Dare was a WHO in Da WHAT Tent on Broadway?

I wouldn’t normally whine, bitch or complain about whatever it is that I’m set to mockingly bitch about.

This is , in large part, due to the anger I’ve harbored against the UN strategy of tearing our nationality to pieces, by pitting the two major bands of brothers who built this country, shed blood for this country and were forced into servitude for this country-the poor white man and black one-against each other.


In a most punk assed way.

By stirring up the Civil War/Slavery issue, while failing to mention beaten and forced white families who were also slaves (NOT just as indentured servants) and affluent black families who could be just as cruel and just as vile to their own (same complexioned) labor.

By stirring up and encouraging discordant noise amongst my brown children for the sake of unsettling my white ones. 

By committing the worst sacrilege against the healing of our country, when both sides AGREED to it and NEEDED it…by tearing down statues that should have NEVER been touched.

Not when that Union monster Sherman still sits astride his own hunk of rock..in all of his black folk murdering glory.

We’ve been manipulated into losing our heads over the most trivial matters and perverted exaggerations.

Issues which no sane adult should have had fits over, but due to a purposeful arrested development and heavy media conditioning..we’re far from where we were headed as far as racial reconciliation goes.


With that said, I will ring a sarcastic alarm over the sort of incendiary bullshit our enemies are forcing us to participate in.

If all were equal and “just so” according to their belittling fist pounding words and actions..they should, by all accounts, be tearing down old establishments or setting  up huge granite disclaimers (like their stupid cartoon disclaimers) all along Broadway.


Well, the last time I checked the UN temperature, I was pretty sure that if the words “black” and “face” even ever crossed the lips of any human being….that human being was due for a public online lynching or something along that line. Minstrel shows? Forget it. As if this world wasn’t feeling stupid enough, they carry disclaimers for those representations in modern shows as well.

Broadway was sprinkled with minstrel shows in the 1800s. Plantation scenes, if you prefer specifics.

I mean, if a sweet old ladies sewing circle in Tennessee just happened to want to reenact this old 1850s Broadway darling “Dares a Nigger in De Tent”..

My stars! Hell would break out and trend on the news 24/7 for weeks on end.

The fact that it was presented in New York City (The warm snuggly wuggly apple of the UN Eye) on Broadway, shouldn’t matter, right?

I mean I’m sure they have enough fake outrage left over from other matters to spread a bit further as needed to at least present a “proper face.” (like the “mandatory vaccination” presentation)

Wrong. We know no such hullabaloo is going to go down. The fact it’s been instigated to happen in this country at all should be considered a head hanging shame.

It is, however, worth noting as another remarkable crack in our tormentors’ facade. Their undeniable history. The fact they have erased nearly all of their histories in the truer story of our nation.

More importantly, it’s worth remembering, and a comfort to know, that the records they kept (inc. those articles boasted about, bragged within, teased “secretly” in) and the proofs which exist, are far too numerous and spread too wide for any generation to miss.

It’s also a gift to help tampen blows from their modern fire-starting nonsense.

Nonsense that has us tearing one another’s hair out or screaming across mobs at one another over monuments being destroyed , along with the pain of old wounds being  ripped open.

Nonsense that has us talking about race like a bunch of hysterical and nervous old fish wives and dense children…yet dressed to the nines in three-piece suits and in “high positions” of “respect”.

Nonsense that has caused tremendous pain…amongst, now, three generations of youth who were assured that “THEY” were the ones who “kicked racism into the dark ages” but end up shocked and abused with kicks to the “bigoted teeth”..which neither generation ever had in their beautiful and misled mouths.

If they want to keep flinging Molotov cocktails of “racist buggery” at us..accepting a return fling of occasional snide truth is the very least of their obligations within this Universe-microscopic least.

Clips are from a personal collection.

One of Many Checkmates Waiting for the UN: Race Relations

One example of how stupid they believe we are can be seen with the help of this 1977 ad.

