Hating on the Ratings

Update since my original posting from hours ago.

I was sent a notice that my Amazon review will not be posted after all.

I was given generic instructions on reading the rules of posting, without my specific “wrongdoing” defined.

 Very interesting. Scanning through the terms, I ran across at least two infractions concerning a review from another customer; the reviewer I mentioned below. His inflammatory remarks about the author whom he belittled (the titled review starting with “Not a scholar, just an aficionado with despicable comments about a real hero.”) , allowed to remain where it has no business being..in a civilized setting.

(Final update, within two hours of above writing= I resubmitted a condensed version of my original post. The book is too good of a read to bypass an opportunity to turn others attentions to it. And anything that affects the average brought about by the rude review I spent a lot of time complaining about, is well worth doing. My revised review=accepted.

Needless to say, I’m glad I shared the original here earlier in the day.)





I usually don’t leave feedback. I find it very unfair that we’re forcing everyone into needing the blessings of drunks, thieves, insane folk, nasty folk, trouble makers, fools…via five star ratings and endless written reviews.

I wrote an extra long review on Amazon today.

I don’t know if it will be published or not. In the meantime, with a link back to the original product , I’ll simply place my response here as well.

If my Amazon review does come out sooner than expected, it will have a lot of typos I hope to fix soon. This differs only slightly from the review I sent.

I  encourage you to read the reviews on that page.

LInk to book=The Madness of Alexander the Great: And the Myth of Military Genius

(Then, my review/statement)

This is one of my favorite historical reads in too long of a time. The author did a very good job at supplying citations and more than enough researchable reference material. It’s dismaying reading review remarks which hint at alleged transference and assumptions.
If you’ve ever seen this fine man, Richard A Gabriel , on screen, no doubt you’ll be pleased to see that his firm and pleasantly engaging manner continues uninterrupted through his written work. You don’t have to be be a degreed egghead to understand. He reminds those of us who forgot finer points of past study  without being intellectually obnoxious or with excessive handholding. It’s a friend who’s coming to tell you a tale, not an uptight bore.
The book is nothing but a pleasure to consume. It’s especially enjoyable with intriguing corrections and clarifications that most of us are not aware of. 
I assume, in centuries to come, folks will have mean spirited comments for historians who uncover the ‘truths’ of current modern idols. One can only imagine the venom spit out by future reviewers towards authors who expose the civil rights idol Martin Luther King Jr’s plagiarism or president John Kennedy’s womanizing.
I will also assume mighty establishments, such as Amazon, will have a more responsible handle on what they allow to infect legitimate professional’s reputations and ratings.
Low brow and emotionally violent pot shots, such as the review by….., should be scrutinized and eliminated. I abhor censorship. However, it is being practiced on a daily basis with innocent citizens who are being banned from their social sites for perceived “insults’ and/or harassed by a loud and irrational majority of citizens. The technology being available, as it obviously is, makes the existence of such insults anywhere all the more shameful-and blatant testimony to the deception known as”fair and equal treatment”.
An individual boasting two PHDs, such as aforementioned reviewer, is assumed to be an individual of certain sophistication. If one expends such energy in academia, the natural assumption is that he’s acquired the graces of polite temperance and mature behavior. It’s a horror to see an alleged “learned man” spewing the vile and opinionated slander within that review. On the structure of grammar alone, at various points, we are dealing with an exuberant example of the rumored modern decline of educational standards or, simply, a liar.
Whatever the case may be, may the day come soon that low brow reviews (personal, adolescent attacks) no longer infect and affect the hard work of those who help keep us more Man than Monster through the sharing of knowledge.

photo credit vege@adobestock.com

Giant Step Backwards..Crybabies

This story is one the most ignorant incidents I’ve read about.
And I am most certainly not referring to the poor soul who got his backside handed back to him for a lousy single expression of opinion.

The Story here

“[If] she was lighter, she’d be fire,” This is what he said.

Thousands of people lost their minds over this. Scores of ignorant minds.

The following are comments I encountered as a younger and dark skinned woman.
“You speak well for a black.”
“You’re pretty even though you’re black”
“No one can hardly tell you’re half black, you look so (insert whatever positive dum dum diddle you wish).”
Now those comments, were far more provocative on some alleged “colorism”  than what was said by that man.

