An Apology

We owe apologies to the children. To those between  the ages of my eldest to youngest -near thirty and going on ten years of age.
Having had TV and computer screens babysit them, they were left to ingest countless hours of garbage.
We left the role of supervision to the warning labels from an over reaching government .We demanded it. As if it isn’t shameful enough that adults are expecting other adults to tell them how to live.

We don’t even care what our children hear anymore. Half of us are surrendered and shrugging about “it being everywhere , anyway, so what’s to do?”. The other half of us trying to pretend that our children aren’t screaming obscenities at us, in public, every day.
Whatever the reasons, how many of them, it doesn’t matter.
We robbed them of the dignity to know that they deserved much better nourishment than what’s been stuffed down their throat, or tucked into their ears. We had our heads turned when we let the crass images and raunchy lyrics define their notion of love. Of their worth. We left them, not with grown adults they could look up to and come to when troubles arrived. Instead, we tried morphing into  middle aged “friends” wrapped up in “being cool enough” to not force our opinions.
I recorded a quick bit from the show “Ridiculousness” on  MTV  to present as a small example of what our young have easy access to.
NOTE:(before I am ‘punished’ again for daring to present something as if I’m the one who created it) Nudity, nipple biting by a snake and adults hee-hawing with crude jokes will be shown towards the end of this video, if you wish to avoid watching it for yourself.



The issue at hand is how neglectful of and/or blind we became to the casually sponsored low standards for  children. It makes NO sense when you consider the avalanche of P.C. issues crashing over our heads at the same time.

If our children hear that a man whistled at a woman with nice looking legs, because she has nice looking legs….it just about ends up in the news as the sexual harassment travesty of the year. Wait another twenty years, you might see jail sentences over the same. But, certain sections of the video above? They’re just your  shrug of the shoulders kind of family outing type of scenes, are they? Not considered as sexually incendiary as the brazen male whistle, I guess.

Nice bit of hypocrisy to teach them, on top of the neglect. Punishing people for their “inappropriateness” within their personal lives of expression…while pornographic strategies wait,  invited to be used at will in the far reaching lobby of popular media.
With our mouths wide open, in perpetual outrage over “a society gone wild”..the least we owe,  is an apology for having taken our children’s natural modesty and decency woefully for granted..leaving them to practically fend for themselves.

Read here for one of the more serious consequences of dropping the ball.


The Gods must be Stupid or just Mean

What a crying shame. How the big guys like Twitter and YouTube work.

Banning here, freezing accounts over there. Ruining someone’s livelihood, their reputation. What have you.
Read a few stories here.
It’s fine and dandy that companies can do as they wish. After all, it is America.
When we’re talking about the numbers of millions of citizens that frequent these services, we’re talking some mighty hefty potential.
The potential I’m referencing is of unfair dictatorship.

The potential of unequal treatment.

The potential of someone losing their job, because the dart happened to land on their spot on the board.
I’m alleging these powerhouse influences make their decisions based on coin tosses and dart throws. That’s a wee bit mean, I know. A single mother getting her power shut off because the revenue to her YouTube was suddenly shut off because of a piddly misstep that YouTube chose to even meaner in a much lousier way.
Watch the following video on breastfeeding that has enjoyed thousands of uninterrupted views. If bare breasts and watching them get jiggled and patted to a cheesy soundtrack are offensive, then I offer you a fair warning on the content. To are welcome, don’t mention it. For the morality snitch who will find it necessary to report this single video, you need to rent a truck. There are piles of many others out there.

I understand potentially questionable content can earn a sly “look away” with it posing as medical instruction. This one actually took the time to don a lab coat for the profile pic, wink wink. Obviously, the slicksters cranking out this ‘tutorial’  know it. Good for them. Heck, I gladly say it again, we’re still in America. Someone may wish to inform them that the glass for instruction is missing; all that patting and smacking may make it a wee bit hard to dispense into a glass.
What I refuse to understand is the blatantly unequal treatment handed down by the demi gods.
I don’t know if we’re dealing with substandard authorities suffering from substandard common sense functioning skills.
Maybe it’s part of an elaborate scheme before complete control is seized by the governmental ass these companies tend to lick.
I’m a victim of this the public school education system as well, what the heck do I even know? Nothing.
However…I know something is wrong.
The “Hand of God”  arrogantly swatting down decent citizens like houseflies. Sometimes, smashing them. It being done with such force and determination, that we are intimidated into thinking that everyone is subject to Mommy and Daddy’s spanking hand.
That? when it is obvious that discretion and fluctuation of mood, not intelligent consistency, seems to be the ruler on duty..