The NAACP had been in disguise and performing charitable gestures and forcing legislative acts for colored people for over 68 years by 1977.

Frame after dramatic frame, on top of some long winding dramatic beats, even I as an 8-year-old at that time, would have sat up to take notice of this “oh so important!” entity that was supposedly working so very hard “for us.”

Obviously, at 2020, the 68 years ballooned into plenty more.


Considering it was the groups and individuals running the UN which created and sponsored NAACP..

And considering that affirmative action along with ALL kinds of social and legal upturning moves were flooding in from all corners, from the UN noble court..

For them to even DARE suggest that our country now, is anywhere NEAR as “bigoted” as they pretend it is, to inflame our passions and anxieties..

For them to force themselves upon us as alleged “warriors” for “saving the black person” , sailing in on the scaly wings of their horde of corporations, to unsettle and terrorize all of us through a bogus “BLM” movement and open intimidation of whites in general..

CLEARLY means that either an entire century of UN intrusion, bullying and usurpation concerning “race issues” was a complete and utter sack of worthless, money and time wasting cow dung..

Or that the UN’s current intrusion, bullying and usurpation concerning our “race problem” is a giant sack of the same-leaving the assumption that the UN did do a good enough job after all.

It plays out like so:

The UN had control over 100 percent of straightening out race problems…AND yet, the UN has to “gallop to the rescue” because whomever was in charge …was too bigoted and a bunch of scum sucking charlatans who lied about everything that was accomplished and forced into legislation, socially changed and the rest.

Except (this is where their smug assuredness of our mass “retardation” comes into play)..that would mean that the “whomever” would also be the..(der).. UN itself.

They run circles around you, take advantage of your lack of knowing true history and have twisted, bullied and perverted the message of what “we need” with a steel fisted and relentless obligation, borne only from what they want us to need. What they need us to think. And how much they need to “prove” that all of their organizations are spawned by us or ended up for our benefit. So they can extinguish, divert and destroy mass amounts of humans beings and babies, while remaining hidden behind every skirt they can find..like the “real men” they are.

They either did such a garbage job keeping the issues of race broken, over 80 years of complete control, that they need to relinquish their stronghold-since the ends resulted in increased division and fear…

Or they need to relinquish control because they are caught bald faced lying and are obviously keeping an open wound open for the purpose of instigating worse problems.

If the UN were a single individual, it’s the type of juvenile double-dealing game playing that would rightfully earn them a severe thrashing all the way up to and straight out of the village gates.

It’s only a fool who would celebrate the work of the very same fire department that set the devastating fires in the first place.

They feel free to treat you like fools…but it doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to play into this insult, with this single (amongst plenty of others)  long running deception.

They are united through shared lunatic objectives, which get passed onto the newer generations, taking continual advantage of the dying out of generations and the memories along with them.

Thus, their sloppy and careless assaults/insults. Their bullying. Their overstepping boundaries and using our young, poorly educated and mentally compromised citizens as cover.

Their smug confidence is so strong, and so raw with disrespect for our intelligence (which they purposefully molested), that they fail to realize that it’s by oceans of work done by their own hands, that we’re able to realize exactly who they have been, who they are and what long running damage they inflicted upon us.

Thus, our up and coming liberation..once and for all.  

Two Declarations Where Only One is Legitimate

This is a link to the United Nations’ “human rights” declaration that we’re now all being forced to live and die under as our “law’.

I’ve written something for my children, regarding the sick and perverted illegitimacy of its “backward speak”.

