Synchronized and Mechanical Calls for “Caring”

After sharing a letter last night in my diary, I decided to include two more insulting corporation born letters, telling us how to behave. They’re meant to be “calls to action” regarding the race relations tinder box that Mama and Papa are gleefully (but with oh so serious faces) sprinkling gasoline upon. One from Best Buy, the other from the A.D.A.

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The annoying part is that one can’t easily see the real reason for these mechanical and synchronized outpourings of fake sympathies and support.

Although, it has happened before, with the results either currently unfolding or unfolded in full.

With women, it’s been a slightly different, if not longer, story.

The laws and rules which came under the guise of “equality” and “protection” are the boiled down nuggets left over from population control program policies.
Being citizens of an internationally famous free country (let alone born and raised to believe as much) it was going to take a whole lot of fancy dancing and side shuffling to slip our handcuffs on without us making any fuss.
Everything that was done, had to be done in ye old gingerbread house (Hansel and Gretel) style.

It had to look good, as if we were being given favors; fast tracked careers, high profile positions and an astonishing flooding of imagery in media that allowed for women to enjoy unlimited and celebrated exaggerations of their physical attractions, importance over males and physical powers.
Up to and including cold blooded mamas kicking melancholy men, begging for a second snuggle, out of their beds first thing in the morning and tiny 80 pound female police detectives karate chopping down 300 pound assailants with ease.
Then, by the time we’re being checked for the fatty fingers indicating our readiness for the witch’s oven, we get to understand (too late) that
It’s all been hype. Shadows and bowl sugar…all for one simple reason.

To keep females off their backs and away from mass producing more units than the plantations need.

If one believes I was too crude in my summation, then one needs only read the cut and dry strategies…  of long-ago written words which bond our “equal rights” actions directly to the population program.. to understand that I’m entitled to a little forgiveness, if not complete.

For I am, still a woman myself.

One can’t get any more cut nor more dry than the straight forward approaches they NEEDED to take to our “severe problem” of daring to produce babies when Master told us “No!” (There’s even a couple of deeply insulting references-just in case a diehard feminist, who supports the UN completely, happens to get introduced to what she and her sisters actually mean to Papa.)


Same thing with the recent synchronized and mechanical sympathies for developmentally disabled folks (which I’m also a lifelong member of).

Except in our case, the process carries a reverse engineered feel. Considering the earliest laws on what to do with “autistic” children and how to monitor us came as early as 2000..a healthy handful of years before society became aware that any such epidemic was heading our way, if not in the making.

The results are the same.
A new and separate constitution specifically designed for mentally handicapped folks was crafted by the UN.
While, through courtesy of our greedy and backstabbing politicians (who somehow forgot what constitution they served and how many young men died screaming in the name of protecting it) all unconstitutional intrusions became law.

It’s another set of handcuffs slipped on. Mandating things like who we can or cannot have sex with, where we work and who controls our finances. Although less fancy footwork and caution has been executed. We, as the disabled have never been given the same measure of respect as “normal” folk due to a couple of reasons-
A-most of the population sees themselves as the givers of unsolicited pity instead of the receivers.
B-we’ve always been ridden along the roughshod ways per being seen as too slow to know or do much of anything anyway.
A casual glance at any Down Syndrome ‘infanticide’ can tell you that.

So, I guess I answered my own question, after looking at the two best major examples , where identically worded outpourings of “understanding” and calls of action were drafted, sealed and delivered to the world.

By a “government” which, as was clearly stated in our constitution, we human being citizens weren’t supposed to be obligated to…nor enslaved by.
As if all the grown adults in the world de evolved overnight into diapers and had to relearn the simple ABCs of common decency and correct human behavior.
With Mama UN and the Papa papacy right there to hand out insulting lesson planners to billions of we the “Neanderthal type idiots”…as if we couldn’t tie our shoelaces without their step by step instruct. Or, basically and literally, anything else for that matter.

Yup. One can get a good picture as to where this “sympathy and organized alarm ringing for blacks” scheme is heading.

