Watching My Dog Die Yesterday


The hollowed out angels of most Miserable Fate would find great delight in knowing that our family watched my dog suffer and die yesterday.

It was a day of violent convulsions; with complete paralyses, except for the muffled whines of pain which couldn’t escape her clamped shut mouth in the earliest hours.

And the wild look of confusion as her eyes searched around for us in the earlier hours, without being able to turn her neck. She did manage to turn her head slightly; in the end when my son said her name and she was heard to take a couple of long sniffs of the air in his lap where her head lay before dying.

I had written a much longer post yesterday. I won’t be posting it, after all.

I will simply place an article that explains radiation poisoning and the signs, be they from direct hits or lengthy exposures. Something I can’t confirm nor check, in her case.

The vet refused to check in that direction. He joked that he wouldn’t know it if “it jumped up and flew in his face.” And although he kept making a “fuss” over 3/4 of the unique symptoms as a mystery to him, odd to him..strange..and so on..I was casually dismissed upon even the proposal that he retain the information on radiation poisoning in case he had another client in the future.

It’s that type of dismissal a person like myself is used to from her childhood onward and throughout. Being “slow” and all.

Sometimes it’s on the tail end of folks who take purposeful jabs at your intelligence, because you often miss the “most simple things”. Sometimes it’s a trigger for the open jokes to roll, lies to flow cheap kicks and amusement can be had over and again…

There is a non self centered point, no worries. I took this off- track to explain that I’ve learned to brush off blow-offs and dismissals..normally.

But when faced with a loved one dying, contorting, frightened, in pain…all pride and excuses fly out of the door..when you’re doing anything and saying anything to literally beg (which, sorry to say, I did do) another human being to listen to you.

He couldn’t have been any less helpful if he had been cruelly obligated to be.

Except for the emergency vet clinic he told us about..which was closing within less than twenty minutes at the time he mentioned them.

Referring to these hypothetical and miserable angels, it was a finishing obstacle that would have had them nod their ugly and thick heads in smug satisfaction for how perfect it was in its complete success.


An article on radiation for survival in this wicked land w/ its ugly tiny minions.

Radiation Sickness

There’s no need to post links stressing the open air evidences of our being killed off and sickened by radiation without a single anything nor anyone stopping it.

Articles have been openly published stating so, alongside that wearisome “assurance” of “things being looked into” by “regulatory” this-s and “safety” that-s for well over twenty years now. I’ve obviously posted enough and it’s obviously shrugs all around..

As sarcastically stated on a few occasions, I’m a bit slow about minding my manners. I somehow got it into my foolish nugget that I was allowed to expect help when I and other living beings were in mortal danger.

So. There you go.

See you later Queenie, honey…Rest well.

Day One, 11 years ago


Love (fest) and War (craft)


It’s that time again for love to be in the air on Warcraft.

Follow this link to read more of this popular annual celebration within the World of Warcraft universe


Below, I present a video project that I created a couple years ago in honor of this event.

It’s from the earliest days of me teaching myself (trying to, in the least) how to create videos to entertain myself. I offer my most humble thanks for watching it, if you do. The point was to try to improve in a new hobby, share it with a couple of buddies and indulge in the blessing of being able to experience both.


Speaking of Greasy Automaton Fingers..

I will present this jive piece of wickedness, from the late 60s-early seventies..


It’s a flyer from one of the “Zero Growth” population terrorist movements (located in the back of the book “Population Bomb”) ; which has obviously matured into a socio-bio nightmare for billions of us world wide, under the disguise of “humanitarian legislation” and whatever other lies the United Nations birthed into existence fifty years onward…

And I will present this too stupid to believe lecture starring Gates himself. that there’s no further confusion as to the true intent behind these “well heeled” and all too much respected deceivers and destroyers of our children.

(As if The UN’s favorite water carrying boy’s record doesn’t speak volumes anyway)

Supreme Court Investigation: USA and UK Taxpayer Monies Funding Forced Sterilizations in India

The Gates Foundation: Philanthropy Cloaked Abortion



Don’t You DARE Climb into this “Screenome” Trickbag


Question mark and exclamation point

If I had a friend or child who was going to participate in this “Screenome” project, I would snatch them hard by their wrist, place a handcuff to that wrist and lock them up to the fridge door until they came to their ever loving senses.

Yes, it sounds nifty.

Considering the average American’s mentality, it is right up our alley as far as vanity project wastes- of- time go.

But to know it involves Stanford?..Dear lord..

One of those untouchable institutions that’s been allowed to perform heaven knows how many inhumane human experiments on our lives, with the unchallenged or punished privilege of keeping it all a secret from us- at least one not to be opened until from this stinking foul tale of thousands of hurt and misled human beings
Three Identical Strangers (2018) – IMDb –
And with them being arrogantly proud to spawn and nurture hateful intellects like Ehrlich-(the one who helped bring about our forced sterilization/gender changes and proud pusher for the reduction of cancer research and other diseases that kill older folk, amongst other nasty realities..)



