“Merci”.. Kind Sister

THIS is what it means “to remember”; this beautifully tended Meuse-Argonne Cemetery ..in another country, France.

It’s where over 14,000 of our American WW1 soldiers rest after losing their lives in one of the most horrifying ends a human being can meet.
The fact that we, as the American descendants, do not visit as we should, should shame us terribly.
Especially when we parrot unkind opinions of the French to one another (impressing no one) in water cooler “discussions”. When we find ourselves engaged in childish boasting, inflating our chests and heads over “who did what for whom” in a war that most of us know nothing about and should keep our ignorant opinions to ourselves over.

Despite this reminder of what hypocrites too many of us truly are, I am touched to share this enduring example of The Human Intention in one of its better lights.
I’m proud to see that The Human Potential  is honored so beautifully by our Brothers and Sisters so far away-as they continue caring for our sons and fathers as if they were their very own.

Merci, kind Sister..my gratefulness remains eternal.


Romagne 1914-1918 Museum video

cemetery photo  from


feature photo By mbruxelle

Damn Your Village. This is OUR Hole

It’s like we’re standing around pointing at, staring at and arguing about what made the huge hole in the roof of the house that we live in.
Some of us are jumping hot, convinced that our neighbor planned it . We come up with the idea that he could have only done it by dropping a boulder of unimagineable size with the assistance of a crane. To the ones who scoff at that, we have an “under cover of night” theory. Where the “villian” is renting equipment, setting things up and even (according to an adament few) using some sort of specially formulated oil to muffle the squeaks and clangs of late night bangery.
Others are choosing to believe the roof had some sort of manufacturing flaw. A flaw that didn’t rear it’s ugly head until it was too late.
Then there is a high strung minority that insists that we’re being punished from some sort of jealous entity in the sky…for daring to use the wrong material in the first place.
When it doesn’t even matter anymore..we stand around and scream and argue on how this hole appeared.

As if our furniture isn’t getting soaked by each rainfall that passes.
As if the rest of the exposed structure isn’t getting weathered and threatening to crash inwards if we don’t do something more productive then snap our yaws and fight one another. .
Like a bunch of foolish children, unaccustomed to or familiar with the notion of moving on and fixing things.
The damage is done.

We’ve watched the light vanish out of our children’s’ eyes. And we have watched nearly everything our ancestors held sacred in the matters of privacy, intimacy and dignity undergo a bizarre and sickening death.
We are living with our heads in virtual clouds enjoying the best that imagination can offer while refusing to notice that very real shackles have been slipped onto our hands and ankles.
From not being allowed to spend one’s own money where and how we want, to what we’re allowed to look at while engaged in matters that should never…ever…have been legislated over by a force of other mere mortal humans.
We are now in that stage of Slavery the wise have always known as the final stage of any organized civilization’s lifespan.
To continue bickering over how the destruction was brought about, purposefully allowed or naturally evolved, means that much is being ignored.
Things that others are making sure they do “for” us. And it’s not being done with our happiness in mind, but rather for the sake of maintaining more efficient Producers and Consumers.

It would be nice, and arguably necessary, to discuss matters of things gone sideways for the sake of prevention in the future. After all, we are  fond of somberly exclaiming that we need to “always remember” in order to not “repeat our past mistakes”.

But, we’re no more capable nor willing to accomplish this, if we’ve ever accomplished it at all.
Even with something as simple to remember  the dangers of strangers reporting on you, or you reporting on them.

All it takes for most of us is a “nice” face with a big smile speaking the words “I promise” and ” to keep you safe”.. for us to guiltlessly excuse ourselves from the table to go running back to our rooms to play with whatever oddball nonsense grown adults have no business playing at in the first place; as if we were still children convinced there are other “real” adults to keep the world running.

Back to that hole in our roof. We need to fix it and make living conditions underneath it better. Damned be arguing the cause of it. Especially if “The Cause” is and has been carelessly immune to  the dismayed outcries from the likes of Us for the longest time.

There is zero value in exhausting each other with constant abuses. This finger pointing and name calling until we’re so steeped in self pity and depression that the precious few priveleges we’re allowed to keep fail to provide any comfort at all-aside from where the “hole makers” end up warehousing us or what they’ll be medicating us with.

Yes, the damage is done.
There’s also no better opportunity
… to repair our wounds, for ourselves, before the mandatory intrusions into our lives are set in stone.
..to better reinforce our structure; as this “hole” is promising to collapse the entire roof of our house.

The following links are some of the reasons we need to do our best to deal with the devastations we’ve been left with. And we must try our best to do it without being treated as if we were livestock, without a say nor choices.
One doesn’t need to investigate too far or long to know how the “kind hand offering assistance” usually turns into a strong arming “you will..or else.”