As a woman, with developmental disabilities and black as I’s in no other direction than the very worst of them all-the enslavement which was promised.

Layered thick with faux caring and intensive and transparent mockery. Behind the creepiest wooden smiles ever on this side of “Sincerity”.

Executed by a race of folks so convinced of their “invisible invincibility” and so confident in the “genius” of their perpetually running Opposite Day strategies ..

that it will actually (maybe) be somewhat of a mass cringe in the pit of billions of tummies when names are finally put to the (otherwise friendly, highly respected and trusted ) faces of the high financed and psychopathic nut-jobs that subjected us to these fake sympathies and dragged us through hell bound paces over the course of eighty years and as they are still doing on this very day.

An Open Response to “23”s Insulting Letter

My god..will the arrogance and condescending horse s-t never cease…even in the midst of the worst ongoing attack on our lands and on our most vulnerable people?
An attack perpetrated by and I’m convinced (after this ridiculous hunk of an “apology” letter I had the “honor” of reading in my email box) was started by the core entities that are fanning the flames of our ruination…and whom I’m convinced started these idiot DNA collection services under our gullible and shiny noses in the first place.
This is a raw insult.

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Whether the author is “innocent” and sincerely convinced her hero speech stirred some hearts and set grave minority heads nodding in somber agreement..
Or whether She, as a co-founder, is “right on time” and hiding a twisted smirk of knowing, as she peppered the entire hero speech and “apology” in the exact same patterns as any one of the UN’s documented sarcasms..using “high falootin’” words that she is very well aware that over half of our poorest people don’t understand; whether they are a poor white child screwed by this wrecked educational system or a black one.


As a minority woman, I’m too enraged to construct an open letter comeback completely on my own steam.
I’m going to let the words from the stage play “Dogville” do some of the talking for me.

They are poignant words and (if the author is indeed completely innocent in her naïve hero spiel) help shine a brighter light in the direction of  the “do-gooders” who are assisting our enemies in manipulating emotions and tempers, while keeping their lips firmly affixed to the backsides of those wretched masters herding us into America’s final mass imprisonment.

I will, however, lay these following words down for my progeny’s sake.

For when our 30th century students casually sift through the trillion bits of ignorable digital flotsam.

As they hunt for clues as to what in heaven’s name happened to us…an entire country that was fooled, beaten, poisoned and killed, with cameras rolling non-stop. Thanks to the cowardly and spindly arms of a United Nations/Papacy still running game and taking full advantage of our disabilities (the ones they brought about) with those grotesque smiles of “caring”..after TWO…THOUSAND…YEARS.

This is coming from a classified “black” woman who’s had to deal with fifty years of the shocked eyes of white people who complimented me on the simplest of actions; like using the right words in the right places. Like a trained seal or an entertaining oddity that fell out of the clouds.
This non-stop “amazement” has been courtesy of an academia, stinking ripe with long inherited bigotry, in the ways they announced to the entire world of our “handicaps” against learning trivial knowledge from “other cultures”. With their insisting on watered down standard tests and pushing us to the front of the line with “affirmative actions” in all areas of our already “sub-standard” lives.
Hell would collapse around them and their inflated sense of pride, if anyone had dared pat them on their head for learning world history, based on some “unfair” advantage of not growing up in ancient Grecian times or any country of historical importance.

They would rage, fume and remind us, from sun up to down, of the exclusive status of their IQs and how they didn’t need the piddley opinions of inferior lay people to congratulate them for any such trivial accomplishments.

It’s the sort of confidence which our children should have inherited for themselves.

It’s been purposefully and systematically left out of our upbringing and psyches because of the tight fisted hold these “brilliant” animals have on our education and how they have taught the entire world to see us as the eternal “others”, in one constricted and inescapable assumption of crude failures-paraded and hailed as “understanding- when it’s nothing but out and out bitter mocking and steering us into the most depreciated “norms” of life and self esteem.


I’m tired, after having grown up as a young “black” girl and watching successive generations of young black girls be sweet talked into this “equality” promise. Decade after clownish decade.