That is Disgustingly Wrong.

Jenna’s Golden Ripple Effect

Just simply, one of the most beautiful testimonials I could have experienced.
This poignant sharing from actress Jenna Jamison, made me smile more than once.
When I first stopped drinking, several years ago, the fear of who I was and who I would become…plagued me. It brought about good changes, but there were many moments of fear. I’d been a drinker for all of my adult life. With no family to turn to, it would have been a soothing relief to have run across a video such as this.

What Jenna blesses us with, in the video, is the warmest “Honey, you’re gonna be all right.” embrace you may ever see online. She let untold numbers of people know, without a doubt, that they are not alone. All of the young ladies who were convinced they weren’t “good enough” to be loved just for themselves, will utter many sighs of relief.

This wasn’t just a simple share-it sports Golden Ripple Effect.



Crybaby Adults

When are we going to stop with this  crybaby, nitpicking sludge rolling downhill from  supposedly grown individuals? More specifically, grown adults who represent large national organizations, “blessing” us with their quips and quotes on the end of a wagging flipping finger.
When we get some damned starch in the spine, that’s when.
When we finally speak back and stand up for our neighbors getting pushed around in public venues. When we realize that the special interests popping up in our faces is not much different from walking into our homes and taking a seat uninvited.
If some joker strolls into my kitchen, without my interest or invite, and starts scolding me for frying balls of butter in a vat of lard..the only invite he’s getting from me is to go straight to hell. Frankly.
Here’s the story, folks.
The comment that raised my hackles, is as follows:
“If they are parenting her — that’s what a parent does — don’t diminish the role by calling them something other than her parents,” said Chuck Johnson, president and CEO of the National Council for Adoption. “Some of us would find that offensive.”
I made sure to confirm that Mr. Johnson was only an officer of an organization. Boy, I’d of felt silly if he was, indeed, God or a holy entity entitled to lay down laws of thought and action. Other than that, he’s an individual of no grand importance-to have the right to tell any grown human being what to think or say.
“Some of us would find that offensive.”
And? So what? That’s supposed to be a call to action of sorts? A lot of us are offended by tons of things every single day.
Let’s take the website of this National Council for Adoption that he lords over, shall we?
This video….

At sections 00:24 and 00:41, if you do not blink, you will find children of dark complexions chilling in loving representation with their fairer skinned families. While I’m sure Mr. High and Mighty Johnson may be proud as peaches of this video, I’m willing to wager a few bucks that the underrepresentation of racially mixed families would be seen as highly offensive.
There’s lots of white mommies and daddies. A scant amount of minority parents are seen on the site. If they are, then the appropriately shaded children are set properly within their loving arms.(I am NOT offended, by the way. I couldn’t care less about the messaging and even more so about the organization itself. It’s a simple illustration.)


If anyone is getting a bit peeved over my point, I suggest giving Mr. Trautwig’s position a thought. Save your indignation for your neighbors who only respect freedom of speech when it’s their time to speak. He didn’t ask C.J for his opinion on adoptions. He isn’t legally obligated to, as no free American should be, give one ounce of thought to anything anyone says. If he’d started a tirade of hate speech and cussed out the young athlete, that’s a different issue.
HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING..except verbalize a truth.
“….don’t diminish the role by calling them something other than her parents.” Ugh, the tone.
Don’t….Do not say…Do not act…Don’t. Those are commands for pets and children touching hot pots. They are certainly not respectful nor appropriate things to say to other adults-especially if you do not know them.
ESPECIALLY if the glass house one lives in has plenty of offensive messaging to bring to the table for others as well.
No laws were broken to warrant this announcer being scolded like a child. Or to have his words forced off of a page.
In case there is confusion about when it’s appropriate to flog folks in the village square- laws aren’t those kindergarten room charts for good boys and girls being taught how to kiss ass.