To hear a friend of mine even consider going to Stanford for this project to hand over videos and photos of her personal life would be akin to hearing that she is joyfully considering hiring a rapist on parole to babysit her infant daughter.

People can do as they wish with their lives, that’s not the important point.

However, since too many people are unaware of what’s going on these days, I don’t think people would mind being  more informed on what sort of characters are sticking their greasy automaton fingers into their lives and what lack of ethics may be at play re what these videos are being and will be used for.

Just think how easy it was to “get us gotten” with the DNA collection farce.
Like goldfish in a baseball cap.

They’ve gotten enough of our lives by force, without permission, to our detriment and to their intensely bloated and snide satisfaction for well over a century. It’s about time we grew up and stopped licking the shoes of the “cool kid” before he lands another kick to our already broken snoots.

Because no one is left to help us, if one wishes to risk it on such a level as to seek and actually expect help “when things actually go wrong”-when it’s too late.

Things don’t work like that anymore. Better yet, efforts aren’t being made to keep up appearances like that anymore, since we’ve been downgraded from barely sub-human to actual dirt in their eyes and actions.
We’ve been made fools of long enough and with a long enough trail of damages and deaths besides.


Like our masters ironically hound us about every time we turn around..

“an abuser is an abuser, is an abuser…things never get better, they only get worse. So leave him and stop reaching out to him.”

photo By Oakozhan


“Tonk Challenge” Tips w/ “It Takes Two”


I would have a wee bit of a problem maneuvering the inside of a donut…

..even if I had the weird luck to live life as the donut hole itself.

Such is one of the quirky and awe inspiring problems I have when playing video games.

(Or giving directions. Taking directions. Walking. You know.)

Not to worry-I smile more than I sigh.

For if there’s anything that this ole lady gamer is truly inspired by, it’s a challenge or two. More than that, I truly dig any and all opportunity I may have to be of assistance in not-so-usual day to day adventures.

So, set to a personal classic dance club favorite ” It Takes Two” (which dawned in the year of my eldest child’s birth) I present a video project with a few tips for improving time in World of Warcraft’s: Darkmoon Faire’s Tonk Challenge-

Where one can get mighty frustrated trying to race at top speeds, hit bullseye targets and avoid getting blown into the same time.


Sisters. Read. NOW. Crucial Part 2

Black Woman Crying

…and because we are being openly degraded and mocked by the most evil crew of “supporters” to have ever held our hands in “solidarity”, there’s another horrifying and continuing crime that went down with barely a whisper of announcement , even during the year since the following article came out.

When it should have been shouted from every single rooftop.

The “unexplained” kidnappings, vanishings and murders of our daughters.

Epidemic of Missing Black Girls Continues to Stump Authorities, Frustrate Parents

Unexplained means you stop answering and entertaining those “mysterious men” who croon preferences for “black girls”; the ones who stay hidden until they meet you and kill you.

Unexplained means you need to grow your grandmother’s backbone (yesterday) and snatch Mary by her fourteen year old collar before she slips out into the night..ESPECIALLY in that hooker outfit The System now “forbids” us from using the term “slut” on.


Unexplained means you turn a very angry and stern voice towards The System.

To command it to keep its foul mouth shut..until it has the decency to PRETEND that 75 thousand of our missing and murdered girls are worth them getting up off their lazy and evil asses to actually help us protect them.


photo By Laurin Rinder

Sisters. Read. NOW.

The poison is a green liquid in a glass vial. A deadly potion with a skull and bones on the label. Copy space for text. 3D rendering

Something Sisters need to read and share NOW.

There’s no time to bemoan the lack of education we suffer from; rendering nearly every average American incapable of deciphering the millions of their words within the pages of their hundreds of illegitimate book length individual laws.

And we most certainly don’t have time to continue wagging fingers and spitting hate at the white brothers and sisters who are being “secretly” assaulted and viciously devastated on equal and varied levels.

We’re both being pitted against one another; distracted by the enemies who remain unchecked for their attacks.

And it’s not going to slow down or miraculously vanish any time soon.

What we do have time for is to take two lousy minutes to read about the poisons CONFIRMED to be killing and destroying our sisters.
These dangers have been quietly announced within various publications,

and known ( boasted) by our enemies for years


….without a single recall action or suggestion in sight.

In a country known for issuing recalls for everything from incorrect measurements of the spaces between slats on baby cribs to SUSPECTED troubles of other products announced with alarms rung all day and night in the media…with less than a hundred deaths attributed to many of these recalls.

There won’t be a mass recall of the “jezebel” culture which has degraded our daughters since slave days; a major contributor to the sales of the immense amounts of toxic cosmetics that our children are unfortunately saturating themselves in while encouraged (by broadly smiling yet hate filled horde of corporate masters and media) to act and remain in the most degraded conditions imaginable.


There is no reason on this earth for us to continue contributing to these animalistic assaults and poisonings within this sick modern genocide.

Sober truth be told, it’s all we should need to start pushing for recalls..on our own.

If not a complete and thorough dumping of these “trojan horse” evils straight into the trash.

photo By adragan


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