When we’re still the only ones paraded, fully naked, on the covers of record albums and we’re still seen as big mouthed and sassy Jezebels, unable to find fathers for the children we’ve been encouraged to abort and forever seen ( and groomed) as remaining fixated on the “slavery” and “racism” issue whenever any of us gain any sort of ” important” attentions for the opinions we voice or positions we hold. Our value and celebrity only applauded and “respected” each time we whine with more anger and militant obligation. In short, when we’re “good girls” and “do as master says do”.

As if this is THE one and only role we are suited for; pure destitution, incessant complaint and eternal despair.

It’s a  state of affairs which most poor children find themselves in…having been purposefully and cruelly conditioned into what should have been the spaces for their dreams, their confidence and pride.

Like any one of our “masters” children have been allowed and nurtured with for themselves; no holds barred or downgraded expectations saturating everyone’s views…on sight.

Most of all…saddest of all…my anger knows no bounds when the core of the matter is actually and factually looked at.
How decades of mercurial poisoning through vaccine injections, ripped and raped the majority of our minds and neurological functioning abilities…just as surely as a violent pig rips and rapes the spirit of the victims he has slipped date rape drugs to. He having rendered them barely able to know what’s going on, and they without the knowledge or clues as to how it came about in the first place.

No one wants your pity..

(someone needs to tell this author and others who are bleating their “sympathies” and dragging their idiotic soap boxes out into the middle of the raging firestorm.

When we should all be focusing serious attentions on the beasts who are pushing for more hell to rain down…to fight for and save whatever remains to be salvaged)
No one with their right mind, with pride intact , would want to be part of a group that boldly announces its lack of minority workers like you did. To attract back pats and nods of approval from the “betters” of this society by using our deaths and outbreaks of violence to feather your cap…as if it’s supposed to excuse your obvious thoughtlessness from before.

That comment right there, gave me the first clue that it could be very well be more sarcasm than sincerity at play.

You are not dealing with the same wide eyed citizen who stood there transfixed, tears in the eyes upon hearing resounding words of “hope and warm num nums” coursing through our ears straight through to our pathetic and desperate hearts.

We have experienced and we KNOW our abusers and have taken tally of the “improvements” that have come to light over eighty years of their promises and long winded speeches.

Promises and results that added up to bloody “bupkis”, with the entire scene growing darker and sicker than ever before.

Just as surely as abused children know the habits of and bear the scars from their drunken fathers and emotional damages from their clinically insane mothers.

As “dumb” or “moronic” as you seem to treat us, there exists no better evidence than that provided by lives lived in everlasting  hell.
We have SEEN what this country has been led into and we have READ the death threats and “prophesies” in books written decades ago….which have all “mysteriously” come true.

We have seen the brains of our toddlers shot out over the streets, without a single fraction of urgency to stop the years of drive by killings that seized our lives…like a plague.
We’ve seen millions of homosexual men allowed to die, in pain and leaving millions more loved ones to grieve the years (decades) of inaction over the AIDS catastrophe which hit us…like a plague.
From school shootings, fueled by black box meds to the near instant flooding of our families with children born unable to care for themselves and forever crippled…like ongoing plagues.

For you to dare pretend that this current “epidemic” is nothing more than “an accident of nature”…..and deserves more highly commercialized attentions than other disasters and tragedies, which barely warrant a shrug of the shoulders…makes you a fool beyond all measures of pity.

Especially when an “outbreak” scenario and high intensive research on DNA have BEEN worked on by the masters you dedicate your work and lives to, without question.

Or you are simply one of the rudest and most diseased players in this nightmarish “game”.

At the very least, you need to think twice before mass mailing this sort of arrogant trash…because you are not dealing with the same sort of citizen anymore, not by a long shot.

No matter what your masters are paying you to do and snidely assuring you “we are”.

Most certainly (and shame on you for risking being outed over such insane and wicked missions) no matter how deeply and how dedicated you are to accomplishing the “end game” results to such long standing and disgusting promises kept..



