinous and cowardly way to disable/influence entire societies.

No different than GHB slipped into young victims’ drinks for the purposes of assault. 

And it’s the most important thing we must remember as the frustrations and mental disease related troubles rise significantly over the next few years.)

I suspect it is the same type of disgust and disappointment my own children’s generation may feel towards us and our stubborn insistence on believing that these “two parties and two networks” aren’t just what they are-ONE mindset and ONE united unit playing both sides of the fence and playing our grinning and loyal faces for fools.

Over the course of decades, many boundaries have been pushed as far as violations of our constitution goes.

They’re guaranteed that we “as a people” haven’t and won’t do anything to correct them. With every major “grassroots” gathering or protest (from the “Million Man March” to “Occupy Wall Street”) created and financed by them..we are left with nothing we’ve created for ourselves.

In matters of personal choices and our outward behaviors towards one another, we’ve proven to not be as united as we’ve been boasting about.
There are a lot of reasons why they show no respect and give no thought what-so-ever to us witnessing their rude and overboard behaviours.

Because we are “not worth anything” in their opinion and obvious actions.

With so many of us having been affected by chemicals and ‘games’ set into place for generations, their attitude reflects the supreme confidence of this being so for each and every one of us.

With them each considering themselves superior exceptions, of course.

When you visit someone’s home that has been tidied up, with fresh cake and coffee on the table for you, with the host or hostess dressed very nice..it means they care about what you think and wish to do well by you.
When you visit a home, you were invited to, and the house is still littered with last night’s kegger and trash all around, with the host or hostess strolling up, scratching his or her backside and tossing you a half-eaten pack of crackers, to tell you to “pop a squat wherever”.. with a blech to punctuate this “charming” greet…
It means they don’t care what you think. No matter how uncomfortable you feel. And consider you so hard-up for company or hold them in such esteem that you’re not going to do anything but pop that squat and keep your mouth shut about it all, anyway.

It’s nothing to get forlorn and upset about. It’s something to be angry about, but not in a disappointed and shocked child sort of way.

When bullies see tears or hear that high-pitched questioning in the frantic “Why are you doing this?”, it thrills them. For some, it’s a cry from a “well deserved”  kick to the groin of a society they’ve been abused by and/or simply hate on some “intellectual superiority” trip.

Others, I’m sure, may laugh because they are surprised at how “easy” it’s been; exploiting our anxieties, our learning disabilities and the heavy workloads we suffer under which leave us no time to investigate the political problems…liars, thieves and whores took vows to take  care for us.

It would behoove us to work on absorbing this stark reality as soon as possible, to be able to accept it without exposing our surprise, because they don’t deserve to get any more kicks than they are already getting.
They have cleared entire streets in countries all across this world, while herding us through a dry run of the martial law about to be dropped upon us..on nothing but words spoken by stone faced and emotionless spokespeople from the United Nations/CDC beamed over the waves of a media vomiting propaganda and kept fat on U.N. warm fuzzies.

The ones who have been harassing us into injections and gathering our DNA. To mention a tiny fraction of their assaults.
That alone, I’m sure, gives a few of them violent giggles in the tum tum.

That is, if they were programmed for laughter in this insane “robots taking over the world” sci-fi turned fact idiocy.

Minding one’s manners is the easiest thing to do.
Especially if one is used to having elaborate and high-profile dinners with leaders of the world and attending exclusive cultural events.
The fact that these “upper class” officials are as sloppy and nonchalant as they are, means that a good portion is being done on purpose. To provoke us, on top of the natural glee bullies derive from the whole torture experience.

We can at least go through whatever we have to, as adults with composure, strong enough to face what waits for us ..making sure we don’t get taken for fools again along the way.

Who knows, if done well enough, history may even remember us as the “better men” compared to these chuckling packs of low-class hyenas.
The ones  just itching to hear another one of us whine out in alarm questions that they take great delight in being the only ones knowing the answers to.

Or so they may choose to think.

I AM a Woman

I am a woman.
Because I gave birth to babies from my body,
I am most certainly so.
But I’m also a woman for other reasons.

Not because I was punished and humiliated and
dressed like a boy and my hair cut short
as punishment by a mother
enraged over my “boyish” behaviors.

In a time where I wished myself dead every time a spitball
splatted onto my face, after some jackass in school reminded me of how ugly I was.
At a vulnerable time of a young girl’s life.