After “Trumbo”, visit “My Son John”

If you crave a high quality handling of Hollywood’s dark age of the Red Scare hysteria, you just spoke “Trumbo”‘s name.  From brilliant casting to a faithful courtship of the era, I’d suggest it without hesitation.

Afterwards, I would love an opportunity to turn your attentions to another film
“My Son John.”
If films such as “Good Night, and Good Luck” and “Trambo” appeal most to the socio-political historian in you, then you must take “My Son John” for a spin.
To view a clip, click here
It was conceived and birthed within the years of the Red Scare raging through America at the time. Shot from the original ‘modern’ time source, we are even spared   “spot the not” tension to do with detecting  misdated scene props.
The conflict is  within the smaller body of family. It’s not the typical  reckoning amongst big industry victims and victors. The family, unchanged  over long stretches of time, should serve as a recognizable and welcome invitation for many a modern viewer.


Rude. Ugly. Petty.

That’s what springs to mind when I think on each person who felt it was his duty to add a nasty expletive in their writing about some “Pokemon Go infraction”..

..and every single big mouth who sneered over or mocked her on various other publications. I’m speaking about in a serious mode, not as a comedic sketch. If it didn’t expose some distressing truth about us, a comedy sketch is all that moment should have been. Not a dogpile. To know this moment took up that much space in our collective mind, screams volumes on our pettiness.

The following links are for those with grown up lives to tend to, meaning you may have missed the “punishable” offense. 

Click here for an Esquire article on the subject

Another one, Entertainment Weekly

International Business News

Yes, freedom of speech means much to me. I appreciate this moment to vent my own not so polite feelings. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone to the promise of  liberty..which we still continue getting hassled over.

Censorship is not today’s subject. 

It is the level of disrespect oozing out from human beings who, I have to assume…..

….would collapse in a heap if anyone singled them out for a public shaming. 

…have somberly nodded noggin over non bullying messages shoved down our gullets, at one point or another.

Hypocrisy at its most brazen level of ridiculousness. 

One author penned his two cents on, what I’d once believed was, an upper class publication. The fact that “culture” was embedded within this man’s job title seemed a joke. The cussing and belittling within the article resembled the journaling of an impulsive adolescent. What a shock that would have been, precious ages ago. 

I can’t help but wonder a few things. 

If the innocent bashing victim (for that is exactly what she has become) had been a homosexual citizen sporting rainbow stripes, what volume of hell would have rained down upon some hate mongering heckler if he’d hooted any number of potential abuses? If it was a black person in a crowd of whites, and some bottom feeding loud mouth had something to announce about people “not knowing their place”? 

Would we still be yuckling it up and tripping over ourselves to shove it into someone’s hands, for the sake of laughing at or scolding the subject?

Could you imagine the horror of thousands if they read that the gay or black was deemed fit to “be killed” because they dared to be somewhere or do something others felt was inappropriate?

What nerve we’ve got, with the constant back patting over ” how good we are to fight for the dignity of our victimized fellow man.”

Looking at the contents of several articles, pardon me as I acknowledge the overriding “righteous warrior ” thing we’ve got going on, as one of the bigger piles of horse crap this society has to offer.

Time after wearisome time, we show our ass. Not a particularly sinful state by itself. However, it certainly feels like one -considering the energy expended by government and citizens alike to prevent everyone’s feelings from getting hurt. 


Middle aged women with weathered faces, yet suctioned into their daughters jeans…we could start flipping out about that at concerts as well. Fat girls and triple fold sausage arms bursting out of too tight halter tops. We can really boogie down with some old fashioned mob action as well. Old dudes who can’t dance, next to their teenaged dates in the crowd.. Heck, we could nit pick and horsewhip real aggressively  for a non stop flood of entertainment, if we really pay attention.