They are the Only One

A man reaches out to the sun at sunset on the sea
Psalm 146:3
Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.
It means…
What other kind of Daddy could one possibly prefer over the one you already have?
The one who can give you the tightest hugs, most sound advice and willing to stand face to face with an itchy black bear in order to protect you. Even after he “done told you a million times” to not be so stupid as to get THAT close to the fence.
It means that there is no type of Daddy out there, greater than the one who made you possible.
(Joey’s dad made him a tree house, sure..but it looks like a giant wooden flip-flop on the best of days.)
Yours? Just for you.. created an entire world to live, be loved and play in.

What other kind of Mama could one possibly need, other than the one you already have?
The one who can sing the sweetest of songs, tell the best stories and be just as happy to step aside for you to shine in your she was to remind you of that beauty all along.
A finer or more intimate best friend has rarely existed outside of the unconditional loving of a Mama like that; always by your side..
(Our side.)

It means that..
In this world today, we can’t rely on those types of parents (friends, lovers, companions) to be around for much longer.

Not in the numbers that we will need.

A fact further inflamed by leaders, politicians, clergy, billionaires and celebrities proving and offering promises of nothing more than additional disappointments and destruction.
However, and more importantly, it means other things as well.
That we don’t have to worry about that.
We have room and opportunity to leave those stressors behind.

If we lose something, she will help us find it. If we break something, he will help us fix it.
All we have to do is ask.
Even if you haven’t been on speaking terms lately, it doesn’t matter.
She will patiently wait until you’re ready to stumble back home, to “try” sneaking up the back stairs.
And he will be right by her side, kissing the top of her head.

Both smiling over how relieved they are that their child made it back home in one piece.

For they are the only One who loves you as deeply as that.
They are the only One who can stop the waves, still the winds
and lay the miracles that you need for your life, at your feet.
With you only needing to ask. And be willing to listen. This time.
They are the only One who truly matters and should matter.
That’s what it means.

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Words to Start this Week On..for Both of Us

Woman walk on stair background with vintage filter


Remember what they are.
Manipulators. Instigators and schemers. Liars, liars and…thieves.
The ones who keep the raw wounds of old bigotry and hurt ripped wide open, without allowing for a chance to heal.

Because they would go broke the minute we realized the equal amounts of horror and damage done to both of us-finally reaching out for one another’s hands; if not in immediate friendship, by god, then in a shared determination to survive.

The ones who are attacking us without mercy while thinking themselves so damned clever.

Remember who we are.
No matter how many exaggerations ring out from all of the networks and channels that they own.

And no matter how much gasoline these miserable creatures keep dumping on the fires they’ve been setting amongst us for ages.

Remember who we are, now numbering three generations walking on this earth together, at the very same time.

With us having arrived in not only the same two shades of black and white that they’ve enjoyed playing mind games with and killing, but also in gorgeous and varied shades of that “mutt type unity” they secretly abhor and shamelessly lie about “working for.”

With each generation told the same tired lies as children and each watching our daughters, sons, families and memories of our forefathers get ground down between their feral and hate filled teeth.
Those of us who have been labeled as “terrorists” on both sides by them and have been insulted as “mentally ill” overall ..when there exists no better look into the face of idiotic madness than when these hypocrites find themselves hunched over and grinning into mirrors.

As brash and as proud as they have always been…out in the open.

Remember who you are..and what they are.

Turn off the news (to buy your nerves precious relief from their terrorist, race- baiting fear mongering) and hold tightly onto whatever you can of your loved ones and your sanity.

Stay safe and if it takes us an entire week to summon the will, may we say a prayer for the families of those we’ve been poisoned and groomed to think of as our enemies.

For we’ve both suffered quite enough and have been used and insulted long enough as abused siblings in this “universal family”  of derelicts.

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Thank You, Christiane Cegavske. It Looks Exquisite.

Cute white mouse on red background . Mouse is symbol of the new year 2020 in the Chinese calendar. New year and Christmas concept.

