Once Upon a Time

A tribute to a long ago time.. where young boys and girls were allowed to believe in a future together. Where the expectation of love, respect and caring for one another were all true possibilities on the horizon. Where they are mercifully set back far enough in Time to not suffer the dis ease of distrust and shameless disrespect that we- their great grandchildren- now harbor for one another. And each suffer miserably under. When one gladly laid his life down without trembling like a coward And the other found it an honor, not an insult, to make sure life was as comfortable as possible..as beautiful as possible before that dreadful day came.


Dropping the “Wanna Do Good Guy” Routine

Surprisingly, it isn’t the things circled in green that tie the knot in the stomach.

Microsoft Edge 7_14_2018 2_49_57 AMbggr
Where we’re informed how data is collected. That data is collected regardless of whether we were asked or not.
Whether we like it or not and from where it’s collected from.
The lower green highlights being more about what will be taken away if you refuse.

That..I have no problem with. Not anymore.

We’re used to being forced to accept laws made about our persons on everything from general healthcare to sexual habits..without our permission.

So, a comparatively piddly software corporation’s soft core “shakedown” shouldn’t skin any major noses.

It’s the things circled in red that set the teeth on edge.

Those snide interjections of “asking you” or “informing you”. Which produces equally snide retorts of “what the hell for?”

A beating around a bush which announces the presence of not a strong and bold bully making equally strong and bold claims over your life, but a pussyfooting sneak.

Like knowing your husband is a sneak and a whore. You already suffer enough by the repeated abuses being done in front of your face as if you were some sort of imbecile unable to decipher the blatantly obvious. But when it’s done by a slouch shouldered mouse of a “man”, a simpering passive aggressive slug of a man..it intensifies the embarrassments even more.
It’s difficult enough being bested by anyone, never mind a sniveling bitch.

Why bother even asking in the first place if you’re going to do what you want anyway?
For what purpose does it serve to “assure” us that we’ll be notified of these actions after all is done or in the process of being carried out?

They’re out and out insults-these “we ask” and “we notify” remarks.

The worst amongst them being those “I agree” or “disagree” selections when we purchase anything digitally related. As if we’re a bunch of monkeys that need to jam our fingers on some big shiny button as a matter of habit to release a banana that’s going to be released from the chute anyway.

Many of us simply want to live our lives as hassle and gimmick free as possible. A good portion of us are aware that such expressions merely introduce the illusion of choice. It doesn’t mean we’re actually making a choice.

They’re time wasters that produce occasional upset from our siblings who start fires because they believed that they had a “choice” when they look down and notice the red welts from the cuffs being on too tight.

They seem to think they can “do something”, when in fact it often only brings up new laws and restrictions..so that we behave ourselves better in the future. Or shut up altogether.

Unless it satisfies some sort of sarcastic kicks, why not simply say

“Look, we’re going to do this and that’s that.” ?

Why not drop the trivial word games for the sake of efficiency?
Not that they would derive any sort of direct benefit from doing so.
Although our becoming more efficient  producers and consumers could potentially be helped along a good measure by eliminating these types of energy sucks.
It would be one less irritant to squirm through for us. In a life already constipated by useless, worthless and needless muckery.

Like being married to a woman for decades who has let her hygiene, weight and all else go to hell.

You can’t leave her because she holds every last penny you earn.

Watching her shuffle through the house in her moth eaten slippers and scratch through folds of unfettered fat as she nags about everything under the sun…you’d rather not bear

looking if it can be helped at all.
“For chris’sakes woman,” one can almost hear the hypothetical plea of a hypothetical and repulsed spouse “would it hurt you to put on something decent once in a while?”

This is how some of us feel about these ridiculous “hints” in the “contracts” we’re supposed to agree to without saying a word.

“For chrissakes people..would it really hurt you to grow a little something…let’s say for instance, a spine or a pair of ‘you- know -whatzits’…so we can at least be spared having to look at what kind of sneaky eyed and greasy weasels we’re stuck dealing with for the rest of our god forsaken lives.
Surely, it’s time the Masters dropped this tiresome “wanna do good guy” routine in their various Terms Of Service and such.

When it’s so obvious that they’re acting like anything but.

photo By Stocked House Studio

“Beat Saber” Calling Old 80s Kids Back to the Front

If you’re an original 80’s arcade kid and you find yourself watching the couch cushions grow smaller underneath you these days, having hung up your will to game many years ago…you better get off that fluffy hump and come back home.

I’m telling you, it’s really, really worthwhile in the VR arena.

You may lose a few pounds on top of it all  with a lot of these motion centered games.
You know..as a bonus.

You remember those, right?

This music beat game is called “Saber Beat”

My own beginning efforts are in the final video.

I’ll be sure to upload at a later date if I have the good fortune to be worth watching like the next couple of saber athletes.

Then, there’s lil ole me…safe in the “easy” level but fully intending to set some eyes on fire in “harmlessly mediocre” one day soon.

And no, I’m not blind..(it’s just a little tricky sometimes holding the walking cane and both controllers).


A Regret for the Future

An elderly woman sadly looking out the window.

It will present itself to us in the future
some time after becoming old and alone
and a little while before we start to nibble
on kibbles of delusion
with teeth which are no longer there.

The opportunity to finally get right
what our ego had gotten so terribly wrong.
When we were young enough and
foolish enough to believe so many needed
so much from us.

Arrogant and ignorant as we were
on how bankrupt we actually are.
We will finally understand.
That we are not hated  for what we wouldn’t give them
but for what we didn’t let them keep.

by Ramsy

photo By De Visu

Give Me the Night at the Darkmoon Fair

From being jammed in my knapsack, grinding for XP, to strolling along
the boardwalk..small furry paws and the Darkmoon Fair
sure have come a long way.

Featuring 70’s hit classic “Give Me The Night” by George Benson.
Opening vocal clip taken from another 70’s hit that I couldn’t get enough of- my beloved TV show “The Jeffersons”
(Season 2 ep.1)

Gameplay from Ramsy’s spare time on World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft®
©2004 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Short’n Sweet Frosting

I made these brownie cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and chocolate chips.


I was looked at with eyes glistening with a deep and abiding love over these very cupcakes.

At least I’d like to think so. ;0)




The creamy peanut butter frosting which made this all possible
was made with Crisco shortening.
It’s an important “secret” ingredient that helped average
grandmothers be remembered fondly as the ace chefs in the family.

At the following link you’ll find an easy shortening recipe for peanut butter frosting

to help boost you to baking glory as well.

Good luck.



Firestarting at Midsummer’s Fire Festival

It’s one of my favorite times to get lit on World of Warcraft..

In flames and fiery finery, that is.

I simply could not go one more year without at least trying to create a video.

The  marriage of “Firestarter”( from one of my favorite albums Fat of the Land) and scenes from various pole dancing sites during the Midsummer Fire Festival in World of Warcraft.

Featuring the “phantom glove” that many love to hate and an unusually heavy cloud burst that dropped in for apparently no reason at all.

My sincere thanks to you for tolerating the occasional bloops and blips such as those.

Have a good day and set no fires-unless they’re in the hearts and minds of those you care for.

A Favorite “Frasier-ism”

My favorite “Frasier-ism” from a formerly favorite show “Frasier” ….


May we all get to use that “splash o’ sass ” one day

on someone who truly needs to hear it.

(complete with an audience as well)

Ramsy 6-2018

featured photo By Nejron Photo

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