FactSheet2Rev.1en.pdf (ohchr.org)

Article 3, the first cornerstone of the Declaration, proclaims the right to life, liberty and security of person -a

right essential to the enjoyment of all other rights. This article introduces articles 4 to 21, in which other civil

and political rights are set out, including: freedom from slavery and servitude; freedom from torture and

cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; the right to recognition everywhere as a person

before the law; the right to an effective judicial remedy; freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention or exile;

the right to a fair trial and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal; the right to be presumed

innocent until proved guilty; freedom from arbitrary interference with privacy, family, home or

correspondence; freedom of movement and residence; the right of asylum; the right to a nationality; the

right to marry and to found a family; the right to own property; freedom of thought, conscience and

religion; freedom of opinion and expression; the right to peaceful assembly and association; and the right to

take part in the government of one’s country and to equal access to public service in one’s country.

This..is nothing but a “law” written by a pack of god damned liars.

Understand that.

We have been forced to ingest hormones in this country. Our males have undergone physical changes and humiliations because of them.

Our children have been made worse due to influences of these hormones, shot to death in mass murders committed by those on “black box” meds and conditioned by the very worst and most degrading media “guidance” in this world.

Our young boys are put onto illegal “sex offender” lists before they have any true idea of what they will grow into or be as fully grown men.

We have been subject to a CDC that announces and brags of our sicknesses..without doing anything to ease nor stop them.

We have a clan of people who dominate the media, our banking systems and our medical community; an easy thing to do when the rest of the world is forced to be injected by hundreds of mercury preserved vaccines..and their children have been free to reject them and therefore their neurological functions are “superior” to those who have been biologically raped by these criminals.

There are even death threats that state the crimes currently being done to us need to be carried out for our “genocide and enslavement” …and we’re harassed and bullied for “hate speech’. Although small school children have been questioned by CIA and FBI officers for the “presumed” threat in the language of their innocent school projects.

Our armies have been turned against us, to subdue us and to use force against us.

We have laws passed in monarchial order, hundreds of pages thick , which our politicians laugh about not reading..because they are following century old mandates placed down by the United Nations.

You may say what you will, but there is NOTHING right nor lawful about the United Nations and what they have done.

People who are intelliegent, unaffected by mental diseases nor chemical dependency..are being ignored.

We KNOW how we are being assaulted and we can SEE it in every single hour of every single day.

With nothing but more rambling “legal speak” and outward crimes being committed.

For all the jive they speak of “rights” for the disabled….they know our mental functioning has been torn asunder to abysmal depths and take advantage of that fact just like the abysmal rapists they truly have been and always will be.

It’s one thing to puff up your chests and click along the halls with your high polished shoes, to pretend you’re honest and authorized to lay down the laws upon populations that “misbehave”..treating us as if each of us is brain dead and retarded beyond functional standards.

But my God, what a filthy pack of vermin you truly, truly have to be to work as you work..with things getting worse..KNOWING that you have a severe advantage over human beings that you crippled and kept crippled, under all of the smoke screens and elaborate playacting from over eighty years of pranks and one crime committed after another…without answering legitimate questions and forging ahead to do exactly what you want to do…and ignoring us altogether.

NONE of that is true, about the “sanctity” of our rights.

NONE of it.

And shame on those who clown around in their soft spoken absurdity to tell these obvious lies..when everyone is suffering from what they’ve done and everyone can see them.

Written in the year 2020..when we were being targeted and radiated to death..with our posts and cries for help regarding radiation poisoning are censored and eliminated.

Written in the year of 2020 where crazed female politicians and doctors are allowed to make decisions under the outraged “sense of female empowerment” when they willingly admit and seek medicines to tend to their “severe mental afflictions”.

Written in the year I have to witness the public abusing of and humiliation of males just because of a population reducing program which no one is admitting and breaking the links to..because it is in effect and it’s the truth.

Written in the year I have to watch my neighbors live in states of fear, with babies born disabled and a CDC killing our small businesses, imprisoning us in our homes, making sure that dating and mating is killed off….under the charge of sickening and smirking “authorities” whose lives remain unchanged..and have shown not a stitch of evidence for this lie of a “virus” to take ALL of the remaining rights that were left…after our first major attack in 2001.

Oh, they’ve been very smug about “getting away” with this. Sure.