The only plans of actions coming our way are state sponsored/mandated power plays for our home lives and our children..without our permission.

Being monitored and surveilled, like things to be studied, without our permission.

With  zero explanation of “where IT came from” and most certainly no apologies forthcoming.


Current reassurance that Thimerasol (ethylmercury)is NOT dangerous by the CDC

This section (also current)  hints at certain “uncertainty” by the CDC and their “being concerned enough” to ‘stop’ it. There’s even a little side note of how difficult it is in a world with other sources of mercury. How oh so very thoughtful of them.

(photo taken from FDA website https://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAvailability/VaccineSafety/UCM096228#nolink)

In my layman opinion, it’s a sober and grey illustration of that old saying about the “horse having bolted after the gate was left open” .

And then  finally..

from a 2017 report (new and current), evidence stating that it IS dangerous after all.
“Alkyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity: Multiple Mechanisms of Action”
(note green highlighted section)


If doubt or shock prevents one from understanding what this might say about, not only the last twenty years, but possibly decades of possible mercurial poisoning, here is an excerpt.

Note the red will sound familiar to countless parents who endured the nightmares of watching their infants pass into an ongoing and devastating change, away from the lives intended for them, after vaccinations.
Note the green is an all too familiar and growing epidemic of brain injury traits that millions of us across this world are watching our loved ones suffer from-if we aren’t, ourselves, part of the older and comparatively luckier cases from when ASDs were taken for granted as rare events.
Traits and injuries that are and will affect the very fabric of what we once understood to be a functioning society of human beings.

(photo from link https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/pharmacology-toxicology-and-pharmaceutical-science/mercury-poisoning)
With somber realization, one would have to take a very long stretch to NOT see the connection-not the other way around.
We need to save our house. Keep an eye on what is being planned for our house. For us and the children we wish to hold onto and raise as our own-not as slaves to be done with as other humans feel the need to do with them.

In a world where all media channels churn out “news” for our rabid consumption, we need to pay attention to the events our “dear media” is strangely silent about. Such as the findings referenced above and international collaborative events such as this one taking place in less than a few months.

photo By ekim

The Sin of Being Born Crazy


The Sin of Being Born Crazy

It would be a little bit funny if it weren’t so damned sad-
Us becoming reacquainted with the notions of Laziness and Stupidity.
After the words had been whitewashed so very clean
that they barely left a stain on the countertop.
Evil words, they told us. Hurtful words, they insisted.
With their solemn nods and folded hands over their fat bellies.
“You gotta listen to your Daddy,
you gotta mind the words from Mother,
Because good boys and girls don’t say
those things to one another.”
And then when it all seemed so bright and polite for the future..
BAM! We wake up. On the floor. Bruised and confused.
Mother’s foot on our neck and sounds of Daddy sawing the boards to go up
on the windows. Being told we’re bad because of the dirt we left behind.
Being told to shut up and hold our tongue when we try to protest that we would have if we could have and that we’d do it right now if they would give us a chance.
Being shoved into our corners. Kicking and screaming
over the insanity of being expected to clean up what we were told
didn’t exist. Never existed. But exists all the same. After all.
It would be a little bit funny if it weren’t so damned sad-
Us becoming acquainted with the sins of being born Crazy and Hopeless.

by Ramsy

photo by takasu


The Vanishing Bedside Manner

“Stop wriggling”
“You either stop moving or you won’t get your pain meds, you don’t want that do you?”
“Stop moving, stop screaming…be quiet ………you’re not listening!….LISTEN…”
Each and every single statement was told to me in either an angry way, like a parent yelling at a child, or with an obvious air of annoyance.
While I was wide eyed, bellowing, screaming and panting to catch my breath .From my home, to inside the ambulance I was being transported in, through the hallways of the nearest hospital available and all the way until I was situated into a final room. Very early this morning.
I was screaming and begging for help. It felt as if my entire abdominal area was being ripped and sliced apart mercilessly. For hours, the contractions crashed in waves. The pain, at one time, making me gasp out loud because I was sure I was passing out from it.
This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with umbilical troubles. It’s been a lifelong thing; my third hernia patch being applied over ten years ago. I have great fear of these episodes of pain because, in order to keep sane and “chase” the all consuming pain away, I lose control over what my body does. That includes a thrashing of all of my limbs and trying (in vain) to control my screaming from the sheer agony.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to experience pure callousness and rudeness from various “care”givers.

I understand most people and how most people panic in emergency moments.
My husband has spent three decades dealing with hysterical patients. I spent a good amount of time as an aide for developmentally disabled clients. We spent many in-service hours learning to deal with violent scenes, from epileptic attacks to physical attacks on other residents and staff.
I understand how a firm voice and non coddling is necessary to get through to some people.
But that’s the thing..we’re still People.