Not because I dressed and played the role of
the drunken slut as a teen. Looking real “cute” at the time. Allegedly.
High heels and spandex.
Umpty years ago.

And not because I was told more times than other girls
What a disappointment I was when I got a little older
and a lot fatter.
As a woman.
How I didn’t tell jokes like a woman.
Or speak like one. Or hold the same interests.
And in the most humiliating times, how I didn’t dress right
or keep organized well enough. Like a woman.

And it’s most certainly not..
God and damned it…not when I still have the nerve to come home from the store
(Or the casino)
to hide my face and weep hysterically until it feels
as if my heart will break.
Because a man had looked me in the face and said
“Oh excuse me, Sir” ..every once in a rare while.

I am a woman.
And I don’t have to prove it to anyone
And I shouldn’t have to declare it to anyone.
And I damned well am not obliged to uphold, respect
nor approve of the constricted and insulting spaces these
hateful masters associated with the United Nations have been herding us into.

not if their forebears are the animals
who did this to us.

Screwing with our genders. Our bodies. And our DNA.
Sentencing us to lifetimes plagued by deviations,
confusions, conflictions and personal persecutions.

Some of us forced to remain silent about deeper and darker set
tendencies. Ones that reared their spiny heads before we could
even string sentences together as children.

Like being born a little girl who horrified adults
by stripping her Barbie dolls
naked and imagined them being kidnapped and beaten.
Though I was a little girl. Who grew up to be
A Woman
who ended up being assaulted a couple of times in
mercifully much less severe ways.

Especially if their monstrous and arrogant forebears fashioned studies.. Falsely.
And swore up and down about countless “academic facts”.. Falsely.

Especially when

by the whim of their stinking heap of egos , they took the irreversible
steps for the lives of millions of us
to be lived in the miseries which they are,
have been and always will be unless we stop them.

I am a woman and I have more than earned the right to be
considered one.
But it will be a cold day in hell when I allow yet another
Human being like myself
to bully or punish me for not respecting His “right” to be addressed
as such.

I don’t need to say nor do anything.
Because we can both bash heads and exchange
our heart wrenching
crybaby stories all day and all night. Long.

And there’s another section of Hell, a few degrees colder still,
where I will remain quiet about how wrong it is for these biological terrors
to continue, without having my say in a world which belongs to ME
As a Woman.


when my own life is a protected paradise compared
to the mutilated and mauled women across this world who have suffered
MUCH more under the United Nations/CDC scientists, clergy and billionaires decisions



to do as they continue to feel
they have the right to do with our biologics. Our bodies. Our DNA.

Through forced sterilizations and ongoing and excessive doses of hormones, without our

knowledge, never mind permissions.

For generations. To this current threshold of our  ruination

And it needs to stop.

Them being allowed to not only mold, but to mislead and manipulate everything to do with how our bodies develop…
The worshipping, bowing and giving of trust to these animals and the not standing up to them…
Because now it’s getting out of hand, not simply with ongoing regularity, but with increased intensity.
As any sane grown Woman, Man and the “rest of us” are damned well aware of.

One Simple Question for the Blindest Leaders our Earth has ever had to Suffer Under.

It will more than likely be a question raised and finally pondered by future students.

We’re too busy pretending all is “okey dokes”,  pretending we’re enlightened warriors and pretending to be sophisticated intellects nodding and waxing the humps of the “cool kids”..who hate us.

It’s a simple question.

Especially for the leaders of the countries who were hurt by it, betrayed by it…who now ogle and hop to the whip cracks of the ones they adore and worship…

Why on this earth, a confirmed lie, suggested by H Kissinger himself…an admitted lie told thirty years ago…an outrageous and cruel deception..which was used in the original population program strategies from the 70s..


While it currently rests on countless pages concerning everything from “the rights of the disabled” to every nook and cranny concerning “women’s rights”-which our new government The United Nations has forced upon us all…

Like a taunt-sometimes mentioned multiple times within one single subsection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



At the end, I took the liberty of sectioning off a copy of the insertion of this lie…

Microsoft Edge 3_18_2020 4_46_58 PM

because the entire document is extremely and purposefully long winded; found at this link in its entirety



How in the world could so many leaders (as mentioned earlier, especially those lied to so long ago) stand by and blatantly , or stupidly,  look on and trust ANYTHING these criminals had to say…regarding the “world’s safety” during this virus.

