Still Vague as Ever

What’s with the constant call to action on awareness and empathy re: ADHD, ASPERGERS and various other disorders?
We can’t even agree on whether cases of autism are actually increasing or whether tech has allowed for increased reporting.
As a dual diagnosed autistic myself, I find myself thinking on this more as  labels are shuffled, seemingly willy nilly-further confusing issues of origin and “treatment.” The “experts” conclusions no less vague than twenty years ago.
Aside from not knowing the cause of ASD or the length of existence, there’s been little to no addressing of the issue of adult ADHD. Most of the attention has been on our children, despite it being a well-known fact that ASD is passed on genetically. To me, that means the gorilla has been “hiding” in the room quite a while longer than what we’ve been led to believe (panic over). That is, if it’s not merely a very normal and very evident set of conditions we’ve managed to live with, all throughout our ever blessed evolution..
From alarmist suspicion over vaccines to citizens being harassed into “acting/thinking right” about these disorders and their ‘sufferers’, we’ve expended too much energy for the raggedy table scraps we have gotten.
One brings attention to an issue for one of a few reasons-
To produce more of it, if it’s good, with the help of those listening to the information.
To eliminate it, if it’s bad. Also, with the help of those who mind the hoopla.
To provide funding, shelter, research, tools…there’s a lot of reasons to bring all sorts of news to the forefront of our minds.
There’s very little I can see being done, besides lip service and flashing of stats over two decades, concerning this “epidemic” of diagnoses.
The following link is CDC’s general addressing of what is now a mega sized disease with several, formally independent, diseases lumped together.
One giant net..with too many holes as far as I’m concerned.
Ayn Rand laid out a prophetic quote, once upon a time.. It concerned potential manipulation by malevolent authority  in order to keep tighter reins on us.
“There’s no way to rule innocent men.
The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.
One declares so many things to be a crime
that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”
We’ve already allowed unforgivable perversions of our laws to ‘imprison’ us.
It doesn’t take much of a stretch to imagine what will happen to us if we continue to allow illegitimate authorities to define what “normal mentalities” are.
Can you imagine? If just enough of us of us are found to be “mentally deficient”?
Imagine the remaining decisions we won’t be allowed to make. Even the strongest confidences will disintegrate, plagued by what’s “wrong” with us. What pride or dignity isn’t killed off as we’re forced to live under rules meant for criminals, will be finished off as we drown in a collective pool of self doubt, being beat over the head on how we “don’t think or act right.”

Lounge Story 2

 I’ll be lucky if I run into one other person, who knows yet another person who has heard this album “Lounge Story 2”.


CD available here

With pockets of bad popular taste infecting our society (you know it’s the truth), countless numbers of excellent albums, books and movies don’t quite make it to the majority population. It’s a shame, but certainly nothing to lose sleep over.

After all, we are blessed with ample opportunity to make up the difference by sharing them amongst the countless unknown online…like I’ll be doing with the following videos-a few fantastically chic favorites from the album “Lounge Story 2”


Cat Sense?


I’m allergic to their spittle and they look as if they’re up to no good twenty five hours a day. Correction, they are up to no good.

I have a few reasons why I don’t care for cats that much.

However, just because I don’t like them  doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the role they have played as one of mankind’s favorite animals.

Sometimes, I’ve even been struck by a poetic thought over how the terms “elegant” and “alluring” must have been created just for the cat.
I’d never insult anyone for being a cat lover. As a matter of fact, we have a couple of them in the family. I’d sooner throw myself in front of something very large and very fast than deny my child the furry beat of his heart. The cats are well loved.
Occasionally, I’m amused with things like those “all knowing” looks on their faces.
I  think about throwing together  a story about a  cat being smart enough to understand something really simple. Something like knowing that someone voicing an opinion is not an invitation to mock, challenge or berate him or her because of it. A simple common sense understanding, this cat would have,  about all humans being allowed to voice their opinions and thoughts without punishment. Or humiliation. Or fear of any sort.
It would make an interesting tale, to say the least-if a cat knew stuff like that.
I can’t think of much else that would be more interesting, at this moment.

Well, other than the day we finally understand and honor that fact, for ourselves . Now that would be something.

Really love the Memory

“Ooooh oooh wheeeee,

I really love the memory

Of how they sang…yah Yah

The joy they brang”

Yes, it’s to the melody of “Boy from New York City.”. A song I have not ceased humming since age twelve-the time of this video and when my adoration for The Manhattan Transfer began.


MM MMMM..hotter than ever with THE best cover of “Route 66”

Be prepared to place your hands tight upon your face. If you appreciate the significance of  them having had the honor to have sang with, then living, legend Ella Fitzgerald..your cheeks may fly clean off of your face, you may end up smiling that much.


My “Transparent” is back

After enduring an “interesting” year…the return of “Transparent” for season 3= immense relief and reminder that all can be right once more. 😌❤️

The Last Cat Dancer

Few people get to experience a lifetime trifecta of fulfillment like Ron Holiday had-immensely blessed in love, health and occupation.
Also, few people recover after the annihilation of these joys, if they manage to attain them in the first place. Never mind maintaining the courage to retell the tale.
Try to take time to hear his story not too far in the future.

Your achievements will more than likely pale in comparison to what he had built with the loves of his life. However, we’re all vulnerable to soul crushing horrors, at one time or another.
After watching his story, may you grab a little precious something for yourself.
May you be introduced to, or reminded of, the fact that a loving “God” is not the legendary boogeyman of our crippled society. “God” is found in the tender kisses of those who celebrate each ounce of who you are-not who they want you to be. Being told you are loved so many times that you can still hear it when you find yourself alone.
With love like that, all is survivable.

Valentine's Day blank white Hearts

Just Because..

Because I can, that’s why.

Click the badge above for my shop “Tors-Ohs!”

In the meantime, it’s a fun collection of original handmade polyester clay/resin pendants of female torsos that I crafted. What fun it’s going to be birthing the rest of the clan throughout the year, hm?

The Most Beautiful Brooklyn Boy ever..

..grew up to write, and co-write, over a thousand songs. If you don’t think the name Doc Pomus rings a bell, before watching the documentary “AKA Doc Pomus”, I can almost guarantee your soul knows of him very well.
Millions of folk, from falling in love to seeking comfort in times of unbearable pain, have hummed, danced to and clung to the words of this eloquent soul.
Crippled with polio the entirety of his adulthood, this miracle of a songwriter has been, and will continue to be, walking right by our side…or blessing  us with the juice to take another step.
A small sampling of the magic from Jerome Solon Felder…AKA “Doc Pomus”.
In closing, a song intensely dear to me “There must be a Better World Somewhere”. May it find the young spirit struggling against the bull shank expectations of this world.
May he find comfort in knowing that he is not alone.
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