While I can take a firm voice, it’s an insult to hear the “threats” of not giving pain relief if I “don’t settle” down. As if the humiliating thrashing of my  big and naked body, legs and arms flying to “get away” from the searing pain, can be considered ANYTHING near being  a “choice.”
I don’t know if anyone heard the pathetic and repeated squeaks of “I’m sorry” (between the gasps of pain) that I uttered in my nightmarish screaming-I was that aware and that embarrassed.
The following links regarding the trends in” bedside manner” and the poisoned atmospheres that are affecting us as patients.

It’s Not You, Doctors Are Just Rude


From the young paramedics to the young  doctors. It seems that the young have maintained  an average level of apathy throughout all that they do-from interpersonal relationships to within the intimate professional spaces of where we are most vulnerable.
They’ve been trained to be all about the processing and moving along..and none of the remembering how someone suffering becomes even more frightened when “lectured” and snapped at in the midst of the worst and all consuming pain of their life.
They’ve been treated and trained like a heartless workforce to produce and maintain, therefore they treat us like debris gumming up the “machinery” if we do not sit still, smile our gratefulness and behave “just so”.

I appreciated the aides who brought me warm blankets during my hours. Without my asking, initially. I appreciate the soft spoken or cheery joking intermissions from those who took the time to see that I was a flesh and bone mother in the worst possible shape I could be. My eyes filled with tears at one point because I had given up hope that relief would be coming; to run into these few folks was nothing short of a gift. What a tender shame that this is now something of an exception rather than a once upon a time rule.

We, as patients, need to be aware of this growing apathy, looming over a healthcare system we have very little choice in anymore.
As for the young doctors…I can only speak as one soul. I will assume I speak for more.
Aside from undergoing incredible bouts of inescapable pain yourself, I realize there’s only so far your imagination can take you as far as imagining another’s plight. But even you have to admit that if you saw similar miscarriages of manner in a daycare center or a retirement home, many of you would be repulsed and moved in various ways. Especially if it was your child and your grandparent being treated no better than a dog to snap at for the sake of efficiency.
There are a very vital and simple things you must care to learn about. Preferably, before retirement days find you at the mercy of an even colder generation, when you are vulnerable and facing being told to “shut up” or “stop your foolishness.” Things like addressing the rudeness from your colleagues, within your workplace. The interactions that can snowball straight into your dealings with your patients.

Many of us are older and we’ve learned that life doesn’t tick “just so” and human beings are not textbook “things” to “deal with. We have much more understanding of what you’re trying to deal with, trust me on that. Your inexperience prevents you from knowing these things and that is not meant as a slight. It is a pleading for the human beings you will expect to come to you in earlier stages of distress before you’re left with bigger problems that could have been taken care of.
People are not coming to you as much as we should, as early as we should, because we are scared and not eager to be treated so shabbily. It’s not paranoid anticipation at work, it is the bitter taste of how we’re being treated.

The money that we work very hard for, we do not wish to invest it into vague non answers in treatment and cold and demeaning airs.
You wouldn’t, if given a choice, as a human being.
And you know this.

photo By Catalin Pop

Check and Mate

Although it weighs heavy on my heart to say it,  the articles I placed down as links ,

depending on how (or if) one measures (or identifies) the story told between the two,

look about as much of a “Check” and “Mate” as any I’ve ever seen.

End Result

business is chess


In a game that was much too important to have been taken for granted.


And So On

feature photo By Jorge

photo within body By streetphotoru

This Time , This Place

This Time, This Place.

In this time Now, at this place Here..
the only obligation we have is to ourselves.
For the future holds no trace of us as we are now.
As we agonize over fighting these fights or championing those causes,
mindlessly scrambling for answers and doing as we’re told,
there awaits a brand of Man who will shed no tears over what we choose to suffer.
In a world where there are no more sounds of delight or noises encouraged by pain.
Where all that’s left to hear will be the steady humming and thumping of a machine
harvesting Nothings buried deep in the dirt, grown from seeds in the shape of our bones.
Fertilized by the composted remains of things carelessly tossed aside,
like Man’s strength and Woman’s tenderness..
Shame and Affection..
When desire and logic no longer serve to bind us to one another.
When expressing  pride in one’s own tribe is deemed a spiteful sin
and the act of trying to keep one’s DNA creations, a punishable crime.
When the stink of the profane finally becomes indistinguishable
from the aroma of anything imagined to be Divine.
And most certainly when all value from all things has been stripped, strapped and ripped apart
by our own hands..
At this time Now, in this place Here.

the foto By radachynskyi

the fiction By Ramsy




Latest Project:Hallows End with The Acid


This is a Dual Fan Tribute for
World of Warcraft’s “Hallow’s End”
and a good portion of the haunting Oliver Schories remix of The Acid’s “Ghost”.
“Hallow’s End” is in full swing until this coming Thursday on “World of Warcraft”.