Just a simple question I’m sure someone has to have an answer to before I get wiped out with the rest of the “trash”…the one and only “right”

I am going to assume I’m allowed to have, since my living in peace without being attacked has been considered off the table, before I even had the “worthless luck” of being born into a world where the decision was already made.

That’s all.

Facts Vs. Fiction

The creatures who have recently suspended our constitution..
are now trying to stress the dangers of fictional and off the wall “conspiracy theories”.

The same creatures who support the position of a church to lead this world, as their leader rattles bones and rocks in a box declaring them to be “holy relics”.

The same church and United Nations that has been allowed to murder billions of people over the centuries for NOT believing in their “fables”….”myths”…and other spiritual “theories” that have caused oceans of bloodshed and heartache…for all countries around this world.

And the same church allowed to rape and molest children without being stopped.

Remember that.

For as much as their lack of imagination may insult us-in their violent and abusive sarcasms to force us to “heed’…their predictability, in what’s been wrought for two thousand years, can at least be of benefit to the ones who still have a chance to get themselves to safer spaces and keep clearer heads.

This..is not a conspiracy theory..it is a religiously taught fact; the obligation with which thousands have determined to murder us.

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This..is not a conspiracy theory..it is a death threat made fifty years ago by the United Nations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These…are not speculations, daydreams nor delusions…they are a few moments where human lives were cruelly sacrificed in the month of April. The oddest coincidences being how these events simply fell in and around the “week of”..




Yes, even the sinking of the Titanic

The coincidence that they all occurred around the “sacred” time where our deaths are to be honored and tolerated as “divine’, well…that would be a “conspiracy theory” in itself, if we were to try connecting to this fast upcoming month of April.

However..not it’s not any more farfetched nor “ludicrous” than an entire world being taken hostage, against our will and our global outcries and protests..by a group of lunatics hell bound , for 116 years, to set the world into the hands of child molesting “holy” men who rattle around bones in boxes, declaring that they are “God’s chosen”.

At the very least…it’s not a risk worth ignoring.

As all genocides and all takeovers have been accompanied by citizens having guns taken away; it behooves us to remember the repeated occurrence and tendency of our country engaging in these “talks”
…EACH and EVERY time..
..being when we are murdered in the streets…and the politicians and media trumpet their indignation and exploit the howls and heartbreak we exclaim over this horrendous habit of “unexplained violence”, to enthusiastically let us know how they will help “protect us” from “ourselves” by leaving us more vulnerable…to more killing.
Never mind the ten year “coincidences” of us being plunged in recessions on top of it all.
As I said..the predictability is as insulting as the results are foul.

Now we’re sitting ducks in our own homes, heaven only knows what the story will be this time.
Considering Amazon has dispatched workers, across this world, to take thousands of pictures of our homes over the passed year, without anyone to question this “joint casing” behavior…and considering our DNA profiles have been gathered by regions through “novelty” DNA collection databases..


(Although, it’s not particularly even a secret about our radiation poisoning-it could be as “simple” as that.

Who knows, with a giant CERN “donut” dug deep into the earth, paid for by these lying and manipulative “owners of the world”, there’s not much to be done, if it turns out to be some sort of “furnace” of eventual destruction.

See? THAT is a conspiracy theory. Not the FACTS otherwise stated around it on this page)
..all one can truly know is that it’s time to set things right within each of our lives.

My contribution, as well as the siblings I know are working tirelessly across this world, is to offer facts and support…for protection has been stripped completely away.

Be well and Bless you in the name and intent of the prophets whose words have been maligned, stolen and mangled by these unforgiveable creatures and the woefully ignorant who’ve little choice but to keep doing their bidding.

Simple. Facts.

The song is from the group “chiiild” titled “Back to Life” , from their “Prophetic Soul” album.

In the loving spirit and memory of our prophets and teachers,

Love, Ramsy.


For Those Who May, It’s Time to Pray

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Begin praying.

For those who are aware and have been aware that these days would come.
For those who’ve only recently come to terms and strive to wrap their thoughts around it- in ways that won’t invite insanity.
For those who’ve held their tongues and still maintained their cool , in spite of decades of rude insults re “tin foil hats” and such.
(Because, frankly and unfortunately , many of us once held the same denials and would never have dreamt that so much could have happened..so easily..on such a scale. Or that we could have been rendered so disabled and so apathetic towards one another over the course of eighty days, never mind eighty years.)