Then it would really be something, wouldn’t it? No subject  too trivial. No persons  entitled to minimal standards of respect..except for the select folks we are told to.

Is there a pre approved list of people we’re allowed to treat like garbage and humiliate? Maybe I missed a memo. I don’t want to be left out of all the deep bonding and fun everyone’s sucking up, do I? 

I don’t wish to step on toes re: media gods and goddesses that we lose our puckered heads over. No one wants their idol to be disrespected. Mad respect to the time and energy for the performance, right?

Take the concert Beyoncé participated in for former leader Quadafi, years ago, for example. 

Click here to read about it.

I guess it would have been  rude if, while she did her doings, someone was out in the audience , reading a report on Quadafi’s perverse  hobby of raping and brutalizing female prisoners.

Real report here

There’s a time and a place for everything. I get that. 

Hopefully, with the hypothesis of someone reading about a rapist beast while superstars are booty grinding for favor in his rapist beast will be clear that I do understand the basic lack of respect.

I’m not that insensitive.



The Alleged PTB and We

I don’t believe that any mass of organized  citizenry will ever defeat the alleged “Powers that be-PTB.” With entire armies and the world economy at their disposal. it sure sounds like a piteously short war to me.
Naw. I’m not “one of those”
If I truly believe that the PTB own the court, why waste energy pointing out all things PTB, conspiracy wise? Wouldn’t it make better sense to do as previous generations and just fall in step?
I’m glad I asked that question of myself. Let’s see what I had to say on it.
Lives need to be lived. Unless you’re some kind of rock troll, a comfortable life for your children is high desire number One. I hope I’m not encouraging  low rent ambition by stating that this sounds like good enough reason.
If a future government forces women into abortions for not paying a certain tax..
If our children are forced into menial positions due to the substandard condition of their databased DNA ..
If any number of outrageous or atrocious circumstances  were to unfold in the future, it would be a land of nightmares for our progeny. Imagine the blessings for the family that has time to prepare-due to an ancestor and his wisdom to see what needed seeing.
The preparations wouldn’t have to be for battling of the PTB. Not at all.
Learning how to be stealthy enough to sneak your loved ones to places of safety..
Teaching your children how to read the language of  attorneys and the histories of bankers who dictate the terms of their lives.
Heck, even teaching children to embrace long forgotten graces so they aren’t shamed into the lie of not being good enough to shape their own personalities.
Purposefully developing, honing and passing along skills throughout the generations. More specifically, skills not heavily sponsored by the Eventual amd Purposeful Destroyer of your children’s Divine right to live as the Masters of their own Bodies.
That’s what I  believe.
Also, I believe there’ll be a place in the future where PTB institutions will be immortalized as the bloated barnacles on the hide of Humanity that they truly have been for thousands of years.
It may take a “minute”. It may dawn at a location far from Earth’s surface, but it will be a Platinum age well worth the patient and disciplined wait.

“Bound” for “No Man’s Sky”

Both games “Bound” and “No Man’s Sky” will be delighting me (hopefully) very soon. Having had pre-purchased them, as their release dates approach, I feel all tingly with anticipation. Why? Well, let’s take a look

“Bound” will mesmerize the young girl in me who had wished to be a dancer but with a hiney proportioned in a way to knock even a metronome off kilter, that wasn’t really a doable delight. This piece of interactive elegance looks quite promising.

As far as “No Man’s Sky” is concerned, the excitement has been brewing for months.

QUADRILLIONS of planets will be available for the finding by millions of players worldwide. With such a number of planets, each one generating unique life forms, this is going to shake many of us out of our Multiplayer game verse doldrums right quick.


Well…It turns out the folks who put out the game hyped it up far beyond their abilities. It would seem beyond their intentions as well. Not a new treat to the multiplayer online community at all. Just another “hunt and pecker walk around by my own damned self” disappointment.

Starting  with my love for NES  techy-mechy “Shadowrun”, up to my residencies within “Descent” and “Defiance”..I have wide open arms ready for this stunning new sci-fi adventure. I don’t set any battlefields ablaze with my middle aged momma-nessity, but an original gamer’s adventuring spirit quests forever onward.