After ten years, I’ve found no better costumes
nor trickier treats for this time of year.

Learn more at

Speaking of sweet treats, an Acid bath for your pleasure
at https://wearetheacid.com/ to hear more of

The Acid- of the song “Ghost” used in the video.

Last year’s project

A Great Man, But Greater Forces

Once upon a time, Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the entire world.
Even he was humiliated and disappointed when he devoted his life  to eliminating war.
It’s said his depression remained a constant companion until the end because of this; helpless and forced to submit to a world full of lies. Made from lies. Dependent on lies.

We’re not as great in power nor in position as he was.
But his so-called power and disrespected position weren’t enough to end what are basically age old diseases of mankind-
Greed and Ignorance.

Greed motivating evil to do as it wishes.

Ignorance being the unfortunate state we work under as a species..when we help it do as it wishes.

His story testifies greatly to the staying power of certain entities-on how they are here to stay and do not care who or what gets hurt in order to remain staying.
It should  also have something to say about what deserves our truest attentions and efforts in the meantime. So our energies are not wasted on trying to end things which will never cease to exist but can be better invested into the  making of each other’s lives as comfortable and safe as possible.
Not by treating people like property or forcing hundreds of individuals into one mind set against their will and comfort…
but by learning for ourselves, and teaching our children, little things like holding no men in higher esteem above ourselves and the ones we love.
A simple enough start.. one would like to believe anyway.

I provided a link to a favorite documentary concerning Andrew Carnegie if one’s interested in learning what set him aside from most of “Them”.
Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace
Link: http://a.co/d/aKX4Ymy

It Never Ends Well

I just endured watching a news commentator exchange bla- bla- blas with a guest on TV.
In the light of two killing spree disasters, they were discussing the “need” for us to watch out for one another while paying attention to our neighbors and “strange” habits.
While I’m aware that they’re adults simply doing their job by helping to keep the appropriate propaganda flowing, I couldn’t help but imagine some outrageous scenario.
I imagined a group of chimps gathered in front of their handlers. The handlers having called them in for an emergency  meeting.
(Yes, this is obviously an experimental bit of oddball fiction.)
They warn the chimps to be on the look out for other chimps who have extraordinarily hairy backsides.

Let’s say because hairier derrieres have been causing huge amounts of trouble- due to a mutation found in hair follicles, or whatever hirsute some-such-ness.
The chimps, after hearing this news, get worked into varied states of alarm.
I’ll save you a drawn out description of everything done before the final scene.

It never ends up well when citizens are instructed to interpret the actions of individual people. We use things like witch hunts and public shaming to ferret out and punish people as it is.

We barely know ourselves to keep our own acts together..never mind other people we barely know.

The final scene?
A bunch of screaming and hysterical chimps jumping up and down on the dead bodies of the innocent chimps they beat to death.
Chimpanzees, “on the lookout for the clan’s safety”, who have zero education on what amount of hair can be considered “extraordinary”.
Chimpanzees who either can’t measure, or refuse to admit to, the carpeted haunches of their own backsides… turning into the very kinds of threat to others that they wanted to protect themselves from.

Chimpanzees so hysterically self absorbed that barely any of them bother looking up to notice that their own handlers  and leaders sport much more hair than many of the deadest of the dead.

I offer these articles as a reminder of how ignorant we have always been when instructed on how to think and when it came to turning in other human beings in the name of protecting the herd.

photo By Aaron Amat

The Romanovs and The Titanic.

There were two historical tragedies that touched me deeply as a youngster-

The Romanovs and The Titanic.

Both of them reemerged in popular media recently-one in  Call of Duty’s Black Op 4 video game and one as an Amazon Prime Original series.
I was very pleased with Call of Duty’s “Desperate Voyage” where our beloved Titanic makes her show stopping appearance.

(I find it worth mentioning that I choose not to think of the zombies as the deceased passengers. I’d prefer to let them rest in my imagination’s memory in a more honored and undisturbed manner.)

The game itself is absolutely stunning as far as graphics are concerned and there’s a joyful amount of challenge to keep even me busy for hours.

( I can not give enough thanks  for the option to reduce the amount of graphic gore that’s usually associated ..which, I give as warning, will be seen in the following trailer)






The “Romanovs” show? Well..
It was like bringing what seems to be a piece of Black Forest torte to your lips, biting down and finding icing instead of whipped cream.
That’s all I’ll say on that at this time.

There are more episodes on their way so opinions may change.


featured photo By BillionPhotos.com

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