But it’s along the same line as a nasty, drunk and overpowering old man who has chopped off the feet of children, to mock their inability to run any races.

A “man” who has taken control of all medical establishments to ensure we never get better, taken control of all justice systems to see that we never get access to the very laws which are in black and white now amd has taught generations of “academics” to not think on their own powers but to repeat and execute all commands given.

If we do see what’s going on, he simply scoffs and lies.

If we do fight back, he has the unchallenged authority to murder us and ruin our lives.

He doesn’t have to defend his position because he’s invented all the positions without need to prove himself and by punishing those who challenge him.

The United Nations has taken everything away..and are playing games to prove and show off that there’s not any one who can do anything about it.

Because he won’t allow it.Period.

You are not in the care of “responsible or caring” leadership.

You are in the clutches of animals and criminals.

And it flies in the face of basic organic survival to expect any human being to simply lay down and not try protecting their life.

1-It’s not your fault, my child, for being raped and forced to suffer a life of no choice or mercy from your rapist because of that rape. You were given no choices.

2-But You DO have a choice, if you can summon the courage to do so.

It was bound and promised on the creation of another document that is in effect…until they rip it officially out of your hands..forever.

It was created because we were being horribly mistreated..just as we are today.

Remember that.

The ONLY Declaration you are obliged to, for ALL of us.

Taken from “Black’s Law Dictionary”

Man Oh Man…August Day Song

(Three “personas” (from within my imagination, of course) chimed in upon completion of this project.

1-The mature older artist who is thankful to have new skills to work on during this ride-to great music and beautiful sights.

2-The moron adolescent, who piped in with

“If THAT is the type of Massa we’re dealing with (who’s kind enough to demonstrate various methods of applying our own shackles)..well, “liberation” has been known to be a wee bit overblown.”

3-The female human being who’s had to suffer decades of United Nations automaton ideology mauling and destroying our sex lives by making us repulsive to one another, overly anxious and depressed, forced into morbid obesity, forced into being sterilized, incapable of understanding one another by pulling every dirty trick in the book (from forced neurological disabling, to eighty years of openly spiteful mockery in ALL of their American media)..

The female human being who’s being threatened by additional decades of living within this vile nightmare of abuse..as these heinous creatures eradicate our breeding, disable the babies that are being born and fence in an entire country to be the butt of international jokes..to “live” our lives in plantation servitude to the State, for the State..with emotional IQs eternally forced into and trapped below the level of an average pre pubescent child.

With NOTHING to look forward to but never-ending misery, newly born humans stripped clean of their creativity, logic and empathy; either harboring intense hate for women, unleashing foul abuses against vulnerable men or with our children turned against us before they’re snatched away..

While the whole thing is overseen by higher end “victims” who can’t see past the humungous bulge of their individual egos and the “confidence” that they’re “much too important” to be lied to for such a long time and on such a grand and global scale..

Well, she’s dangling at the end of a rope somewhere in the background.

However, she was heard to utter a melancholy sigh of delight after applying the final touches to the video).

Cinema Nostalgia

Cinema Nostalgia

Sometimes, I think of it as a beautiful sort of tribute to the musical “sugaring of the pills of propaganda” worked into our ‘finer’ films.

Something which most of us never had cause to be aware of in the past, but would be blessed to be set free from in the future.

When music is liberated from predictable and finite conclusions, crafted by a small number of small men’s whims and for manipulative and singular purposes.

When each man is free to enjoy and spend infinitely richer journeys through the restored (or introduced) respect for varied individual experiences.

Something that needs to be allowed and encouraged to exist within music again.

One Beautiful Thing That Can Come Out of This Mess

Mercy killings need to be decriminalized.

And soon.

It would be a legal miracle for the human beings who are struggling to die with whatever little dignity the State allows..which is not much.