Although I don’t know her personally, I feel a bond with and immense admiration for the artist Christiane Cegavske.
I’ve been in the background awaiting her next production, since her first one made its poignant impression on me fourteen years ago.
I just saw the trailer for her upcoming work and my chest filled with pride.
Immense pride.

It’s my privilege to share her trailers- from her independent 2006 film, “Blood Tea And Red String” and the next one set to arrive, “Seed in The Sand”.

What an intense delight it’s been to watch her continue on her journey, to bring us another unique and fetching gift. Still on her feet.

A woman who managed to emerge from the darkest forests of a youth, where too many end up being lured into, trapped and lost within..forever.

May her story and her work have the opportunity to serve as a solid example of working for one self to create beauty, instead of being cruelly exploited to create the ugliest things creators and keepers of said forests.

(Goodness knows, in these current times, there are plenty of young children who will need this sort of inspiration and the confidence that can follow.)
And may she continue to stand and manage to share with us (whenever she can and as she wishes) for a long time to come.

Photo By arsenypopel

The Conception Vs. Birth of Facebook

Regret is a devastating thing to be plagued by.


We live in a time where formerly young ‘geniuses’ believe that many current troubles were spawned by their own doing-no matter the degrees of innocent intention.

No matter the mass benefits and generous rewards.

The following link presents an article that covers multiple examples of common regrets shared by yesterday’s “wunderkinds” from the social tech industry.

Sometimes, bad things unfold along the way that can leave too many of our treasured talents to mature into believing that they “ruined” lives, even though the enrichment of society on the whole had truly been their main motivation.

In the case of adolescents, it’s an all too common tendency, to fall prey to and carry this guilt, if things end up going sideways or upside down.

It’s what makes young people such attractive and eternal targets for old ne’er-do-wells with mountains of cash and zero scruples.

What I’ve decided to present is a recorded breakdown, regarding the conception of old ideas intimately related to this shared regret.
Although these men were apparently seen as the ones who birthed the various social platforms – now interwoven into every minute of a global citizen’s everyday life-it would be nothing short of a mercy , for at least one (if his expression of regret were genuinely felt as well as expressed) of those manipulated, to better understand the truer truth of how he was used and for what “reasons”.

Not that anything can be done. Not anymore.

And not because the evidence will, or even can, be considered little more than “wild conjecture” by the lay majority.

It can, however, serve as a gracious and much needed “pass” for a human being’s peace of mind ..that will otherwise bring him intense discomfort and sit heavy on his shoulders until the day he dies a regret filled old man.
The following is evidence sketching the conception of  Facebook, Twitter and all the rest.

It’s a breakdown of the mountain of tasks which needed to be set up and continued; with the understanding that technology’s advance would one day allow for the processing of this information at a much higher speed and finer tuned (thickly disguised) organization.
All that needed happening is what ended up happening-the harvesting of talent from bright, unsuspecting youth who trusted the wolves. Wolves too lazy to bring their insulting and lunatic dreams to fruition on their own steam, yet rich enough to dump phenomenal amounts of cash and prestige into the hands of their youngest and brightest house slaves.

Wolves who remained smug in their “superiority”, exploited the erosive qualities of Time and who have handed their batons over to  “newer masters”-currently burdened by their own warped sense of history and intellectual deterioration; in many ways, easily and eventually disposed of as victims and tools in this god awful mess. Until they too are long forgotten by the Alpha generation and dead under the weight of guilt that wasn’t theirs to suffer in the first place.
From the 1990 book “Beyond a Pale Horse” by William Cooper , excerpted from the alleged 1969 “conference” where promises and threats were made ..which we now accept in our lives our lives.

With a small hope that at least one man ,may one day, be unburdened by understanding the truth..and to allow for some of us to cease scratching our heads every time something “funky” goes down with term changes or overstepping legislation online…

Now, at least, we can rest “easier” knowing that “these pesky modern problems” were set into place long before most of us could even dream of such things as home computers, never mind before most of us were born.

The first two pages (not that important) is what I chose for a quick summary before the successive pages (starting towards bottom of the second page)- where you’ll see the main hints to the ‘framework’ suggested above.


top photo by beeboys

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