As we prepare to be herded into the “quarantine” concentration camps,

(already waiting for us under the creation and guise of “detention” centers for “aliens”.) 


..we must keep in mind that a deadline exists.
It’s a deadline which anticipates the goal of one to two billion human beings making up the world population total.

For 2025.

From an open conference given by the United Nations, publicly “supporting our growth”


to page 79 of their book “Population Bomb” and their secret discussions on reducing the numbers of our lives.


One from 1968, the other thirty years later….Same end point deadline of 2025.

A year which even the most simple of us know is a goal that they are determined to  keep. As it is currently 2020, there isn’t much time left.

It means it will be a struggle for all of us, worldwide, to stop them from achieving this macabre fantasy.

And it means there are many topics to be addressed in our prayers.

May the first prayer be for as much strength that your Divine  can help you find, with the confidence to do it.

Then, a prayer for patience would be in great order.

Because too many of us are having great difficulty in maneuvering within our lives.

In times of urgency, tempers can run high and desperate when things don’t seem to “get through “ and/or some of us don’t seem to be listening.

At worst, sarcasm or anger and chaos making their ugly and inconvenient appearances.
Patience; a top priority prayer.

Another prayer concerns the young emergency workers, police guards and other related workers who will be carrying out the orders given to them by unscrupulous and arrogant heavies.

The ones who have been turned against us and only wish to turn a world right that they were told that we left upside down. The ones who have enough pride and courage left in them to serve careers in which they risk their lives.

Careers which are best defined under the enthusiasm of the young, who are the closest to believing in and fighting for truly right things in life.

Before they are introduced and seduced into the devilry which has harmed us all..worn us down…and kept us captive.

The horrible truth being that those who harm them, and killing us, are the ones they are obliged to.

May we pray, each day, that many of these workers remain strong.

Those who have had the time to independently study and confirm the concerns for themselves, or have families who’ve loved and educated them as to what our country’s laws are; may they be blessed with the strength to refuse obviously criminal orders and a sober understanding of public legitimate concerns; along with the blessing to tolerate the very unruly and troubled on our side as well. For their lunacy on top of the “three piece suit” lunacy will affect and hurt us all.

May we pray that a woman, who is fully aware of what the United Nations has accomplished , who has lent her support for many years..may she imagine her own children in the worst of our position.

And if
her arrogance and greed (or insanity ) prevent this at this time, may she ponder the future burden that the shame of her deeds will bring to her grandchildren.

When even the grandmotherly assurance she will have left them with, her “loving them more than anything“- will be confirmed as hollow and mechanical lies.
Because any woman who can stand by this coldly, (as millions of children are killed or have their lives ruined in so many preventable ways) could never have been able to love ANY human being..never mind her own issue.

May a man, similarly aware, use his power of foresight (the kind of foresight which helped him dedicate his loyalties to the planned atrocities) to see into the future of his own selfishly focused outcome.
May he be hit by the stark potential of  ending up as an eradicated target; having served his purpose and no longer an ally but rather a dangerous and knowledgeable liability.
May he ponder this high potential, as it’s been repeated throughout history in wars. And may he find it with a strong heart, forgiveness for himself and confidence to stand up for and next to whomever else may be moved to so the same.

Which leads me to a prayer, for ourselves, directly.
The most important one…for Forgiveness.

May we pray to be able to offer forgiveness for one another, as automatically as the loyalty we have given trusting those who now hurt and have deceived us over our lifetimes.
We will not have a chance to avoid additional deaths and our final enslavements without the help of those who helped bring it about.

This universal forgiveness is necessary action that will include forgiving those who have committed many unspeakable crimes.

Some crimes that were committed by those highly manipulated due to their inabilities to “catch on” to suspicious and obvious circumstances. Exploited.

Some of us having been left in the dark up to inevitable point of “too late”.

Despite the level or to whatever degrees they may have engaged in, we all have had much to contribute and we all have inflicted amazing amounts of damage in so many ways.
Allowing experiments upon our children with medications that ruined their lives..as if no one ever heard that experimentation on humans was an international human rights crime. Once upon a time.