For those “in the know”.. those who are yawning over how “we deserve to be exterminated’ and keep raking in our dough from the movies they perform in. The movies which helped them introduce and implement generations of degradation throughout an entire society.

Those privileged folks.

Since they know that we’re “all going to die soon anyway”….

(although on much more gentle terms than Rhwanda or Bosnia.

Obviously, ours was meant to be a long running sort of  laughingtock’s death onstage),

….if they ever did wave that banner of “humane and humanitarian cause”..there couldn’t be a better time than Now to finally come to a conclusion on this human right’s issue of “mercy killings” and “assisted suicides”.

To at least bring hope and relief to those trapped on this Earth in inescapable pain. To let them go, with a blessing that they’ve needed for a long time-alongside  the millions of us who now have no choice.

It works. It fits. For a few, it may be the perfect curtain to duck behind for a little bit of potential future “CYA” action.

Unless too many of the hot shots get off on the notion of extra insult and pain for the masses.

In which case I guess it would be shrugs all around then, wouldn’t it?

Business as usual, then.

In the meantime..there exists no longer any reasons to maintain “mercy killings” or “assisted suicides” as crimes.

Especially in a country where alarm over our teenage suicides was answered with a glib murmur about seeing “what Media can do about the violence portrayed’ with another one of their famous “Aww shucky darn..we don’t give a damn’s. With the black box pills enjoying non-stop service on all the rails.

It’s One decent thing..that should have no trouble being settled once and for all. That’s all.

Fed Up Still More

(Remainder of what I left our from last entry)


We’re fed up with
you (The CDC) pretending that you didn’t change our genders ….when we are all ballooning up and suffering the elimination of our sex lives due to hormones being FORCED on us along with other crimes committed against us in the passed eighty years under YOUR “care”.


EXCEPT to those whom you chemically lobotomized which is over a majority of this world.

We are fed up with you harassing us for “instigating feelings” from different groups…when you stir the race and gender issues boiling hot each day on ALL of your networks and studios.

Talking to us as if we CARE about what your lying mouth has to say.

You have NEVER dealt with ANY disease in this country.

And you know it.

Our health has plummetted in your care.

Another thing that we’re fed up with you wasting time to pretend dumb over.

We are fed up that you can’t just SHUT up, for once, right?

Do your thing…press your buttons…finish placing all your people into their positions at court…and shut the hell up.

You win.

It’s unnecessary for this STUPID and constant show of your heinous faces being plastered on the screens for your games.

We’re fed up that you are THAT freaking CHILDISH that you need to hold conferences just to look like flaming idiots…

We’re Fed Up As Well

For this smirking and sidewinding criminal…


We’re fed up with a pack of god damned liars being allowed to murder us and ruin five generations of us in the open as they are.

Mocking us. Making money off of us..just to hustle up some cash to kill more of us off.

When they could have been real men about this decades ago..instead of five and dime games run by withered stooges and perverts for eighty years.

Ruining lives of babies who can’t fight them and punishing people for the very filth they make money from and soak throughout the society through their obvious media monopoly.

That’s what we’re fed up with..since every nobody gets to voice his worthlesss opinion of what he “doesn’t like”..as if his sentiment was worth anything in the first place.




A Future Apology Which the Adult Millennial “feminist” Must NEVER Accept.

Ramsy's Joint

photo ByArto

(NOTE: Having been raped, I understand there are some individuals who are sensitive to the topic.

I’m fortunate enough to not be reminded of that single act from so long ago nor do I feel a need to relive it needlessly. As with all hurtful matters, I’ve been blessed enough to grow past that point and concentrate on many more important things as a woman.

However, I understand there are others who aren’t that fortunate nor conditioned in that way.

For them, I issue a warning that rape is mentioned in this post. )


To believe that the act of rape is mostly due to “males and power”, would be to believe that thousands of battlefields, from across the millennia, were also littered with hundreds of thousands of molested as well as mutilated bodies.

One would have to envision that rabid warriors had the…

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