Speaking of being an original 80s arcade playing hatchling (earthly arrival being late 60s) , my fingers are crossed for parents and grandparents from the era. Many of us have quietly bowed out of being participants to being financial suppliers and onlookers. It would be quite swell for a good number of the original gaming generation to rejoin the fold through these two games.

The following are games I continue to enjoy. I consider them as perfect examples of smart and engaging video games for Mom and Dad to rediscover- sans blistering verbal abuse from disgruntled pre teen teammates. Or finger splints.




Turning a Nasty Table

I suppose we’re all entitled to act the self righteous prick role, every once in a while. I’ve done it, albeit at a much younger age. Sometimes, when I felt the floor of debate buckling underneath me, a sarcastic sideswipe would “slip out”. We’re human. Things happen.
I don’t support a solid lifestyle of doing and being so. It’s especially unseemly when one is over the age of thirty or in a position of authority. Name calling and punk shots to someone’s intelligence are definitely an ugly habit that too many of us engage in.
Take the vaccination debate, for example. There is ample room for adult discussion on the boundaries of government and protecting society at large. There’s no need to declare people “ignorant”. It’s almost a shame, really, when you consider one parent being as nasty as possible to another parent-who loves his children just as much as any self righteous ‘accuser’ parent may love his.
There isn’t a shortage of obvious disrespect towards parents who choose an anti vaccine route, in major publications and minor blogs. As a matter of fact, there is a definite slant towards the “more sane” path of vaccination.
One example here…
Another example
One more..
There are even articles covering how to approach “anti-vaxxers”-as if they were children or special needs adults who were somehow incapable of understanding “obvious truths”.
I’m not here to argue for or against. I’ll write a little blurb on vaccines sooner or later.
I’m voicing pure disgust over the childish and nasty ways we are treating each other.
From top to lowest bottom, the impolite squawking and slandering of people’s shameful. Once again, I’m presented with an opportunity to say a little something of our hypocritical natures. Only this time, I feel it better to approach this matter with a speculative twist.
I would love an opportunity to round up a good number of those who have raised their swords the highest in condemning those they deem “ignorant”, “dumb” and “paranoid.” We could have them comfortably seated while another crowd, equally fired up but with a different agenda, files into the room. Then the show could really begin.
First, I’d turn to those who feel the need to voice  objections, punctuated by the sarcastic scoffs on how ridiculous citizens would have to be to think our government would intentionally harm its citizens. I suspect a smirk would creep upon my face as I saw a good number of faces melt over exactly that kind of information.
Information contained within a ‘few” examples such
These uncovered governmental experiments
I feel the smirk would broaden into a  grin as more of them got hot under the collar. Not because of any miscalculations or misstatements of fact-but rather when they started hearing jeering over “How ridiculously naïve” or “plain dumb” they could possibly be to think, for one minute, their government would and has  given two damns over the lives ruined at their discretion. They would, of course, have to be reminded that it’s an institution, not just certain individuals, that we are speaking about.
Then, my attention would go to the really sassy lassies and lads who love to spout about how ignorant people are to “ignore solid science” or “proven facts.”
I could see a good number mocked for blindly and trusting those, such as the CDC, who have been known to be scandalously negligent on important matters….
Click here for Anthrax blunder
Since a lot of the self righteous ones tend to parallel the “anti vax” protestors with those who dispute the “indisputable facts” of global warming, I could truly dig experiencing them getting the same kind of rude treatment after a few folk gave them “what’s what” on the broader range of truth concerning those original predictors concerning our global doom…
Click here for the global warming scandal
..then a little to top it off.
My word.

You could just hear the remarks, can’t you? As the red faced accusers and name callers squirmed in their seats, being asked if they bothered cracking open anything other than a Minecraft strategy guide within the last few years.
Never mind “discussion” over global warming
legislation and fraud
Once again, I’m not here to argue one way or another.
We can’t even muster enough class or adult temperance to refrain from treating each other like a pack of insulting playground brats..never mind get a grip on the issues which have been either torn from or surrendered over by..our own hands.

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