“Sol”-Meaning “Sun”. “Pais”-Meaning “Country”

Does anyone know if this was her real name?
Sol Pais?
The name of the suspect in the news today.


Sol- meaning “sun”
Pais-meaning “country”

Just curious..considering Satanic ritualistic connections and this week’s Easter holiday.

book of death

Easter Morning Ritual for Lucifer


Considering the Satanic signs in our media…scattered boldly about..unchallenged.

Sol- meaning “sun”
Pais-meaning “country”

And if her name is a Sarcastic and Satanic falsification (in honor of the Sun God Lucifer) that she chose for whatever warped and wretched outcome…
Surely, this is something our authorities are keeping a diligent eye focused upon as well..

(as expedient and efficient as they were bringing this incredible story to a close)

…to help continue keeping us safe from nasty and unforeseen horrors which may lurk within this holiday week; which started with the fateful fire of Notre Dame.

One hopes so.
One can certainly pray so as well…maybe.

photo By Stephen Coburn

A Holiday To Take..Not Be Taken

What a holiday should be about.
To take in a few friends and share a meal, some drinks, some laughs…
To take a moment for holiday origin reflections…giving thanks for your blessings
or to simply take in the beautiful sights of young children at play.
Not what a holiday should  be for.
To be taken for granted.
Taken for a fool.
Or taken for a ride until all wheels of your heart are all but busted down and broken.

This article at the following link is a poignant addressing of those facts.

When Someone You Love is Toxic – How to Let Go, Without Guilt

More than One Way to Hang a Carrot

We all know that old saying
There’s more than one way to hang a paper carrot.
Right? No?..
Well, regardless, Easter’s coming up pretty fast and any one of these D.I.Y Easter carrot garlands should be just the thing to share making with the little guys and gals-just in time to hang above the family holiday table.


Paper Garland: Simple Carrot Craft for Easter

Easy Accordion Paper Carrot Garland

Paper Carrot Garland

A great project, even if he or she shows you up by turning out paper masterpieces on top of your stick figure equivalents. Like so..

(mine being the simple three looper one on the left …..while his sported much jazzier improvised dos on top of the others)


The Worthless Gossip

Ostrich gossipy, photographed in nature reserve Fathala, Senegal
There is no reason to waste attentions on the latest buzz about Assange and that whole “freedom of speech” thing.
The buzz being finessed and molded into a hot piece of international gossip.

A piece of divisive “news” meant to stir our “little people” ire and give our” little people” mouths something to shout about..argue about…and hurt one another in useless and heated fights over it.

For those of us who are well beyond the age of childhood, familiar with basic psychology and not afflicted by serious brain damage concerning reasoning and logic , this hoopla is nothing but a transparent (and embarrassingly lame) distraction….
It’s no more sophisticated than the distractions parents concoct in order to prevent their toddler children from finding hidden holiday gifts.
And no less insulting than if those children were fully grown adults experiencing the creepy and exaggerated smiles of their parents still insisting that there is a Santa Claus leaving them their gifts.

This is for our siblings who don’t have time to find what they need to or are in the vulnerable positions of being too young and easy to influence.
The following links should be helpful in
1- understanding that all gates have been shut and locked re our “freedom of press/speech”, since a good amount of the noise in this issue are from countless “experts” waxing on  about the “legalities” of it.  That never ending and serious sounding talk of “what we can do”…when nothing is being done and never will be.
2-understanding the full scope of this scourge as covering all of the “little people” under the rule of whomever and whatever in whichever country..not just us.
3-helping us pick through the weeds and garbage of “news” meant to hint at “hope” or to turn the flame up on a stovetop of our collective fears, anger and other irrational responses.
If one is not filling the valuable space in one’s mind with useless debris, then it stands to reason that much more space will be available for the good stuff.

Good stuff, like learning to forgive one another..because we have all been misled equally, no matter what side we thought we were on.
Good stuff, like ditching the stress, the nerves, the headaches and tummy upsets..over things already written in stone.
Good stuff like learning how to quit playing “baby” and stand up to accept bitter truths as adults..without apologizing or looking around for someone else to think for us.

For Mommy and Daddy are grinning really hard and filling the room, from end to end, with one single topic…without any intention nor care about how it affects the “children”…just as long as we aren’t peeking in the closet to find the things that are anything but “gifts”.

These links  are  genuine “freedom of speech” violations to be aware of..
(..if only to grieve the protected position we no longer have as human beings..

…so we can concentrate on how we are going to make the unbearable bearable for our children/family, living as slaves,  in the years to come.)

UK Catholic journalist may face prison for misgendering teenager



photo By josepsalvia

Defining the Hypocrite

The following post exchange reminded me of why we must teach our children the definition of a hypocrite.
(It also serves as an odd comfort to me concerning what future generations will know about those who have usurped control of our lives. Even if we are currently silenced and shamed into submission, there will always be a record of our “betters” being no more intelligent, honorable nor sane than the worst of Us..from their continuously open and arrogant mouths.)

Twitter 4_7_2019 3_31_51 PM (2)
“Racist language like this has led to violence throughout the world’s history. No human being is an animal. We have to be better than this.”

These are words spoken by a woman casting judgement.. after having this to say about abortion.
“To say that’s evil shows disregard for the ability of a woman to make that personal life-and-death decision about her own body,”

She is accusing another human being for “racist” comments when her own stand on the abortion issue exposes her in a way she is obviously oblivious to; as a hypocrite.

Especially when one respects that many people have had legitimate and personal “life and death” issues concerning MS-13.

To end the life of a human being  for any reason other than to save one’s own life is a choice many are free to make. There should be no argument there. It’s simple.
But with that in mind, when a person indignantly insults another for being “racist” on the grounds of “being better” than to call people “animals”….then she needs to defend the gall she has in doing so.

In our society a human baby is only protected as a “human” according to the whim, will or worry of the woman carrying it.
THAT is worse than the consideration given an animal.

It means that a yet to be born human holds no value greater than an idea…the actions of a mistake or any variety of intangible factors.
Thus, the consideration a human baby is due, by legal default, is less than the animals we weep fat tears for and stomp even fatter feet about.

It is  finger wagging hypocrites who have anything to say about what others consider important when they subscribe to such a cut and dry ideology about the “worth of a human being”. Simple.

It’s high time we taught our children the definition of what hypocrites are, even if we’re pathetically unsure of the definition of what a “human” is.

Within the hypocrite’s actions and contradictory comments an unforgivable amount of damages are done and fires are continually set.
THAT is what has lent much more to this world’s history of violence than spoken words have-the ignorance , arrogance and the hypocrite’s cherry picking which leaves  lives plummeting into voids because the grounds that were built with “honorable” rules and promises turned out to be no more than shifting sands.
THAT is what lends more to our history of unrest and violence..when the rules only apply to those who bray the loudest or land the heaviest blows.

On the “willy” of Wherever and “nilly” of Nevermind.

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