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This is what was reported to have been written by John Adams regarding the celebrations of July Fourth-Independence Day.


“The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America,” Adams wrote. “I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival…It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”


The following photos are of  an article which appeared in “Harper’s Weekly” on July 8th, 1871.

It includes mentioning of the increased use of explosives by the young to celebrate the Fourth.


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It could be seen as an early example of media propaganda. It could have been meant to plant seeds, on the acceptance of very dangerous and disrupting habits, in the average American’s mind.
Like the the time more modern media introduced rock and roll to the masses. Or when it glamorized the popularity and encouraged the use of cocaine in the 70s through 80s.
Or it could simply be regarded as an unintimidating opinion piece.

It could have helped shed a light on the rowdiness of youth and report on the loss in the battle to keep the observance in safer and more respectable fashions.
Either way, it’s an interesting read from a couple of angles.
Like today, it had already evolved into being less of a time for respectful remembrance over lives lost and families torn apart due to the the war forced upon them.

It became more of an excuse to raise legal “hell”, make noise and party.

At that time, the attitude being expressed is that The System was “unable to do anything but surrender” over to acceptance of these developments-despite the disfiguring injuries associated with the increased use of explosives by children at that time.
Yet, for issues such as spitting in public, The System had no troubles moving heaven and earth until getting and doing exactly what it wanted, when it wanted.

Over the potential threat of disease.

It’s an interesting angle to compare against The System of today- where suicides, increased mania , media violence and forced sterilizations aren’t urgent enough issues for The System to put an end to, although it would and could (did) have no problems in bringing an entire world to a stop over the same- a potential threat of disease.

Photo by Ramsy..and titled “The Final Fourth”

New Kinds of Apologies

You know it has to be given, sooner or later.
The apology.
For whatever reason and from whenever in time, everyone has been obliged to apologize at least once in their life.

Wouldn’t it be something else if you could turn the apology into a true treat?
By doing something that could feel better than revisited feelings of guilt (risking potential reopened sore spots) or smell a whole lot sweeter than an ongoing and festering grudge?
I’ve included links regarding two unique gifts one can learn and then give easily, in stead of traditional spoken word apologies.
The first two are about making and giving a chocolate foot massage.

While the final one is on how to give a hot stone massage.

Making the chocolate rub.

Various foot massage techniques

Learning how to give a hot stone massage.


The most beautiful thing about these is that that either party (the “offender” or “offendee”) can be the one to prepare and present them.

Of course, if it was a very serious infraction which lit the fuse, it may be better to simply wait until all flying frying pans have been grounded first. After all, one of these suggestions does require a certain number of rocks-meant for massaging not as missiles.

Substituting the verbal apology with one of these two unique actions can leave a long-lasting impression and bring immediate physical benefit.

And there are no words to describe how much it can say about how “worth the effort” you will make him or her feel-just the sort of feeling one usually needs in those occasional bumps along the way.



photo By Andrey Hertz

As the Sarcasm and Secrecy Continues On


It’s not every day when we get to present solid proof to each other, regarding any one of the ongoing or played out conspiracies worked against us.
Today, I share a small collection of copies from a book.

It’s titled “An Essay for Introducing a Portable Laboratory”” You can see the full title in the slideshow photos.
It’s a book which holds copies of very old and very important information , available nowhere else other than one particular publishing entity.

A fact which is a crying shame because it carries priceless testimony from the 1700s on our more serious entry into the world of using chemistry to redefine how we worked, manufactured things and lived.

It should have been shared with all of us and should be in its “undreth” printing from amongst dozens of different sources.
The author himself remarked with great indignancy over how, even then, a small group of greedy and scurrilous academics had been working on and intending to keep this marvel of study as exclusively and strictly limited to only their control.

(just keep in mind to exchange their “f” for our modern “s” and you should “smoothly sail on through”…maybe.

There is only so much they allowed our feeble brains to be educationally nourished, best of luck to those who try reading these texts)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As if by ironic and magical cooperation-between the (warning of ) greedy and wicked men from three hundred years ago and the greedy wicked men of today, we can see (in the photos below) just how serious and just how secret they still intend to keep the matters which ended up affecting us, changing us and hurting us.
The obviously careless and sarcastic proof comes in the form of a hand in a glove and copies of pages physically turned and rolled enough to be laughably illegible.

As if we were just simple enough to understand great works needed handling with gloves, but too brain dead to understand that these photos could have been guffawed out of the editing room long before the embarrassment of the final publishing process began.

This was done at what point of this work, you ask? Well, at the exact point when the author launched into what chemistry could do regarding the changing of and enhancements to the Human Being’s life ..of course.



It’s ‘lost’ within the marred pages, only peeking out to us just enough to express a loud enough “go screw yourselves” over the top of a maniacal, guttural and eternal screech of “ours, all ours!”
Which is perfectly fine.

For they can no more hide and destroy all of the knowledge in all of the works our forefathers left for us to find, over the more than they can keep murdering, destroying, poisoning and deceiving us with the sloppy and open boasting that they’re engaged in, with all of the multiple other wobbling plates that they’re desperately trying to keep spinning.

The top photo is mine.




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