Right On, Mr Bolton

(laughed my butt off until tears popped out)
Right on, Mr. Bolton, right on..

Ohh, finally a Valentines show for the rest of us.

Mini Spot on.

The vid clip I found to make my nineteen second “doodle”=my day’s first chuckle.
I’ve lived my whole life as a female.¬† Recalling years of other gal pals’ relationships, as well as my own..seeing the reaction on that poor brother’s face.. I couldn’t help¬†it..at all.

Not one jaw is gonna drop in awe when I say that it has¬†got to be the¬†best representation of how the average American guy feels getting vacuumed into the vortex of a heated “discussion” with the average American gal..a LOT.
¬†I¬† do¬†enjoy cruising the stock sites. They’re like the most mini¬†of mini films, bless ’em all.

This video stock credit= podorojniy @adobestock.com

Not Icke’s

“When the government is able to collect tax and seize private property without just compensation, it is an indication that the public is ripe for surrender and is consenting to enslavement and legal encroachment. A good and easily quantified indicator of harvest time is the number of public citizens who pay income tax despite an obvious lack of reciprocal or honest service from the government.”
David Icke did not birth that quote.
However, it has been credited to him at least one time.

In his 2013 book “The Perception Deception”
Click for book text
Icke referred to the quote as coming from a ” document that came to light some decades ago called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.

The quote is in 1993’s “Behold a Pale Horse” written by a gentleman known as Mr. William “Bill” Cooper.

The document was reportedly found in 1986.
Mr. Cooper presented it as doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group during their first meeting in 1954.
It was printed word for word with specified author commentary, courtesy of copy provided by a Mr. Tom Young.
That and¬†other blueprinted insults directed towards humankind¬†in “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” caught my attention several years ago.
It would and should capture the attention of many more.
It can be read it at the following link
Read Silent Weapons..Quiet Wars here

What a crying shame.. if we fail to remember as it should be remembered.
It deserves a better fate than as a misplaced socio-political quote.
It’s powerful insight that may help us understand (to better protect against) the true hostilities and disdain we are regarded with by those who lord over us.
It should be preserved as information brought to us at great risk and eventual cost of an honorable man’s life-not falsely attributed as the intellectual musings of a false prophet.
ESPECIALLY not a false prophet who irritated our dear brother Cooper so deeply.


featured photo by AR Images

Jumbo Tors-oh-oh.

It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?

One day, it’s¬† a few pocket sized projects of creatively imagined pieces…

The next day….an 8 pound plaster mama (14″ by 10″ to be exact) comes charging through, rainbows and mischief just aflyin’.


Ahh, when the projects were a tid bit smaller ..a good 10″ or so.


Es war schon einige Jahre mein Traum! Ich wollte Polarlichter sehen. Letzte Woche in Island war es endlich soweit! Nach einer ersten erfolglosen Nacht in der Kälte war ich zuerst ein wenig frustriert. Die Polarlichter, welche ich an diesem Abend zu sehen bekommen habe, waren kaum mehr als ein kleiner weisser Schimmer am Himmel. Am […]

via Aurora Borealis‚Ķ ‚ÄĒ Patrik Oberlin Photography

Then again..

..there are the films that  remind us of what an arrogant collective we have been and, by unsophisticated majority, still are.

Stories that better illustrate our beastly and superstitious cores.
At sobering worst, they offer hints on authoritarian control of our lives possibly being for the best for us, after all..seeing how difficult it has been for the herd to rise up out of the muck.

Awwl Owls

I am an ostrich gal myself, but whoo cares. ;0)


Meeting Wentworth

It’s creative analogy time.
Let’s say, watching “Orange is the New Black” represents someone you’re dating. She leaves you to do some mission work overseas or some such ness while we await next season for her return.
Now, enter the show “Wentworth” .

She’s the older sister keeping you company while sis is away.
Mm hm.
Though they share a few family traits,”Wentworth” is definitely the better looker and loads smarter; never mind that intriguing foreign accent she lays across the ears.
Your heart will probably be plagued by thoughts of this one so much that it’ll be hard to even look “Orange” in the eyes when she gets back.
Even though you and “O” have been going steady for some years now, this one may steal you clean away without too much fuss at all. ‚ėļ

The following link is information re: impressive outstanding “Wentworth” actor Pamela Rabe

We the Sims

Well..well and well.