How did I “survive” such “cruelty”?
T’wern’t nothin’ really.
I realized I was a grown adult. I kindly forgave my sister or brother for the unintentional blurb so we could get on with important stuff like enjoying each others company. That is, if they were also kind enough to forgive me for my own idiotic tics every now and again ..for years to come.

If we threw a button on the yap and unzipped our ears once in a while, we would hear that his comment obviously hints at him STARTING with a positive opinion on her looks. His comment indicates that he thought her as a good looker in the first place; the term “fire” merely meaning an elevation of compliment on the chance of “if.”

He didn’t snarl something ridiculously nasty about her dark skin and giant afro possibly scaring young babies into hysterics, did he?
The man, at worst, gave what could slightly be seen as an inadvertent “back handed compliment”.

Once again, I doubt he had nothing but good will and admiration at the core of his original statement.
Even if it was a back hander, who the hell gave anyone the right to humiliate, slander and dogpile on an individual for his thoughts? Isn’t part of being a sophisticated adult  accepting the simple truth that we all hold different opinions, lead different lives?

Am I truly supposed to believe that out of the thousands of crybabies none of them ever turned their nose up at or snickered about a pot belly when presented with a potential dating prospect?
None of their hearts dropped when they noticed a much fatter woman show up on a date than they fantasized about? None ever cringed over how stoop shouldered or short a man appeared?
Come on now.

For a bunch of “enlightened” wanna bes and “educated hipsters”, we are devolving into a base pack of bullies. How dare we have the nerve to declare who can or can not like or dislike anything that warrants opinions? When did we develop such a perverse degree of entitlement over other human beings’ individual tastes?

Bullying Concept
photo credit Kentoh@adobestock.com
I suppose these sheeple are entitled to their personal opinions as well.
However, one can’t ride on both sides of the fence. You’re not going to pick on someone like a pack of torch bearing villagers and also claim  being “kind, tolerant and/or educated.” Not at all. One or the other.
-To slander an anonymous human being for a statement taken completely out of context is not kind.
-The fact that indignant judgement and hysterical rage was his reward for taking a chance at expression clearly rips tolerance out of the picture.
-As far as being educated, you can toss that out as well. To have the jellybeans to punish someone for refusing to praise what others kiss ass upon indicates delusionary self importance, not intelligence. It’s declaring that nature got it wrong by allowing us feelings and the right to either pursue or reject them.

There is only one reason, in the funkiest corner of any imagination, where one can even consider the bullying of someone who didn’t express attraction for another; that would be in a breeding program.
Yes, that is sarcasm.

Deeply and completely intended.
For thousands of folks to have such anger towards this man, you’d think they actually had high stakes riding on his tastes. As if his refusal to find her attractive was a danger to the reproductive future of the land.

Sadly, his is not the only case of vicious public harassment concerning personal tastes from  slack jawed cowards hiding in the shadows. Click on the following link for

Another man punished and humiliated for being honest
At this rate, his won’t be the last case neither..as we prove we have more in common with a bunch of selfish, foot stomping brats or angry plantation owners.

I’m going to include one  example of ugly consequences from this type of mob fueled bullying. It stems from people intimidated into concealing who they are and what they like. It touches on the misery they can force upon others while selfishly playacting  to avoid  pain of social judgement; to avoid the pain inflicted as we drag their names and reputations through hell for not “acting or thinking right.”

Enjoy the giant step backwards, crybabies.

* If I wanted to present a harder hitting comparison I would have likened our misbehaviors to a rapist’s mentality. The part where a victim’s wishes and rights are violently determined to be nothing next to an ultimate bully’s own wishes.
Instead, I decided to take another route. For now.

Return of the Mack

So, if “Return of The Mack” did indeed serve as your personal theme song somewhere in the 90s, first, I offer my deep sympathies. That would be for the traction that really big head of yours must of laid you up in every once in a while.
But secondly and most importantly …it’s okay, you weren’t the only one.😁

We’re Too Old for That

IMG_3046I’m going dedicate this melancholy and powerful love song to those who’ve endured an ill fated love affair with an online person. An online person they barely knew ANY thing about outside of those tales each told the other.
I will include the video and then a link to the lyrics.