Allowing rude, obnoxious and dishonest politicians to serve as the “best role models” for our children . With us grinning and demanding nothing be done about it.. but cheering these rag bag civilians on like adolescent pop stars.

Allowing a media to degrade our girls and plaster murdered bodies and foul lyrics to forge and mold their psyches at the most vulnerable years.

When we should have been taking our jobs more seriously, instead of pretending to be still children ourselves, acting as fools.

The list would go on for a long time.
There’s no need to, because the point is short and it is simple..

It means that there are many reasons we each can find to forgive any and all transgressions; with each of us guilty with our own oversights, blindness and arrogant actions that fed straight into it all.

For 116 years straight through, when one throws in the gruesome decision which may have led to the disabling of our neurological pathways-our thinking processes by mercurial injections.

In that case, it’s more than “choosing to forgive”, it’s an act of supreme mercy re: victims who couldn’t help the state of mental health they were forced into.

A tender act of mercy shown, because nearly all of us in this world wherever the United Nations left its droppings, have been exposed.

Except for those who remained unobligated to receive them-those who assault us now.

We have all been misled and we’ve been all openly insulted by the blatancy of it all.

From the dropping of a 500 page law that took away our healthcare decisions with nearly all “leaders” laughing and joking that “of course they didn’t read it”…to our young men being sentenced to lifetimes listed as rapists, unable to vote or have children and seen as molesters ..because of a United Nations law and ban on their sexuality-

(an unconstitutional crime on several levels
-cruel and unusual punishment.
-double jeopardy (offenders after serving juvenile term, get put onto adult terms after age 18)
-the abiding of a foreign governments laws against our own laws.
-failure to protect citizens from enemy invasion.)

The United allies have been infected by greed and powered by the practice and working of false energy transference. And it’s been a long time in doing.

And like a bunch of delusional dorks from junior high days, they’ve actually advertised this Satanic tendency and influence throughout the media and branded on our products with so many horns, goats and devil symbiology ..that I’m absolutely stunned this many “sane” adults could be comfortable even RISKING being found out to participate in this foolishness.

If it wasn’t murderous, it should be a head hanging shame..for any of them.

Not to worry, however..
We were each created by a True Creator and we’ve also been blessed by the gift of positive energy transference through our individual prayers.
The time has come to use this gift-without disbelief or desperate ambiguity.
Individually and radiating from one’s self..that’s the only way it needs to be done.

It’s stronger with intimate friends and family, but alone is just as well and good.

As it’s been told by those who left us our gospels; the gospels which were stolen and ridiculed by the false religious “authorities” who now sponsor our terrorism in some ridiculous “Pinky and the Brain” (yet real and horrific) “taking over of the world”.
Ironically (considering institutions and participants) even the field of science has given serious attention to the “power of prayer”.
As many people of strong and true faith already know, it works and it’s a contagious process.
There is no need for showmanship, tricks or distractions. We’ve had it from the gills to the gullet with juvenile terrors and tricks.

There is never a need for dishonesty or elaborate manipulations when dealing with The Truth and its multiple manifestations and evidence.

Especially when others bear witness to the subtle and not so subtle results of combined prayer worked in every day life.

Another prayer suggestion=asking to be shown, to look up from your desk or go another way to work to witness the overlooked evidences of prayer working in and around one’s own life.

So you can shore up, galvanize and reinforce the faith each time you put those two hands together, or place those fingertips to your forehead.

For each and every tribe brutalized for centuries by these animals and for each generation of children who maintained faith in the words of our individual prophets..on the sacredness of life and importance for peace, respect and concern for our neighbor human beings..
Each day, from now onward…

..after “repenting”, (acknowledging within yourself and answering only to your Divine….without looking around for approval from any other mortal like yourself)

for those who may, this is THE time to pray.

With no need to try “waking up anyone” more than necessary. Let them “sleep” and let them rest.

Give them a kiss to their forehead. Silently determine to heal all the damage that was caused to your lives at a later date. When you finally have the time to heal from any fights or conflicts that were instigated by the entities which you find yourself praying against now.

And keep faith that this day will be seen, with the rest of us, in a truly new world. As the Universe expects and intended.

Simply remember how much you love them and take tender care in letting them know that you will only try your best to do your best.

And make sure that you do so.

photo By zolotareva_elina


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