It would explain a lot wouldn’t it? Finding out we were merely a collection of free willing sims within a simulated computer setting.

A lot of fun could be had, attaching this theory to unexplained phenomenon and hunting down potential clues lodged within our current technological realities.

One could think on the process of double exposure. Then, on to imagining  AI characters experiencing unexplained and blurry images within their own physical spaces. In actuality, the images would be digital remnants of previously run programs-whether by a glitch or purposeful creative intent.

Read here for one way to create double exposure effect for video project.
As we delve deeper into 3D environments for gaming and such, it should be easy¬† layering our¬† ghostly encounters over the idea of digital characters bumping into their own ‘terrifying’ entities due to whatever double exposure processes are at play according to a bigger picture.


Concerning the subject of predictions coming true and/or information forthcoming from future events, what’s to say that the glimpse or prediction isn’t the result of a program character being “glitched” further along the timeline of an existing program, to ‘bounce back’ into an original position..confused over data gotten from a place yet to be?¬†


This is a most obvious connection to gamers everywhere- the creation or  regeneration  of a video game character. Anyone who opted to create a sleeker mage after not doing so hot with a clumsier warrior, knows this well. Even the act of questing and leveling up gives a friendly nod to certain ancient philosophies on completing goals across multiple lifetimes for certain reward in the hereafter.

An interesting article on death if we exist within a computer simulation

Mass sightings of supernatural visions. Coincidences. Dreams. So forth and so on.
Maybe there’s even an answer for the setting of¬† authoritarian establishments. A reason for why our lives are never entirely ours to live as we wish. Countless governments treating countless groups of humans like property. A pretty strange habit considering all the yim yam taught to¬† us on being endowed by “Our creator with inalienable rights.”¬† and “being created in His image.”

¬†There could even possibly be a more forgiving understanding , or easier tolerance, of genocides and wars. Violence seemingly obliged to exist, our entire reality could¬† have been meticulously crafted in order to absorb the shocks that “real humans” wished to avoid suffering under.¬† The idea of harming an AI character, via digital transference, would probably be considered¬† as foolish as crying over the death of a haystack.
At the very least, with news like that, millions of folk (We the actual Sims) wouldn’t continue to suffer certain heartbreaks…like losing faith in a god that seemed to sit by and do nothing in times of tragedy.

One of the greater gnawing riddles of life explained, not by GOD but some cosmic keyboard jockey  pulling some seriously long AFK.

My People

I was deeply touched watching this documentary “Neurotypical”

It’s as if I’d found loving friends -which I’m not blessed to have, as of now, to embrace me -welcome me home. ‚ėļ
I wasn’t uncomfortable watching this one. There wasn’t an uneasy knot in my tummy. There wasn’t one extreme case after another laid out by some somber, soft spoken NT “expert” on all the things we “find great difficulty in doing”.
I wasn’t glaring at the screen wearily waiting for an interview or scene not meant to elicit NT sympathies by presenting the most severe cases. Having been severely abused as a child (in large part, due to my condition) puzzling out and plowing through an adulthood rife with strife and blessings..my preference was/is to simply be considered as ‘normal’ of a success as any other soul, not to be pitied..or feared.
I’m even peeved as to why there’s such a massive drive to subcategorize every little body with every little thing anyway.

It wasn’t a “them” speaking to others about “us” kind of thing. I beamed, experiencing it as an Us, in our straight talking, confident and free-to-be We kind of thing.
Lately, it’s been a time of deep and ongoing grief of sorts. Having exerted an incredible amount of energy to secure what my heart has ached for-a true and mutual friendship- I found myself confused, hurt…an old exhausting gamble, lost again. A most painful swallow, considering how very few times I actually expose myself to reach out.
Tonight, I’d almost avoided giving the video’s subject matter a watch.
The last thing my heart could stand was a raw reminder of being “unworthy” of the type of affection that NTs seem to take for granted on the constant.
Instead‚̧…it was 51 minutes of familiar, enjoyable impression.
I was relieved and soothed by finally watching My People ..in the truer, more extensive colors that we occupy on the Spectrum.
A really cool kind of “You’re all right, after all, sweetheart” that I needed more than anything.

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