Air Supply’s lyrics here

If the lyrics are burned upon your heart (as they are on mine) it is probably because you memorized them in your youth.
But of course , it also means you were way too old to get your heart in such a bind.
Leave the guessing games to the young lovers. They have more heart to spare and more years to repair.
We, over a certain age, let’s be honest, do not.
Heal, be kind to yourself and walk to a coffee house or art exhibit for your next find.

Reality Worse than any Handmaid

I can appreciate a writer taking the time to illustrate ‘real’ life parallels to works of futuristic fiction.
This following author suggests modern biological hazards and misfortunes as being relevant to the show “A Handmaids Tale”
https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/527274/We don’t need to expend quite so much imagination nor wander so far.

Within our current laws there are more legitimate and blatant threats concerning the so called and such feared “enslavement of women”.

Very real committees have been designated as the overseers of the lives of all females in our so called family.

They can be found, clear as day …on any day, within the countless executive orders that we’re either too lazy to read for ourselves or being distracted from reading. At the very worst, being groomed into being too ignorant to understand.



(For the children moaning over how the current administration is “abusing” women’s rights, as expected, I expect a little mature silence to realize these orders were snugly put into place way before “the other side” came back to rule; and sober understanding that each side IS One side would be much appreciated as well.)

THESE are the dangers that needed paying attention to. I place need into the past tense because they are set in stone now; our granddaughters unable to fight the future injustices because we their “strong, independent and justice seeking” foremothers didn’t have the guts nor wisdom to read between lines of legalese..that placed ownership of a woman’s life into the hands of nearly all others than our own.

These orders coupled with the uptick of mental illness diagnoses amongst women?…my god…a “Handmaids Tale” is the very last scenario to fear, never mind pondering and spinning over some tired environmental arguments.

Our personal weakness and delusional suckling on what Plato described as “lies of the soul”…that’s what will be our undoing.
We have handed over our lives, they’re not being stolen away.
And shame on us for allowing it.

Photo credit ideabug @gettyimages

A Gift for Dad


Father’s Day is around the corner.
Consider getting him “Art: Over 2,500 Works from Cave to Contemporary”
If Dad is an art enthusiast or needs a little nudge to realize he is an art enthusiast, this is one of the best art reference books I’ve had the privilege of owning.
There are color coded sections, concise definitions of periods, styles and artists and gorgeous photos..to start with.
At times, as with one of my childhood favorites “Las Meninas”, there are  relative sections juicy with extra info.
Yummy for the tummy of most students and/or admirers of fine art and history.

Sorry, the pics are on the blurry side. I’m sure the publishers wouldn’t mind if it prompted some to purchase their own copies for a clearer look.

Nim’s Misfortunate Bonding with Man

Spoiler alerts in my writing after “Project Nim” trailer video.
There is a scene in this film where we get to see a chimpanzee named Nim ecstatically run into the arms of what he knew as a former ‘owner”.
It had been over a  year since  Nim last saw this man. It had been a year since he was abandoned in a dark facility of caged wild chimpanzees. He had been very distressed when his “family” left him there. Now, someone returned for him. Or so it seemed.

You see, Nim was raised drinking soda  and accustomed to climbing into soft beds with his human siblings. He was used to getting birthday cakes, being tickled and even smoking a joint once in a while. He was raised as a human for an experimental study. He was successfully taught to communicate via sign language. He even gained a bit of international attention; not that it did him a fat lot of good for the years ahead.

When Nim jumped, screeching loudly, into the arms of this man, he literally started humping the man’s body. No doubt he was sure that he was going back home away from the brutal beasts he’d been forced to live with. Electric shocks of hope must have zapped through him the very millisecond his brain associated that man’s face with the faces of “loved ones” he obviously never forgot.

Nim never did go back home.

I smiled. I thought on how embarrassing it would have been for any one of us to hump the body of someone we were relieved to see again. With many of us being able to keep such instincts in check, I don’t doubt that a lot of us have felt such excitement. Sometimes, we jump or shout for joy when we’ve been rescued from certain awfulness . Sometimes, simple confirmation of someone truly loving us is enough to set our feet to dancing.
A sadness welled up as I thought on those of us familiar with that deeply shattering embarrassment associated with betrayal. That final break in faith after one too many exposures of naked enthusiasm.. for nothing. Our inability to erase our foolishness from the minds of witnesses, that shame of being used, as well as being “stupid”, making things so much worse..

Mercifully, being a chimpanzee, Nim was spared those particular salts in an already gaping wound.

Nim couldn’t help that his fate was in the hands of a  Combover Cassanova playing “sophisticated mentor” to vulnerable young girls. Nim had no support groups to go to, nor hotlines to call. He had no choice. At all.

Thank goodness, we do. No matter how badly we are taken for granted or abused. Thank goodness we have choices as human beings.
May the story of Nim’s life remind us of our blessing of Choice
more frequently than it hints at what a cosmic embarrassment Man is.

Gorgeous Gilberto

If you’ve never heard of her, I had to include these videos for the full effect; simple words will not suffice.

She maintains a sexy feminine sophistication  ( sorely lacking amongst most of us) yet still exudes a natural and joyful warmth. Your heart will thank you for the introduction, that’s for sure.
Bebel’s father was João Gilberto, the Brazilian godfather of Bossa Nova. Her mother, singer Astrud Gilberto, shot to international stardom as the original singer of the classic “Girl from Impanema”.

Assaulting Heritage

American and confederate flag concept background
The removal of these statues sends a clear message, an unequivocal message to the people of New Orleans, and to the people of our nation, that New Orleans celebrates our diversity,” Landrieu said.
Article regarding Southern monuments being destroyed and the New Orleans mayor
having words about it.

That’s either a gold plated nerve that I’m looking at or a low down case of ignorance within that statement. It’s either a boasting about being cold blooded enough to uphold peace for one brother by whooping the hell out of the other or a lack of manners. Maybe it’s simply ignorance on whether celebrations of diversity pass cultural demonization out as party favors.

I understand that Southern heritage and pride is to be, at most, held sacred by its natives. At the least, respected by law and blessed by common human decency.

I also understand that  North and South reunited; one did not eradicate the other. It was a sister returning home, beaten and bleeding. She was to be embraced and all kinds of prayers of thanks offered for her return.
Her personal belongings weren’t supposed to be thrown out, the things she holds dear. These mementoes from a past not all can share with her, tributes which give her comfort in soulfully intimate ways through remembrance. Even the worst memories can end up being  transformed into something beautiful for individuals. It most definitely is not the job of other flawed human beings to make that kind of decision for each of us, what to toss out and keep.

Passively allowing the assault of something as intimate as our thoughts on what things are “supposed” to mean to us  is the most breathtakingly arrogant thing I’ve seen us condone as a whole.

Thousands of young men, forced to serve, died serving that heritage.
Civil War draft

There were great numbers of black Confederate Soldiers who volunteered. They served and spilled blood fighting for varied benefit on promise of that heritage, for many..the land of their birth.

Countless men and women saturated this land with their blood and tears. They were suffering  alongside their siblings from the “opposition” . They were forced into a war in which they had no say in. Many families are still aching from the blows inflicted upon them during that time. Would it have been so bad to continue believing all was behind us due to the fact that we all pulled together? Was there  truly this need to spitefully rip open a wound we’ve been doing our best to heal without instigators and fire starters involved?
The very least we owe them is to pretend that we deserve title of being the future where those desperate dreams of “equality” applied to. You know, the idea of “equality” that doomed white Southern abolitionists were often hung for.
Sadly, all we’ve shown is that we think equality is accomplished by charging into rooms and turning  tables all over the place.

For us to sit by and bobble head nod our way through agreeing with the public and illegal destruction of a targeted American people’s rights of representation…in the year 2017 folks…..there should be a hot streak of shame running through us for it.
Especially when most of us can reach into our wallet and drag out a twenty bill with the face of one of the more famous Native American murderers on it..Andrew Jackson.
If a mayor wishes to  talk about daily painful reminders that allegedly “require” removal, then he should do something about banning that offensive bill as well.
Mardi Gras seems like the opportune time. There’s plenty of those bills flying around at that time.
Let me know when they chuck THAT into their high and mighty “Bonfire of Indignancies”
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